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  1. Fresh out of the paint shop. 08 720 / 08 761 HA Provincial 08's. Almost identical twins, but there are a few differences if you know where to look. 08 761 was a commission job. The majority of transfers used being by Rail-Tec, the Blue Data panels and 3D printed works plates finish off the models nicely, along with the sole bar detail. Thanks to Steve for quickly sorting out a minor issue.
  2. Anyone know where these 2 White parts from the detailing packet fit on a Hornby 08 ? Appear to be some type of pipe work/coupling ? TIA
  3. Perhaps they will in time, for now here's a Bachmann model I completed earlier this year, it has working car type headlights.
  4. And also 37 263 in BR Blue had Stags and nose top fitted headlights as per 37 114 37 033 in BR Blue had Stags and front door mounted headlights as per 37 026
  5. Most Precision paints according to their labels, have a "Dull" finish more like satin/eggshell and not Matt.
  6. Do you sell these 12ohm speakers ? wired in series or parallel ?
  7. Hi Richard Sounds very good and also different, although it's more suited to a 37/0 as the starter motors sounds are not present. What Bass reflex did you use on this with the EM1 ? Regards Ken
  8. It's one of the last of the Loksound V4's --- a V4.3 which had more function output's on board (8) compared to earlier versions.
  9. Thanks for the photo/suggestions It's 6311 in Exec livery I'm looking at doing. I have photos of one side of it I took when they worked on the over night sleeper. As usual roof area photos are not very common, it's the position of the exhaust port I was looking for - typically on the opposite side to my photos - but have now found some photos showing the other side of the roof with said port.
  10. Anyone got roof details for these modified BG Generator Vans or photo links.... TIA
  11. Battery powered paint mixers also work well - Badger and cheaper copies available from the usual on-line market place .......
  12. Hi Steve Any update on the revised 4mm ED 08938 transfer set ? Noticed your e-mail is temporarily unavailable. I've a couple of other items to order, so will just get them all together. Regards Ken
  13. Humbrol Matt enamel varnish requires mixing/stirring very thoroughly as the matting agent tends to sink to the bottom of the tin, especially if it's not been used for some time. Flat sable haired brushes will give the best results. Beware the newer/latest branded tins of Humbrol varnishes appear to contain a gloopy grey sludge nothing like a varnish ! I returned some recently purchased tins of Satin.
  14. Noticed the blurb 're a Class 48 in a recent mag copy. Already suggested either: 47 114 in R/F Construction livery ED based 47 118 L/L Blue with Blue roof preferably with NO printed depot brandings Remains to be seen what will get produced, if it goes ahead ?
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