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  1. If you are a Gold Member then you have access to them anyway, surely.
  2. There are some pretty impressive structures coming, I can see. It will certanly keep you off the streets for a while.
  3. I've never spilt, knocked or tipped over anything. My nose is very long, and getting longer . . . . . . . . . . .
  4. Plenty of opportunity for a good rummage, then. There's nothing like a good rummage to start off a modelling session, I find.
  5. All this exchange of views about spraying has prompted me to invade somebody else's topic (sorry, Rob) and spout forth. I have been using airbrushes and aerosols for some 9 or so years now, both at home and for courses, workshops and demonstrations. During that time I have come across many views and ideas about what is and is not safe/good/recommended. I have done much investigation on the topic, not least because I have to consider other people's health as well as my own. The following summary should help to give a balanced and informed view of the topic. P
  6. It's a catchment area for all the stock that's going to fall off the end.
  7. No further updates on Easton progress for a week or so. I'm otherwise occupied! Some might say, "What a relief". Others might cheer and go and do something useful instead. The remainder will probably find something vaguely amusing to post. In the meantime, here's a well-worn cab shot:
  8. I think that you'll find that any apparen tdifferences come from the lighting and the way the model was photographed. The gap is there on all models of the rebuilt Bulleids.
  9. I'm all in favour of evolution. Look where it got me. Oh!
  10. This'll be interesting. Edge of the seat stuff is this!
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