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  1. It's clearly an SNCFFret CC92000 just waiting the final livery touches. Paul.
  2. I hope Dapol have a copy too. 'O' gauge Shark, hint, hint! Paul.
  3. Don't they have something like that at the Chinnor and Princes Risborough? Paul.
  4. Carlisle must have been pretty similar too? Paul.
  5. That picture of Wellowgate - you can see in the background a fish and chip shop, which it was said in the late seventies/early eighties was often visited by an Area Inspector who was single and lived on his own, and that Wellowgate would then get a box visit before/after visiting the chippie. The most visited box in the area!I Paul.
  6. Regarding render swapping, it happened on ex Caley lines too. In 'Caledonian in LMS Days' on page 2 there's a picture of former 812 class no. 17588 at Aberdeen on 22/6/27 with the loco in LMS black but matched to a tender in Caley blue. Paul.
  7. Thanks Jamie. The 92 means it's a diesel, the 87 means it's registered to a french operator. The rest of the numbers I think will be class number etc. This link goes someway to explaining it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UIC_identification_marking_for_tractive_stock I've also seen on t'interweb a whole huge document complete with appendices that explains all rolling stock numbers, can't find it at the moment. I used to have a copy on my desk at work, but.. Enjoying your photos, I do like the single cabs. I would love for Eurotunnel to run a
  8. Hi Jamie, Where are the loco numbers to be found on the ECR G1206, please? It might be me but I can't see them in your photos! Thanks, Paul.
  9. Hi Tex, They were not built with train air brakes, the air brake was just a 'straight' air brake in use on the loco only. Train air brakes were fitted to some later. All were built with vacuum train brakes except for 13092-13101 (D3092-3101). Paul.
  10. Next from the right, is that Andy King? And the guy in the middle with the camera is that 'Swish' from MML control?I Paul.
  11. Is that Grimsby Town looking towards Garden Street crossing? Paul.
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