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  1. So, after much ummmming and aaaahing I managed to fit a bridging piece in. I tidied up the ends so that the other two bridging boards can be fitted. It seems that the 3.2mb of the previous post is too big for the 10mb limit??? so I can't post anymore photos at the moment. Bring back the old RMweb.
  2. A brief update on the very slow progress on Cullerbay. 'Bridging the Gap' occupied most of my morning in the shed. I have laid a bit more track but I wanted to solve the problem of producing a bridging piece which is also on a curve and a downgrade.
  3. I have been spending an evening or two experimenting with weathering some Bachmann 16T mineral wagons. They are a darker grey than they should be but i did not want to spoil the lettering and numbering so just roughly followed several weathering guides and had a go. I did the insides first mixing small amounts of Humbrol matt 113, 133 and 82 and with rough broad strokes ended up with this. I then gave all a wash of MIG Dk Wash swiped off with cotton buds to get this effect and let the whole lot dry over night. To go further with the rusting I again mixed various parts of Matt 113 and 133 with a touch of 53 (gunmetal) and attacked the outsides in various ways using cotton buds and brush strokes to effect. They are not finished yet, I have to do the chassis and running gear plus maybe some further detailing but not bad for a first attempt.
  4. Hi, after a mis-direction (internet search!) phone call to Mikes Models, Birmingham; I was redirected to as you rightly said Holt Model railways who are in Wales. I gave them a call and yes they still do the 'Mikes Models' range of whitemetal kits so I have placed an order for several NER ground mounted and platform mounted water cranes. So thank you for you're info and help.
  5. I like many on here hail from the surrounds of Tyneside/Teesside, being grudgingly dragged as a 6 or 7 yr old by an older brother, up to Newcastle Central to trainspot, cabbing black fire breathing monsters expecting them any minute to propel me away wherever, being frightened Sh!tless seeing my first Deltic, the noise! Wonderful! Happy memories. I only saw the very end of steam though so grew up with diesels. Saw all the Deltics though missed their final days as was serving abroad in the RAF when they went. But then grew an affection for the HSTs and 91s which are now in their final years. So after many different postings around mainly Europe and the UK I ended up in Suffolk but I still get my fix for the moment as I work on RAF Lakenheath with the GIs. So to answer you're question, I wished to model somewhere I could combine Gresley's finest with as you say Q6s (I have a pair) and J27s (I have a pair on order) with rakes of 21T Hoppers, based loosely between Tynemouth and Blyth, ish if you close you're eyes etc etc All within the constraints of 9' X 9'. Pete
  6. Hi, thank you, its probably because I don't post on here very often as progress is quite slow. I have lots of other things to do that occupy my time so when something happens I try and post a little. Its taking time also as I want to 'do it right' and not rush. I have started to weather the seven 16T minerals that I have as an experiment before tackling the 30 21T hoppers that are waiting in the wings. I will post some photos when they are finished.
  7. I now have some track actually fixed to the boards, as I said to Brian D its surprising how quick one can progress just by laying the odd yard of track now and then.
  8. Hi David, Thanks, I did wonder if they were Mikes Models. I will have a look. Great layout by the way! Pete
  9. Thank You. I am using the 4th (21") radius set track curves as a minimum and as a template. then allowing for swing using a pair of Hornby Mk4 coaches, which would be the longest rolling stock on the layout and the little red Peco track spacers it came out reasonably well. Pete
  10. Thanks I will try that. I much preferred the previous way of doing things...... Pete
  11. Can I ask where you got the water cranes from? and do they do platform mounted ones as well?? Pete
  12. Hi Brian, Not been on here in a while, but first of all congratulations on your birthday, I have another six years to go before that milestone. I keep an eye on your progress which carries on apace. I have recently managed to start laying some track now on my Cullerbay effort. It is surprising how quick things can move on just by laying a yard of track now and then. Anyway, carry on with the good work. Pete
  13. Now I can't submit more than 8mb of pics at one time?? unlike before..... Whats going on??
  14. Hello again, I see its six months since I last posted here. A fair bit has gone on, I have finished the refurb of my Hornby Mk2s, continued to work on and exhibit the Thetford & DMRS Layout 'Fen Lane' and in amongst being away in our Motorhome, doing a little here and a little there on Cullerbay. (How do you insert photos then write underneath like you used to?? )
  15. The station is looking impressive now Brian. Pete.
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