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  1. Hi Les The loft is still the same size! The line I'm working on runs down the centre of the loft and is part of the "South Loops" leading to the lower, (Dundee), storage sidings. Until now it's just been a plain line of double track with a trailing crossover and point leading off to one side, with the track ballasted but no scenic work done, and that's what being done now. Hope this makes sense....... The Up signal bracket opposite the loco shed's dimensions are: Total Height - 35 feet; Ground to bracket girder - 17 feet 6 inches; Main Line post with Home and Distant arms - 17 feet; Centre Dolly with two shunt arms - 7 feet; Right Hand Dolly with one shunt arm - 4 feet. The width of the bracket girder is 19 feet 6 inches. Hopefully helpful. As to the signal box, it's done to a generally standard design of the boxes that used to be in the area and is all right for my purposes as I don't have a photos of the original box, but it does look fine. Happy modelling! Ken
  2. Making some progress today - track ballasted and then backscene pasted up. Now we can get on with the more pretty bits and add some sort of low relief factory to be served by the loop/siding. Watch this space! Les - I'll measure my Ratio kitbashed signal to get a working measurement for you.
  3. Hi Les Good to hear from you again. Even although we're "up North", we're managing pretty well, but self-isolating of course. Your warehouse looks most impressive and will be even more so when completed. Keep well. Regards Ken/Aberbrothock
  4. Hi Manna It's one of the International Models series in a smaller size at 9 inches tall compared to the ones behind the sheds which are 15 inches, but as you say, very useful. They haven't been fixed in place yet, but that should happen very soon, given the current isolation situation. Hope you are keeping healthy.
  5. PS I have sorted the point blades in the foreground - the solder on the lever at the control panel had gone dry, but a quick "squiz" with the soldering iron did the job. Current project is to add in a loop for another unspecified "industry" on the central loop line - some pics showing yesterday's progress with a works train on site, together with out of scale tools needed for the job.... Much to be done!
  6. Superb pics of the re-roofing - it gives you another job on the to-do list, though - a bit of subtle smoke staining on the train shed and the loco shed entrances would be a nice finishing touch... Sorry to suggest giving you more work. Also note to self - I need to do many of my buildings as well!
  7. A beautiful example of bucolic greenness and peace............
  8. Caley 0-6-0 visiting the coaling stage today. Just one seagull swooping over the building, but one is all it takes! Wear a hat to avoid "fall-out."
  9. Just OOOOzes atmosphere............ I sometimes wonder if, now that we have forensic digital photography, we should be thinking about "dotting the eyes" of our people which would give them more personality? I have to say I haven't done it at Arbroath - yet! I'm NOT being picky - just observing.........
  10. Does anyone have a solution to the erratic running qualities of the IAP Stove R 6 wheeled van? It has pivots on the outer axles and loads of sideplay on the centre axle, but doesn't want to negotiate my pointwork, which isn't terribly bad! Does it need a bit more vertical movement on the centre axle as the van tends to bounce around on the centre axle? Any surefire remedies?
  11. Guilty as charged - one good build deserves another............. As you say the lamps do add a certain je ne sais quoi.
  12. A2 and V2 caught passing on expresses today.
  13. Two shots from Arbroath yesterday. Detail shot of Inverbrothock Yard:- Looking across to the north end of platform 3:-
  14. Wandering around today and took two shots at the Inverbrothock Yard and one of the the North end of Platform 3 with a [email protected] about to depart.
  15. Actually ran some trains this morning, generally without incident - my track maintenance team must have been busy......... B1 heading down the Forfar line: J39 still in LNER livery on an up goods passing the sheds: ...........and in colour: Having passed through Arbroath, now heading for Dundee: Back to the shed area, with an Ivatt class 2 heading towards Forfar: Quite a busy morning, then!
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