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  1. Thanks for that David. Very kind of you. Peter.
  2. Hi, you say you found the fault/short in your point. I have a short somewhere which has had me stumped for ages. Maybe if you could point(!) out where the fault was with a photo or diagram I could at least check my dozen Tortoise motors. I am usually fairly good with wiring but this has going crackers. thanks Pete
  3. David, a question if I may from a novice at renumbering and ultimately weathering my loco’s. I have just renamed/numbered my new Hornby A2/3 Sun Castle to 60511 Airborne, with Heaton shed plate. When you give a coat of ‘Clear’ do you use just one coat or as many as required to get the shine you want? Would you then weather after or before ‘Clear ‘ application?
  4. I think there is a slight misunderstanding here, I was in the process of returning the loco to the dealer as defective goods which is the correct thing to do as the contract is with them not Hornby. If it wasn’t for the off chance post on the Hornby FB page and the subsequent correspondence, the loco would have been returned to the dealer who offered either a replacement (leaving them to dispose of a shoddy item and me with the possibility of them not having any more stock) or a full refund. The fact that Hornby became involved has meant that I get a correct item, the dealer is not out of poc
  5. As the contract is with the supplying dealer, I was about to return my A2/2 to them but as I said in a previous post Hornby picked up on some Facebook chatter and so I am now waiting for return details from Hornby and for a replacement. So praise for Hornby for a quick solution. Regardless whether this just a rogue batch or not if you accept a faulty model how are Hornby (or other manufacturers) going to identify and rectify the problem? This is an important launch for them especially with the A2/3 on the horizon they will want to know that is correct before release. Pete
  6. Thanks, I don’t feel it’s Hornby’s fault as once the model has been signed off for production half way round the world, it’s down to the company production line and shoddy workmanship/product control. Hornby in U.K. can’t then check every box , they have to trust those in China. Unfortunately in this case that trust seems to be about to be broken. Pete
  7. The Head of Brand no less has promised a 100% correct model. Pete
  8. I have posted above about the state of my A2/2. Hornby have been in contact after some Facebook postings and they are going to replace with a new example. regards Pete
  9. Thought I would give an update on the saga of my example. Suffice it to say Hornby became involved after some Facebook chatter. An email was requested which I sent . I received a reply from Head of Brand and as a result the matter is being passed to the customer services to arrange a ‘100% correct’ replacement. She did say in the email that they were aware of some with similar faults. So a good result. I look forward to the A2/3 when it comes out, hopefully soon. Pete
  10. Lucky you, this is however the first ‘reject’ I have ever had with ‘new’ stock from the major manufacturers. I just hope there is a good one out there and the A2/3 Sun Castle arrives in good condition. Pete
  11. This is mine. note the gap on the front footplate under the frame, the motion etc the works plate is derisable. Pete
  12. Send it back, as I am doing with mine. Pete
  13. I have 60505 Thane of Fife, working from front to back, there is a gap under the left hand front frame above the footplate, obviously the colour, boiler bands are missing the orange bands, the left rear driver seems to have a slight quartering problem in that the rear con rod is not level, possibly excess play on the axle, the cab has a small gap between it and the boiler, a tender handrail is flush with the body and the water scoop underneath is backwards. Suffice it to say it’s being returned to the dealer. Otherwise it’s impressive, just under a foot long and runs smoothly on a rollin
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