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  1. I believe the output from the 47's generator was used as external exciter for the power stations main generator
  2. Could be Landore as the head code 210 was Manchester London road -Swansea
  3. I have seen on the Cornwall Railway Society web site referring to them as "Flying Cucumbers" !!!
  4. Hi My ISP is TalkTalk so it looks like this is the problem as in Nogginthenogs post. Sorry it has been a long time to answer but the internet connection has been intermittent since last night. Regards everyone
  5. Hi Tried that with same result, as Dutch_Master hints at above it looks as if it is something at My end that is the problem. Regards
  6. Hi I am using www.zimo.at thanks
  7. Hi All Has anyone had problems accessing the Zimo website ,when I try I get a blank page that says "Alarm Page" in the top left corner. Regards
  8. Apparently great savings can be made using this web site www trainsplit.com they do not charge commission either. Regards
  9. Winnie


    Just a few lines to introduce Myself , I have been a long time guest lurker decided it was about time I became a member, I am now retired and can spend more time to My layout which is based on BR western region transition around 1964 I have Lenz DCC control with most locos fitted with Zimo decoders , I live in Wellington Shropshire My working life consisted of an apprenticeship at Tyseley loco depot in Birmingham MOD Base workshop Donnington and latterly Goodrich Actuation Systems Wolverhampton.
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