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  1. I might just have put a curse on 60018. The bogie derailed on the first point coming into the down GN fiddleyard if routed into any road other than number 1, where the first and only point encountered is taking the straight road for road 1 and the curve for all others. The tender then jumped off on the diamonds at the north end of the station on the down line.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Also useful to know when goods became freight. The 1947 LNER Rule Book still refers to goods. This is the relevant page from the 1972 rule book about side lamps:
  3. So do I, should be plenty in fact for all remaining engines and more besides!
  4. Do you know whether the 1972 BR Rule Book differed significantly from the 1950 one regarding lamps on brake vans of goods trains that were not fully fitted, please? I have the 1972 edition but not the 1950 one.
  5. I read somewhere years ago that there was a military influence on the name. D60 was a very early recipient of blue with full yellow ends following refurbishment: D60_Derby_1967 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr Not all 45s received the same extent of work as D60, which ended up looking more like a refurbished 46.
  6. At the bottom right of each image, there is an arrow curving up to the right. If you click on that and select BB code, you can the paste the code into a message on this forum (you don't need to use the link button on the toolbar - just paste in the text) and the image will appear in it. Like this: 60158_Highdyke_1950s by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  7. As if by magic, you might find that the stock of lamps you provided has already been used up!
  8. The weathering on 60005 is very good. You know it's a Gateshead engine straight away as it's the only really grubby A4 on the layout. The W1 runs very well and has plenty of pulling power. 60014 does too. I have not run 60005 much but it was fine when I did. 60027 on the Elizabethan is I believe of different origin, being a Trix body if I recall correctly. 60018 seems to be the problematic one. This is my current small project for Retford:
  9. The porthole CK was indeed very different and appears well captured by Bachmann. Not sure about the other types but the brake third corridors latterly had the sides lower and an extra bit of side below the cantrail, so the doors did not go all the way up. 45569_Harrow_1952_crop by Robert Carroll, on Flickr Note the absence of ribs on the roofs too.
  10. 60014 appears to have a plastic body but I'm not sure of the origin. The tender is A4 corridor and looked like a Hornby one to me. It is dedicated to the Flying Scotsman as the tender has a Kaydee coupling, as does the leading BSK of the Flying Scotsman set. It is the only one with Kaydees on the layout so far as I could see. Once I had given the stock an overhaul, 60014 handled the set without any trouble. It had been slipping previously. Not previously mentioned I believe is that 60005 Sir Charles Newton is also on Retford. It's easy to spot as it is in dirty Gateshead condition.
  11. Thanks, I think that answers at least in part my question about 60018. You did photograph 60014 on Retford. It was on page 2072 of this thread. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/928125798_Retford1810200560014onFS.jpg.cee3e9cb4a80a67abe0bc4aabc048d68.jpg I don't think 60022 is on Retford now.
  12. It seems from recent posts that the Hornby A4 body is pretty good but not much else about it is. I have a Hornby A4. This photo is from 15 years ago which is probably from the first and last time it ran on my layout: P1020671_edited small by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  13. Interesting points about Roy's approach. Do you happen to know the origin of Roy's 60018 Sparrow Hawk? The last time I ran trains on Retford when visiting it derailed twice, which is most unlike a Roy engine.
  14. Haps probably ran over almost every electrified line on the SR at one time or another. They were removed completely from the South Eastern Division in the mid-1980s in favour of the 4 Cap conversions but some 2 Haps returned to that territory towards the end of their service lives, with a few being formed up into more 4 Cap units, but the other way round in that the motor brakes were at the outer end instead of the middle. Here is one at Folkestone Warren in the 1960s: 2-HAP_6116_WarrenHalt by Robert Carroll, on Flickr Near St Mary Cray in 1994: 2-Hap_4314-431
  15. The Hornby gangwayed Gresley stock was a disappointing missed opportunity. They must have sold pretty well though as the have done several runs of them over the years. Most people who buy them won't notice how wrong they are because they think they look nice. The only ones I have on my layout are a couple of full brakes. I also have a buffet car which is unlikely to be used. When I visited Retford shortly after Sandra had acquired it (and the house that happens to go with it) I was a little surprised to find a couple of Hornby Gresley carriages in sets on the layout. There was a se
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