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  1. Hi, I don't know how to show a link to a You Tube video but if you search on YouTube for Lawrie's Mechanical Marvels 08785, you should be able to find a video of 08785 in G&W orange. Paul.
  2. Hi, can anybody tell me what the difference between a VAA and a VBA is, please? I've looked on Paul Bartletts site but can't see any physical differences between them except for experimental suspension on some vehicles. Thanks Paul.
  3. And I thought that the shop on Pelham Street was big... Paul
  4. Two wagon write ups? Looking forward to them! Paul
  5. I've heard it described as marking their territory... Paul.
  6. Ah, I was watching it with the sound off whilst the wife was watching Corrie. Thanks, Paul
  7. I notice the wagons in that video were opened manually. Was that normal? Wasn't there any automatic door opening equipment at Ironbridge? Paul.
  8. They're on Hattons website as pre-order. Paul.
  9. Hi, which 08s had front steps with handrails that curved in at the top like that? The only ones I can see are the Dutch 08-style locos. Thanks, Paul.
  10. Curious when you look at the builders plate with a B prefix number and built at Lancing in 1956? Paul
  11. Wasn't 56036 the first loco in large logo blue? Or at least the first 56? Paul.
  12. The East Coast drivers manual to class 08 dated 2014 says that at 15 mph, the traction motors of an 08 are spinning at the same speed as a 47 at 95 mph. Paul.
  13. It's clearly an SNCFFret CC92000 just waiting the final livery touches. Paul.
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