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  1. You will be pleased with the latest news from Hornby I should imagine??? Pete
  2. I did say 'complicate ' things lol. You could offload in your goods hard and then (swear words warning ) truck them by road???? Pete
  3. Hi Brian, happy New Year to you and yours. Another freight stream you can introduce and complicate matters is something all collieries were in need of....Pit Props. Old minerals loaded with the same and stacked props waiting to go down would provide added realism??? watcha think? Pete
  4. Welcome to the New Year, 2020! I was lucky to have some free time over the festive period so pleased with my presents to my self, a new J72 and Class24/1 from Bachmann via Great Eastern Models in Norwich, I cracked on and soldered droppers to all the currently laid track. All was tested and it worked. This is the track work that will be under the high level station. All this track has droppers fitted although there are no bus wires yet. Electric continuity was tested by a trusty old H&M Clipper controller. I have also started to sort out 'Marden Road' station opposite this. I have to loosely lay track so that i can work out the shape and size of the platforms. This will be a four platform through station sweeping round to the right at the bottom of the picture. There will be an overhead bridge/station building hopefully based on Heaton. You can see my home-made track gauge near the pen. Because the radii are quite sharp (min Hornby Rad 4) to keep clearances this gives a little extra to the outside (left) than the standard Peco gauge. The other end! The bridge across the entrance door. This is on an incline from right to left. This follows on from the first picture where you can see the return lower loop on the right, the continuous run tracks on either side and the ramp up to the high station in the middle(with the pot on) Thats's the state of play at the moment, it seems to be gathering pace which is good, a little bit here, a little bit there and low and behold progress! Pete
  5. And pray tell what are they and where can they be purchased if you please....:-)))
  6. That really looks the business, Brian! Great.
  7. Hi Brian, thanks, yes I have seen this one also, at The Bury St Edmunds show a couple of years ago. Very good and well run. Our Fen Lane is in a similar vein i.e. 'somewhere in East Anglian fens' very freelance, although terminus to fiddle yard. Regards Pete
  8. If I may Brian, I am going to not copy exactly but adapt your method for the conveyor onto our current club (Thetford MRS) layout Fen Lane. I have built a pair of grain silos from a Pringles tin (other crisps available) but have been struggling to Finnish off the tops. your conveyor suitably adapted would do the job. These are older photos, This is how it looks at the moment. As you can see it needs something to connect the silos to the warehouse. Pete
  9. I chuckle too myself sometimes as I reckon some on here think this is so passé but we have to all start somewhere, and my start is very slow. The paint is dry so have been trying out track formations for the station throat of the secondary station which will be called Marden Road. The track here is layed out as per the track plan... The problem very quickly became apparent that this plan left a smaller station area which was not good. So I moved the points further around towards the lifting bridge and hopefully in the next few photos you can see some pencil marks where tracks connect up with the points which will give an extended platform length to take the projected 4 coach trains. So we are getting somewhere, moving along slowly as time allows. Sorry its very intermittent, but with just 22months before I can hang up my work boots which will mean more time to work on this. Its taken 4.5 years to get this far, hopefully it will go quicker now. Regards Pete
  10. Yes I agree, filthy places collieries are! Pete
  11. You get to a point where there are things to be done, but to do them you have to shift everything around. As you may have seen in the previous posts, the boards that have track on them have been painted (as usual) This is about half of the current layout. the other half has been used as workbench and just general depository for dross, cutting mat, tools etc. Well if I am to get anywhere I spent an hour or so today clearing all that away to the opposite side and got down and painted the remainder of the boards. So once thats dry I can draw out in full the remaining track plan and fingers crossed, everything will squeeze in. Pete
  12. I'll second that!! Continuing to follow avidly...... Pete
  13. As Secretary of Thetford, Suffolk, Club I would invite you to our Exhibition next year but thats not up to me unfortunately, bit far to come for a day as well! Have been following this thread since you started. Great work.
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