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  1. This is pretty dreadful in its deliberate disregard, criminals out to prove how much of a danger they are to everyone else it seems https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-54642297
  2. The car's the king of personal transport but the USA is still a land where a great deal of goods are moved by rail. Considering the size of the country the economics of it probably stack up much better than in the UK.
  3. For ads to work they have to be noticeable enough to see but not so intrusive that they put people off - that gets counter-productive, people either try to block them or, if it goes too far, go elsewhere. Conversely enough relevant ads can even be a plus for the user - I never look at them in general magazines or papers (or pay attention on TV for that matter), but I will look through the model ads in a model magazine, the telescope ads in an astronomy one etc. Those ones are useful and an additional benefit to looking at the magazine or website, win-win for all concerned.
  4. Would it give you more of those to look at and fewer of the other ads? Sounds tempting, but unfortunately I'd probably have to put on an adblocker at work!
  5. It might be possible to set up an ad blocker to just block the one that gets in the way and leave all the others (depending upon how the ad is implemented).
  6. Has the branch been disconnected for years, or simply sitting there unused (and unusable)?
  7. And if you do that for heaven's sake consider that you might end up with the odd blob of hot solder falling off - you do not want unprotected eyes under that!
  8. Just going to and from the loading point needs fewer lorries and drivers than doing the entire journey by road. Whether or not that adds up to enough to offset the additional expense of the railway depends of course; my guess (which is all it is) is that it depends just how far the logs are going, with the advantage of rail increasing with distance and volume of goods (and assuming it all needs to go to the same place). If it's coming from northern Scotland the distances can be quite long (by UK standards), that can add up to a lot of lorry drivers.
  9. Some would deliberately chance it, and some might just react to the green light anyway. This would also be a problem if it was in front of the barriers - light's green, people just looking at the nearest thing (yes I know they shouldn't but there are enough who will) - I'm not sure if there is a good answer to traffic lights close to a level crossing, and that ideally the light should be quite some way in front. Even then it would have to be synchronised with the crossing otherwise the crossing closes and you end up with people at either side of the barriers. edit to add: I mean ei
  10. Whenever I've seen that there's usually been a "joining traffic not signal controlled" sign, unless it's just for houses along the traffic light stretch. One I saw once was the opposite - a set of traffic lights on a rough track that joined during the roadworks. That looked a bit odd, I presume there were some houses down there.
  11. Well he was going on about roadworks and holdups on the M1 as they were about to run alongside it at Watford Gap, so some things don't change!
  12. Yeah, you can get that on any ordinary railway (although the scrap's usually the other side of the fence there).
  13. I hanker after ones from before my youth. That's different from nostalgia, which also has its appeal in the heritage sector, and I like seeing things from my youth on them for purely nostalgic reasons. So there will no doubt at some point in the future be some nostalgia for 800s, although finding somewhere for them will be rather more of a practical issue. Nostalgia doesn't necessarily equate with like (for similar reasons I've no issues with Pacers on preserved lines).
  14. Build a layout of an electrified line, then they can do the OLE for you.
  15. Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with! I'm sure the viaduct will be particularly impressive.
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