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  1. Is that Grimsby Town looking towards Garden Street crossing? Paul.
  2. Hi, how about the 'Pontnewynydd' vans? The ones with the low roof. I believe they were replaced with two BR ones, diagram 501? One of the BR numbers was B950540. Might fit with your own layout, too? Paul.
  3. "BR blue with lining" - isn't that an oxymoron? Jeepers I hope I can afford one of these! Paul
  4. Said six left when I ordered mine, must be five now! Thanks Strathwood, it's arrived safely. Paul
  5. Grimsby Dock station (for drivers) - I know 'cos I've paid out wages there many years ago as a relief clerk! Paul.
  6. Thanks Meld. Much appreciated, and it confirms it was in the museum at Rotterdam too. Thanks again, Paul.
  7. Hope someone can help me here. The attached photo was taken in February 1993 in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. I didn't take a lot of notice of it at the time, but now wish I had. It wasn't there last year. I believe it could be an NS500 because the NS600 has a wider buffer beam. I've trawled the internet and found 4 NS500s preserved in Holland. NS521 at SGB Goes, NS532 at VSM Beekbergen and NS508 and NS512 at NS Utrecht. I don't think it's 521 as on 521 there are some 'sticky-out bits' alongside the radiator which are lower on my photo. NS508 doesn't have them and the buffers look different. This means it might be 532 or 512. Are there any knowledgeable Dutch enthusiasts out there that can help? Thanks
  8. Hippel

    Dapol 08

    Hi all, According to BR driving instructions booklet BR33003/252dated July 1969, 08s were 20mph and 09s 27 and a half mph. Move on 11 years to July 1980, and the replacement book BR33056/70 shows 08s as 15mph and 09s unaltered. During those 11 years the max speed clearly was reduced. Hope this helps, Paul
  9. And some pre-group brake vans, please? Paul.
  10. http://www.ltsv.com/w_profile_041.php Does this shed any light? Paul
  11. Last night about 21:20 UK time (16:20 at Altoona?), there was a train (20Q) with a heritage unit on it PRR 8102. Paul
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