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  1. Very interesting. Are these circuit boards available to purchase for the original Bach 158's? TIA
  2. Yep I'd agree with Rob, nice job, it's a lot of work to get good results...........
  3. What's the consensus of opinion on the colour used on the roofs of 37 251/152 in the above photo ? Silver / Aluminium ? or perhaps something else ? TIA Ken
  4. Latest project underway. These will eventually become 37 251 & 37 152 in Swallow livery with Silver ? roofs. As in the superb photo below. Boiler filler door and steps filled in prior to priming on 37 152
  5. Very nice, but better if we could see the whole loco ? Sir William Arrol or The Lass ?
  6. Very interesting. I've also been playing around with this on Bif's Lok V4 WD sound decoders. I used a lokprogramner to set it up. Initially I added it to F Key 4_via logical options, however the buffer clash option on (F4) requires setting on once the loco is moving, to get the clash sound once it stops, so F4 has to be switched off and then on again to get the coupling sound. I'm presently using it on F16 for now. For the shuffle to work it's important not to change the loco direction after it stops (for those wishing to try it) Settings I find work ok with sound on: (not compared it with sound off) Speed 5 Push time 150 to 175 Move time 244 to 255 The push/move time setting will vary a little from loco to loco depending on the motors and decoder settings.
  7. Space permitting, I find a 2,200uF cap works well with my Zimo 645R decoders, 470uF not being of much use.
  8. That 156 U/F kit certainly improves the Lima model. Are you planning changing the motor ? ex CD drive motors are often used with good effect. Surprising how well it looks along side a modern Railtrack version. Food for thought !
  9. Very impressive....the best representation of model "smoke" I've seen so far especially how it varies with the throttle application. The JG sound file is also good and different, although I prefer Bif's latest WD 37/4 version. I use a JG Class 25 file in a HJ27 very pleased with it, the cold starting on it is also very realistic.
  10. Another 37 completed - originally a GA L/L 37 425 re-worked into 37 420. Once again EM2 fitted with Bif's WD 37/4 sound file. Note the pose-able opening cab doors - some earlier Bach 37's featured these - although in this case the springs have been removed. BB pipes/HJ ploughs etc still to be fitted, and possibly batch weathered along with some other locos.
  11. Hi Mutzig Welcome to the forum. I've sent you a PM re the lamps - see top of the page and click on the envelope to view. Regards Ken
  12. Yep..reworked 37 142. 262 being a steamer so roof boiler exhaust port and blow off valves added, vertical cab side window orange cantrail strips removed...not present on 262. Nose ends repainted after removing top WR brackets RETB aerials also added.
  13. Another modelling friend calls it Doomreay ! lol...but I think the plain grey suits the 37...and it's different.....
  14. Latest loco off the WB 37 262 Dounreay in Engineers Grey. It's fitted with working ScR car spot lights and an EM2 speaker/Bif's WD 37/0 sound file. Still needs BB detailing and proper snowploughs finished by some weathering. I have a few EM2 fitted 37's, but for some reason this one sounds even better than any of the others, it really growls/throbs and rattles the baseboard.
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