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  1. If it's the diesel and electric era you want, try Railtec.
  2. It's Hall too much for me!
  3. Sparmax MAX-3 or Max-4, depending on how fine you want the spray pattern to be.
  4. Reference to many photographs of working Pecketts has indicated that there are several areas where dirt seems to accumulate more than others. I have continued to apply the dark mix of frame dirt/weathered black to areas such as the leading edge and corner of the saddle tank, the upper corners of the coal bunker and the join between cab and tank. A simple waft was all that was needed, just to hint at the discolouration. I also applied a small amount of this same colour to the wheel centres and the coupling rod joints, to alter the monotone already applied.
  5. Steve, in this case the airbrush was angled at about 30 degrees to the horizontal, so that the edge (not the full force) of the spray pattern caught the top of the saddle tank. What I omitted to say (sorry!) was that he cabside was masked off loosely with a piece of card,
  6. I have found that answers to questions like this are best obtained by using the telephone. Sally Dodds on 01778 395035 according to the Warners Group Publications website.
  7. The upper surfaces of a steam locomotive receive copious amounts of grot from the exhaust and, sometimes, the surrounding environment. This locomotive is intended for use in a quarry, so there will be some dust added to represent that. Later! To begin with, the soot from the chimney will be represented by a predominantly black mix of Railmatch Frame Dirt and Weathered Black. Application is from my trusty Iwata Eclipse SBS, with successive light coats aimed roughly at the top of the smokebox, saddle tank and cab roof. Why roughly? Because I don't want a sharp edge to the colour, but a fading away as it gets lower down the sides.
  8. What does the beginner want to do with an airbrush?
  9. Continuing to use the MIG Productions Dark Wash, a deliberately random application to the pipework and other equipment 'twixt saddle tank and running plate will result in a depiction of grime build-up and general dirtiness. A 'stain' has been left on the top surface of the running plate to add to the end result.
  10. Ah, yes. But he only lists N Gauge items on there, and the OP asks for 4mm items. Still, he might be able to make contact that way.
  11. I don't recall any shops being that close!
  12. Jon still does them - I bought some at Didcot and at Newbury back in October. I suggest that you persevere with the e-mails.
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