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  1. I’m looking to create a full list of all my trains, primarily for insurance listing but also to keep track of what I have. I have a large collection of 00 and HOe and really need to get it organised. what software etc do people use to list and keep track of their stock?
  2. Sorry guys, my browser took a funny turn and I’ve ended up posting the save topic three times. Can a mod delete the extras and leave just one.
  3. Is it possible to increase the stack size on a Lenz LH101? The old LH100 let you go up to 12 but the new one is stuck on 8. It seems a bit of a backward step. I have around a dozen locos on my narrow gauge so the old setup would have been handy.
  4. Oh I doubt we will be in a rush to get anywhere. At the moment, we are thinking of leaving Johstadt a day early and heading over the the Rubelandbahn which is running over the easter weekend (95 1027 is due to as a guest loco at Dresden too). Or we might pop up to oberweisental and see what they are up to there.
  5. Just reading this report again. We are going to Johstadt for a few days over Easter to get some IVk action. Then over to the Harz to do the Selketal line and poodle about the branch lines. Back to Dresden after that for the steam festival and rail tours. Are the small stations/museums with plinthed locos etc easy to get to?
  6. Can I fit a stay alive capacitor to a Loksound 3.5? i have a factory sound fitted Tillig narrow gauge loco which is a really horrible runner. A stay alive would help this a lot but I’m not sure if I can wire one up to a Loksound or not (or even if it’ll fit as it is a pretty small loco) it’s an expensive loco to leave in its box so I would like to get it running properly. I have tried tweaking the pickups and even sent it back to the shop to get fixed. None of it has really helped.
  7. I used a combination of track on our layout. Peco mainline points, Tillig plain track and even an N gauge single slip. Combining the different makes is a little problematic, the rail height is close enough not to cause problems (though a little judicious filing will take any edge off the join) the main problem is that Tillig track is flat bottom so needs the edges filed to get compatible fishplates on. the Tillig track has a nice, pre tarnished finish to it but it does make it a to solder to. oh and the slip was code 55 but fitted perfectly and once ballasted one, you don’t even notice.
  8. I have a sound fitted Tillig 99 4101 which is an HOe version of the Harz 060. It is a truly horrible runner. I even sent it back to the shop to get fixed but it hasn’t really improved. anyone know if it is possible to fit a stay alive capacitor to one of these? I’m not sure which sound chip Tillig fit to these but would assume it’s a Loksound 3.5. The speaker is on the cab. Any idea if there is even enough room in the loco for a capacitor?
  9. There’s a few. Other than Rod and Jeremy, there’s Jools and I believe, Roger Daltry, not to mention Pete Waterman of course.
  10. I had a wee play with the new Peco motor the other day at Harburn Hobbies. It is a very nice, slow movement, slow enough to make alignment easy enough. If you overshoot, there is a small degree of slack in the gears that the motor takes up when reversing, thus gives it a very slow start for a second or two which makes fine tuning the stop point much easier. One thing I did notice though, the turntable was quite jerky and didn’t rotate smoothly. I don’t thing this was down to the motor as it is quite common on center pivot driven TTs. I guess you need to build it carefully with a low fricti
  11. Anyone catch the excellent half hour of the Jeremy Vine show today? They were talking about Rod Stewart’s huge layout he has finally finished. There was an impromptu phone in from Rod and Jools Holland, totally unexpected where they blethered away quite happily about model trains for a bit. Jeremy Vine, being a modeller himself wasn’t condescending in any way. steve Flint was a bit blatant, plugging Railway Modeller every chance he got (who wouldn’t) but an enjoyable half hour.
  12. Chameleon

    Peco Wheels

    It is something that’s overdue. When I spend about £24 on a small 4 wheeled coach, I shouldn’t have to swap out the plastic wheels for metal ones.
  13. I’ve recently acquired a DJH Model Loco of a Saxon IVk Meyer. It’s a beautifully built model and I want to put a DCC chip into it. However I have no idea how to get into it. There are no screws holding the chassis on and I have a feeling it is glued together. I don’t want to damage it but does anyone have any advice on how to open it up to chip it?
  14. What a superb report. We have toured some of the lines by train, especially the ones round Dresden but would love to do as comprehensive a trip as this. We really need to bite the bullet and hire a car.
  15. Too late for you trip but I think it is impossible to do the whole Had a system in one day but you can do it as a two base trip stay at Wernigerode and do the Broken, try to pick a day they run their "Traditionszug" which will more than likely be one of the mallet locos or 222 on the old style coaches (mind and book in advance if possible) . Makes an excellent trip as it gets shunted at Shierke, halfway up the Broken to pass another train. At the other end oh the line, is the Selketalbahn which goes to Gernrode and Quedlinburg . Get a day ticket and it takes you all over the pl
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