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  1. I've used the lockdown and rainy weather yesterday to replace a point on the southbound line from Arbroath station. First photo shows the replacement point in situ with its predecessor leaning, temporarily, on the retaining wall. Some of the sleepers used wood strip with office staples inserted to allow the rail to be soldered in place, but was becoming quite unreliable - it was made about 1969/70 (!), and was due to be replaced. I'd forgotten that I'd already replaced some of the sleepers with copperclad strip some time in the intervening years......
  2. Using "lockdown" time to complete some more Parkside wagon kits, I've made up four cattle wagons, two LMS and two LNER, which make up quite a nice unfitted freight, seen posing in the NBR yard at the north end of the layout.
  3. Been working on the "spine" part of the layout which takes the southbound loop line round to the "Dundee" loops - some pics - A2 crossing an Up goods. And passing Hospitalfield Junction 'box. Quite green and summery........
  4. Hi Les Good to hear from you again, and that you're still making progress on the layout - and health-wise........... Your junction looks great, especially with the single NBR line to Montrose. Your 08 will need to be energetic to leap over the gaps in the rails, but the scene reminds me of early days in the late 'seventies when I laid my first tracks around the junction. All the best to you and yours for 2021.
  5. Up in the loft today and did a few posed shots of goods trains passing hauled by one of Arbroath's pet Ivatt class 2's, 46463. And the principal of the "show" simmering in Arbroath main yard.
  6. Took a "drone" trip over St Vigeans junction yesterday which shows the track layout from North and South. It was a fascinating project to do and does excellent service, as long as you remember to throw the correct switches to get all the settings and polarity correct....... A visit is due from the autoballasters to tidy up, by the looks of it. Another absorbing job to do - just a bit like watching paint dry!
  7. Despite today's dreadful weather, I managed to do some gardening today - in the loft, of course...... Some greenery added to the garden area behind the Angus Bar, now looking a bit more finished.
  8. Lighting up time - some more lights added at the Guthrie Port bridge, and elsewhere.......... North Box. Keptie Street. Yes, the nights are drawing in.
  9. Hi 26 Power I used to copy pics into a lower quality format which saved a lot of space - I may do so again, or follow your suggestion. I don't recall seeing many brake van trips depicted.
  10. The line played host to a brake van tour today. I have quite a collection of various vans with origins varying from LMS, LNER and BR, so it seemed like a good idea to recreate the specials that ran on goods lines in the 50/60's, so my special ran into the Inverbrothock Goods Yard - pics follow. The stock was hauled by a venerable CR 0-6-0, and she of the shunting done by a much more modern 04 diesel. (Two sets of pics to cope with the 10mb max file size).
  11. And some more plantings this afternoon.......... Everything looks more natural, I think.
  12. Don't know about others, but I'm finding it hard to get the mojo going re adding to the layout as we're in such a no-man's-land just now, but I did get a supply of trees from far-off China the other day, and set them up to see the effect - quite good, I think.......My wife thinks they're all too much the same height, so a bit of adjustment required, then. (Just following orders!) I've also made up a Parkside LMS brake van which I'll pose somewhere on the layout once it has been numbered.
  13. Thanks Les All well here - about to go away for a couple of days with the caravan now that it's permitted again......... I tend to go with natural, fairly grey granite chip ballast, except for the sidings and yards which are done in a pretty grotty earth covering. I get annoyed when I see goods yards with immaculate stone ballast which the old companies would never have spent money on - particularly the NBR! A lot of the ballast in this area is now more reddish stone than granite, as well as you say, stained with brake dust.
  14. I was “inspired” by a pic of a (real) EE Type 4 at Arbroath the other day, and went for a few diesel shots on the line today. 4 diesels beside the old NBR North yard pictured over the “shed that never was,” with some of the rolling Angus hills and Arbroath mills in the background. The Type 2 has disappeared northwards and the fitted freight behind the Type 4 rattles and sways to a stop at the Up gantry - methinks the driver has overshot slightly……... Meanwhile the Type 2 splutters northwards along the “re-opened” Forfar line, (which neatly takes
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