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  1. Perhaps just swap over the tanks - rather than re-number it ? assuming the tank switches are in the same position.....
  2. Hi Dave Sorry to be critical of such wonderful modelling, but 47 018 had a plated over round spanner boiler port and battery box only under tanks (when in RF livery) Regards Ken
  3. I've used a few, worked well in Bachmann locos etc, good value for the price, although they have gone up, like all other things ! HTH
  4. Although I don't model in FS - I had problems with a number of Bachy 37/47's derailing on code 75. After experimenting, I found on all the ones with problems, all had the center drive axle lower than the outer two, causing the bogie to rock back an fore, pivoting on the lower center axle, this also causes growling noises. By removing the centre axles on both bogies and then trial runnning on 4 axles - no more noise or derailing. Most can be cured by using a round file to slightly lower the center plastic brass bearing housing - a little at a time from the bottom edge only, there's normally enough play in the mesh of the gears to allow for this. First check is to use a metal ruler hard against the flanges, or a piece of plate glass, on problem locos it will be quite obvious that the center axle is lower than the outer pair, sometimes one side is OK and the other out on the same bogie. HTH
  5. Yep really enjoyed the catch up ER , and the chance to run those "beasts" ........will bring the R/F 26 next time with Paul Chetter's ActiveDrive and twin Zimo dumbo speakers (see top of this thread) For full underframe tanked 26/27's Charlie's tank replacement moulding with a 20 x 48 speaker is worth considering, can only find the speaker on his latest site ? not the enclosure with speaker. https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=223_75&product_id=394 Plenty info above if you wish to try fitting an EM2 into a 47 - but a lot of work, not quite as good as the 37's, but still impressive..... C U sometime soon Ken
  6. Shawplan do marker light rings, Express Models for Lighting Kits. HTH
  7. Is it the "Antiseptic" Dettol, the brown stuff that your using ? although I've not tried it yet, shows good results on some YouTube vids..... Another option is Deluxe Materials Strip Magic - again vids on using on YT..... HTH
  8. Perhaps ask the supplier of the LED's if the wire is available separately ? It's possibly Micro-Litz stranded wire, magnet wire could be used as a alternative...
  9. Worth trying a small size O Pozidrive screwdriver they tend to have better grip and a less pointed end.
  10. These passengers look very good, their detail is better than most, are they Bachmann seated ones ? or.........
  11. IS Depot's 37 033 fresh off the WB - DCC Fitted/working spot lights - up for sale if anyone is interested..........SOLD
  12. Deluxe Materials "Strip Magic" would probably work well in this instance, see here for tips on using.... (virtually impossible to tell what type of paint has been used from just looking at it) HTH
  13. Neat soldering - but unusual to solder one of the wires to the inside/running edge of the rails ? unless of course access to the far side of the rail was limited/awkward ?
  14. Too many rock and heavy metal concerts over the years hasn't helped ! couldn't hear right for almost a week after a recent one..lol. ... Anyway I don't think the EM2 suits the engine character of a 47 that well it needs a bit more top end thrash/clatter/turbo spool down whine..etc.... Cheers Ken
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