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    Railways in 1:76 and 1:1 scales. Grew up in a world of model railways as Dad was in clubs and was the treasurer of the AMRSS for many years.

    Now age 50+ embarking on building my own layout and getting to grips slowly with the huge advancement in technology in the intervening 35 years since I last 'played trains'.

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  1. Still hoping that someone produces transfers for the Welsh 142/143's: The Journey is almost over for old trains / Mae taith yr hen trenau ar ben cyn bo hir The start of a new journey / Dechrau taith newydd These trains will terminate soon / Mae'r trenau yma'n dod i ben cyn bo hir
  2. The last car of 143 621 ( 55687) has just left Landore less than 10 minutes ago on its final journey to the scrap-man. This week saw 143 620, 611 & 621 go for scrap. I believe these are the first 143's to be scrapped other than a couple that were fire damaged while in service. So I now need a GWR green 143 that I can de-brand
  3. 37 175 & 37 099 at Landore tonight with the Network Rail NMT, with the 37's deputising for the Class 43's.
  4. Sure I read somewhere that tomorrow (31st Dec) is the last order day for the OO IPA's, but can't find where I read that Anyone know for sure?. I'm after a rake but am a bit skint this month with Xmas etc.
  5. Agreed!. Preferably with Ayr as one of the destination blinds
  6. Having seen the original post, I put a question up on a railway Facebook page I'm a member of, asking if anyone knew about it or it's current status. I got a reply from the Vice Chairman of the group: So, it all sounds promising
  7. Interesting. Hadn't known about these plans to re-open the tunnel until I saw your post. Would like to see it succeed.
  8. GWR have now withdrawn their Class 143 fleet (although some were still running about at the weekend). Units 143 611, 620 & 621 are now stored at Swansea Landore before they head off to SIMS Newport in the New Year to meet their maker. Now I'll have to order a GWR Green one from Charlie
  9. Took delivery of 3 Class 142's today (at 1:1 scale) TfW are withdrawing their entire Class 142 fleet at the end of this month, and they are all heading to SIMS Newport for scrapping. The TfW Class 143 fleet will be in service for a bit longer, lets say Easter 2021, while the Class 769's get bedded in on the Rhymney Valley line. So, this morning 143 002, 073 & 074 came to Landore for storage before they head off to meet their maker.
  10. Fingers crossed. Can't wait for the exhibitions to get back on again.
  11. DMSL 55775 (142 079) departed Swansea Landore this afternoon en-route to the razor blade factory. The DMS (55729) along with 142 012 will be joining it tomorrow.
  12. There's a Facebook group for the Works. https://www.facebook.com/groups/780881155293782
  13. 2 Class 800's passing PT 3145 PT 3147 outside Landore depot on the run in to Swansea.
  14. Stunning images. Look forward to following this thread.
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