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    Railways in 1:76 and 1:1 scales. Grew up in a world of model railways as Dad was in clubs and was the treasurer of the AMRSS for many years.

    Now age 50+ embarking on building my own layout and getting to grips slowly with the huge advancement in technology in the intervening 35 years since I last 'played trains'.

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  1. Been there. Here's my pic of Duchess of Sutherland leaving Carlisle
  2. I've just had one of those Colas 70's in for repair at Landore this week. First time I've seen one up close. Pretty impressive piece of kit.
  3. LOL. If we're doing wish lists, then we need a Class 175 in Arriva & TfW liveries.
  4. Gutted I missed this. I live in Buckley but I'm on an assignment down in Swansea just now. Only ever seen 709 from afar, as I flew down the M6 and saw it sitting at Bescot.
  5. Looks fab. I've been looking at Rainbow Railways website since Model Rail Scotland, as having seen their Northern Liveried 156, I walked around the hall another time before deciding to go back and buy it, where needless to say it had been sold. I see they also have the Strathclyde Orange PTE listed. Not sure whether to take the plunge or wait for the official RealTrack release, as from the original literature, Strathclyde was always on the cards to be released.
  6. Order placed last night at the early bird price for 8 of these twin packs. With home being just a few miles from Chirk as the crow flies and now temporarily staying just down the road from Baglan yard, then these are a must have. They will go nicely with either my Hornby 60 087 CLIC Sargent or my Bachmann Colas 70 805, where the respective locos on the 2 occasions I've actually photographed the Kronospan logs. 60 087, Wrexham, 23/07/15 70 805, Chester, 30/09/15
  7. Sad to hear this but appreciate it's the right call to make. I just moved to Swansea earlier this year on a temporary secondment and was looking to join the club, just as the lockdown was announced. Was looking forward to the show and doubt I'll still be in Swansea come next year.
  8. As well as Northern, would be good to see some Arriva/TfW units in this final branding.
  9. With the Rhymney Valley services having come to an end, 37 418 and 37 421 are now in storage at Landore along with 10 x Mk2s. Today saw 418 fired up as part of it's weekly exam And 421 arriving light engine from Derby. Locos & coaches being kept in readiness should they be required back in service for TfW, although in the present climate, this is unlikely.
  10. Had 3 different spells at Ayr TMD at the start of my career, from YTS kid, then GPR Technical Clerk and finally Chief Clerk within the space of 5 years. So I ended up being in charge of the very people who had bossed me around when I was the YTS kid
  11. The same unit arriving at Swansea Landore for repainting last December, with one of Allelys finest steering the trailer.
  12. Are you me? 35 years away from the hobby and living in North Wales (Buckley - but currently on secondment in Swansea) Been dabling for a few years now but boy, has the world moved on since the 1980's !
  13. So looking forward to the Northern units
  14. Took a pic of their stand last year for reference, as I'll be looking for baseboards at some point.
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