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  1. Mark 1s are uniform until you start looking at them. At the last count, my fleet included over 250 of them, excluding GUVs, CCTs, TPO vans, Pullmans and non-gangwayed stock.
  2. Does anyone know of any plans of the layout at Blackpool South after the closure of Central but before the service to South was reduced to a DMU shuttle in 1970? It appears that carriage sidings and the turntable at Bloomfield Road were still in use.
  3. Steam at Blackpool South after the closure of Central: 43033_BlackpoolSouth_1967 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  4. Yes, the only difference seems to be that Railroad ones don't have as much decoration, eg no 'no smoking' signs on windows and possibly other lettering missed off.
  5. Correct, all the Hornby Mark 1s have the couplings mounted on the bogie. I don't think the RB will be at a 'premium price'. Rather I think it will be priced rather lower than Bachmann Mark 1s are now. List price of the RB is £34.99. Bachmann Mark 1s are £48.95 per their website.
  6. They certainly do that with some types of carriage, think of the porthole stock which took ages to come out in maroon. They haven't even announced Thompson stock in maroon yet. A retailer did tell me a few years ago that for DMUs green with speed whiskers was the best selling livery.
  7. When I asked someone from Bachmann about this, they said liveries for that era do not sell well. However, 117s were blue for around 10-13 years so that is a pretty long span, probably longer than any were green.
  8. Just looked at some photos and even those of the first batch seem to have only the end step about a third of the way up from new or nearly new. See photo of an SR one in Parkin in 1962.
  9. Don't know about that but there is a much-expanded edition of his book coming out later this year. It's been held up by the current situation though.
  10. The blue Hornby use on their Mark 1 and Mark 2 stock is too dark in my view and a poor match for Bachmann, who made theirs lighter some years back. However, the colour on the real things varied, especially as I understand that some works mixed black paint in with the official Rail Blue to make the paint last longer and make the colour more durable.
  11. On the RBR, the droplight on the staff door to the buffet area was painted body colour. Other than that, there was little, if any difference. End steps other than the bottom one were not present on them prior to refurbishment. I'm not sure without digging through photos whether any of them had a complete set of end steps even from new. Must have a look. See buffet door: M1657 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr No end steps on this green one on the left, which has also gained green ends: 34021_Claphan-Yard_15-5-66 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr The photos on Hornby's website of the real things in maroon show only the bottom steps present, not all the way up the end.
  12. Thanks, I shall investigate.
  13. Try joining my coaching stock group. See link below.
  14. Here is one modified to economy green with full yellow ends and later exhaust: P1080732am by Robert Carroll, on Flickr The photo shows up a weakness of the Bachmann model, which is the prominent join between body and valancing. Not really noticeable from normal viewing angles and distances though. This one should have a data panel but I don't have any suitable transfers. 5142 also lost the middle bit of valancing whilst in this livery but the Bachmann ones don't come off in pieces so my version has the full valancing in place.
  15. I had forgotten that I had that 1974 stock programme. Here is the full PDF.
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