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  1. Here you go, the body/buffers are only temp on the chassis, any other questions let me know Personally, I'd wait for an Accurascale RSH Centre box 37, they will come eventually, and it would save you a pile of work, yet still be left with a compromised model. Merry Xmas Ken
  2. Hi Rob At the time, the only centre headcode Bach RSH 37's were BG Green with buffer cowls. I decided to use one of these to model L/L 37 183. It's been fully re-painted into L/L livery. One of the issues on these early models was the nose end detail was in the wrong place, and due to the buffer cowls being too deep the buffers were also too low. I cut the buffers/and bottom edge of the cowls off, together with slots (as per 183) for the new buffers fit at the correct height. The gaps in the (early} chassis BB were replaced with plasticard for the new buffers to mount on. T
  3. "With no retaining ring" ? the circular cross piece ring sitting on top of the mesh looks like a retaining ring to me (on page 9 ) ?
  4. Hi Rob L/L 37 183 - ah yes - been working on one of these for some time, just don't time to get it finished. It's based on an early Green Bach RSH 37, fully re-painted, but as it has no lighting, made custom lighting boards for it, along with a modded EM2 fitted chassis.......hopefully will leave the works early in the New Year !
  5. See page 9 of this thread ...good photo of the 37 roof grille/fan assembly ......
  6. Yep 264 is on the radar along with it's sister's in L/L.....watch this space....
  7. The frost grilles are indeed very nice, Brian's EE versions are also very similar, having fitted a number of them. The model looks very promising indeed, for me one thing that does jump out is the rather heavy (is it plastic ?) roof grille mesh retaining ring. Pretty sure on the first reveal of these models the ring was much finer and metal ? Roll on a painted sample.......
  8. Rail White is a different shade to Silver White. Apparently Railmatch RM240 has been discontinued, I also tried a few places, perhaps somewhere will have some old stock ?
  9. All the above photos show 37026 with square HI headlights fitted, which later replaced the original round ScR Car type headlights. Can't find any photos of it with Black head code boxes (at either end) with Round type headlights fitted (in R/F Dist livery) The forthcoming Accurascale model would appear to be correct in this respect.
  10. Another commission re-work completed, one of Eastfield's early versions of L/L livery - 37112, was originally BR Blue 37 049. And yes I'm aware it does not have the correct boiler roof panel for 112.
  11. Yep that's the ones, but two at each end, they need a fairly firm downwards push, the floor then comes out to reveal the battery holder.
  12. Just checked all orders so far sent and received via Royal Mail, no mention of DPD on my account. DPD and all other couriers regularly charge extortionate rates to deliver to my post code.!! but good old Royal Mail manages no problem !
  13. I also got an e-mail from DPD yesterday stating they tried to deliver a parcel but no-one was in..? em wrong I was in all day ! When I tried to check the tracking No...it stated not found/out of date, very odd perhaps a scam ? The e-mail header mentions Bio-Trust whoever that is ? Accurascale orders have all so far come via Royal Mail ....are they now using DPD also ?...as I'm not expecting anything else at the moment.
  14. There's also some footage and maintenance of the PTA wagons on Rail Films Depot No.3 ScotRail along with MGR coal working footage.
  15. A small flat headed jeweller's type screwdriver does the job perfectly, no need to push down, just a small flick sideways movement is all that's required to switch on/off....
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