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  1. Yes I'd agree, but with this new Bachmann announcement, there will be no room for any errors in the new Heljan model for it to compete, although the price comparison should prove interesting !
  2. Interesting, I've not used it on any Heljan models, often white spirit removes No's/names without damage to the paint on these. Provided one's careful/quick Strip Magic will remove sector markings/numbers on 3T Grey Bachmann locos without affecting the Greys underneath. Mask off the brandings apply the Strip Magic sparingly, for a minute or two and then apply some IPA/meth to stop the reaction.
  3. Deluxe Materials Strip Magic...avail from most hobby shops/eBay etc. Vids of using on YouTube .....
  4. Latest commission jobs off the bench: 37 512 Thornaby Demon L/L R/F Grey 37 797 L/L R/F Grey - added RSH style cant rail strips - (formally ED's 37081 Loch Long) Numbers and arrows - DRD Rub On's - easy to apply and NO film etc to hide - excellent quality, recommended.
  5. Thanks for the info.....got an order response in less than 3 hours......job done........
  6. Converted from a Bach BR Blue 47 035 - faded and weathered 47 145 Merddin Emrys" as it was at Tinsley in the early 90's. My first proper attempt at weathering, was a lot of work but I'm pretty happy with the results. New working HI headlights and ship/shore cab aerials added.
  7. Latest off the WB RES 47 781 Isle of Iona converted from the Bach 47 745 "London Society for the Blind.
  8. As per title Looking for a pair of 4mm nameplates for 37501 Teeside Steelmaster with BLUE backgrounds as per the REX Mag special edition models. TIA
  9. Noticed you managed to get new nose circuit boards. I was working today on an early Bach 47 which also has the headlights missing. I removed the nose end circuit boards and fitted a 1K SMD resistor at R6 along with a capacitor ( I robbed it from an old Bach circuit board) at C6 together with new White LED's - result working headlights with the markers. So it can be done. HTH Ken Edit: The capacitor is not required, just the a new LED and a 1K resistor, works fine without.
  10. Latest from the paint shop, something different for a change, a Swallow liveried Class 87 fully repainted back into InterCity Exec as 87 020 North Briton. Numbers by DRD transfers.
  11. I reset the decoder - CV8 = 8 I then tried once again to change it's address on the prog track - F8 >DIR > ADR > 8720 > on pressing enter > error 02..... time to move on....thankfully I normally avoid Hornby decoders, using Zimo/Loksound/Hatton's/TCS and Lenz instead, never had any issues with those.
  12. Tried page and reg prog modes still not getting anywhere...command station just shuts off...looks like it will be staying as 03 ! Thanks for all the comments/ideas....
  13. Thanks for the link - I have a manual but it's an older version, 08/04 - so no page 55 - although the Set 100 has been updated to V3.6 I'll have another look at it using the linked manual. Yep definitely an R8249 with a BLUE spot.
  14. Basically I want to change the default address of 03 to 8720.... So to use POM - F > 7 and then what...?
  15. Having not used page mode before.....how does one use it ? How do you change an address using POM ? thought it could only be done on the programming track ?
  16. As a above decoder works OK on address 03, but can't read or write an address on the programming track. I don't normally use Hornby decoders, but it's the only 8 pin one I have small enough to fit into the chassis slot in a new Hornby 87. Did try other decoders on top of the circuit board but body would not fit back on. Also looking at perhaps fitting a different decoder where the recess for a speaker is cut and extending the wiring.
  17. Loco runs just fine and lights work OK on address 03. Programming track works fine with Loksound/Lenz and Hatton's decoders but not this R8429.....just constant error 2's.....
  18. Thanks for the replies. Can't access CV29..or any other CV's ? AFAIK bit 5 in CV29 requires changing from 0 to 1 to enable long addresses. Tried both the programming track and on the main. With other decoders the Lenz normally auto sets a long address once it's entered on the throttle. I seem to recall there was some sort of conflict when trying to program Hornby decoders with a Lenz ?
  19. Anyone know how to put a new 4 digit address on a Hornby R8249 8pin decoder using a Lenz Set 100 ? No matter what I try I keep getting error 2 ! Can't read/write anything on it ! TIA Ken
  20. Are ETH fittings included in the detail pack for the ETHEL's ? not being factory fitted.
  21. I'd check all the pickup strips are actually in contact with the rear of the wheels, especially when you move the axles from side to side. On my example sorting this cured it's dodgy running.....
  22. See my reply to your question in Modellers Questions and Tips......
  23. Replacing the bulbs with LED's on Heljan 26/27's is fairly straight forward. I've converted a few of them in the past. I also took the opportunity to add cab lighting. See my WB thread for more info: I'd be happy to discuss fitting LED lighting to anybody's model, more details via PM only. HTH Ken
  24. It may well have full BB details factory fitted, but it would appear the ETH connector/cables are missing ? ....
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