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  1. The Derby Class 114 DMU has now taken up residence on Retford. IMG_1025am by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  2. The signal looks good and the A3 looks at home. Is it on the up Heart of Midlothian set? It looks like a Hornby BSO at the front.
  3. Thanks. Here is an example of the challenge: 62667_Retford_1-6-57 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr Apparently Roy did become aware that the signals visible here were present in 1957 but was happy with the platform 2 signals already built so they remained as they were.
  4. Thanks, it's a shame this J6 is in the way in this 1957 image - one of several apparently taken on 1 June 1957 that I acquired recently - note also the shunt signal: 64243_Retford_1-6-57 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  5. This photo is from after the diveunder was constructed in the mid-1960s and the track layout at the north end of the station had been simplified. I don't know whether the signal at the north end of platform 1 had been there in 1957 or what moves it would signal. Retford platform 1 looking North by Phil Sangwell, on Flickr
  6. I have a crimson and cream and a green one. Both ran well on an initial test and they look good apart from possibly the cream being too yellowish - more butter than cream. The lights are rather bright. Otherwise they seem to be excellent models. Looking forward to more DMUs from Heljan.
  7. I certainly don't have fixed sets on my own layout, which is not based on a real location. My interest is in the stock and in how trains evolved over time - hence why the period moves forward in time gradually. I move stock around a lot so it has to be compatible and adaptable. It generally works well and occasional problems are dealt with easily. On Retford, where Sandra appointed me as Carriage Superintendent - she offered Carriage and Wagon Superintendent but I baulked at wagons, about which I know very little - whilst the trains are in theory in fixed sets, there has been a lot of shuffling about as stock has been added over the last year, with more to come as the next project is to create an additional train which needs to be mostly crimson and cream. The small issue is that most of the stock I have available is maroon so the plan is to substitute a maroon carriage for a crimson and cream one in several existing sets to release stock for the additional one. When stock is shuffled, I like to run a train round at least three times to check it all works OK. My fun over the past week has been de-ribbing the roofs of five Bachmann Mark 1s, plus six of Sandra's that were already on the layout. All now done, thankfully.
  8. Perhaps we can work it out when I visit. A bulk sale to a dealer might be the best way forward. There are still all the etched carriage sides to deal with and sundry other items such as the remaining Jidenco wagon kits, but they don't take up much space. There are also several boxes of RTR engine and tender bodies, most of which are of dated models and probably not worth much if anything.
  9. Thanks, I had it in mind that Heaton engines tended to go north from Newcastle but clearly not always.
  10. 60073 would look good on Retford but as, a Heaton engine at the time, would it have appeared there regularly in 1957? Do EM engines sell for less than 00 equivalents because of the more limited market?
  11. Thanks. When the cheque might arrive is an interesting question as apparently most of the local Post Office staff are currently isolating due to a COVID case!
  12. My system with the card corridor connectors is to have them on one end of a carriage, with a blanking plate of 0.25mm plasticard on the other end. I don't glue things on - rather I glue a piece of I section plastic rod to the back and attach to the gangway door with black tack. That way, if you turn a carriage round, you can swap the gangways in seconds. I have deployed this system extensively on the stock on Retford as daylight between gangways is one of my pet hates, especially when you can see it from 40' away.
  13. On Retford, I have found that a small number of the magnets seem to be weaker than most and thus more prone to separation. I have replaced those with others and it seemed to deal with the issue. There are several long sets of predominantly Bachmann Mark 1 stock on Retford that have the Hunt couplings and they don't seem to be too much of a problem. I intensely dislike using the Bachmann pipe couplings as it makes it very difficult to separate and join stock, such as when it's necessary to remove a carriage for inspection or some form of alteration. There are even a few tension locks on Retford now as the 5.00 pm Manchester London Road-Cleethorpes set (Hornby Mark 1s) has them and there is a pair of Hornby Mark 1s on the GN side with them - this was a temporary measure and as they haven't caused problems, they have been left as they are. On my own layout, I generally use small tension locks within sets. Going back 20 years, i began removing the Bachmann coupling arms as they are too floppy with tension locks and fixing couplings to the bogies. It seems to work fine, sets will shunt well and it gives flexibility in altering formations and in coupling to other types. I use the Hornby Roco-style couplings within fixed sets of Hornby stock such as Maunsell and Bulleid and have also used them on Hornby non-gangwayed stock. Other stock generally retains t/l within set but Hornby ones are replaced with shorter Bachmann ones. Ends of rakes use Sprat & Winkle, a standard I adopted 25 years ago and there is no going back now. The one train on my own layout that uses Hunt couplings is my Freightliner set, which is really handy as I need to take the last flat off to raise the lift-up section. If I were starting now, I might well have used Hunt couplings more extensively.
  14. HoM changed with the winter 1957-8 timetable - photos from summer 1957 show it still with an RK (a Mark 1). Part of the issue with my SPM RSO is that the maroon livery is not a good match in shade or lining style for the maroon RK it would be next to. Hence, it was a reject and has returned to my domestic fleet. Black tack helps keep the Hunt couplings in place but still allows removal if necessary. I found the magnets were not strong enough to use on Bachmann stock at the head of a train which included five or six heavy, kit-built carriages further back, so I reverted to the pipe couplings in that case.
  15. The HoM certainly looks the part. The one on Retford still needs an RSO. I did look at using my existing SPM one with etched sides but it looked out of place compared to Bachmann Mark 1s. I have some etched sides but they are rather basic. The train on Retford has a Thompson kitchen car but I think that was quite possible by 1957. The formation had undergone some changes by then, including the appearance of BSOs, which the representation on Retford does now have (Hornby ones). This clip was from prior to the Gresley open second being replaced by a Mark 1: https://youtu.be/bS97LvmlLhg I have used lots of Hunt couplings on Retford in place of those awful Bachmann pipe couplings and they work well most of the time. One or two have come out of the NEM boxes and a magnet came out at least once. If the train jerks suddenly they have a tendency to part but overall I think they have been OK so far. It makes it much easier to take a carriage out for attention or move stock around.
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