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    Railways in 1:76 and 1:1 scales. Grew up in a world of model railways as Dad was in clubs and was the treasurer of the AMRSS for many years.

    Now age 50+ embarking on building my own layout and getting to grips slowly with the huge advancement in technology in the intervening 35 years since I last 'played trains'.

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  1. Fixed that for you Roll on Glasgow !
  2. In the same boat. I had 10 of the class 26's when the did the new batch a couple of years ago. Prior to them being released they were going for silly money on eBay so I got one of each and 3 of the coal sector. Want a few of these 27's but will need to pick up piecemeal over the year as got to many other commitments right now.
  3. Really hope this project goes ahead. Sold my Hornby Battle of Britain livery a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of the Cavalex models being released. Will be after said Battle of Britain and For the Fallen as display models and the Flying Scotsman and full take of Mk4 to run. Was told at Warley that the new liveries would be on the website early December. Been checking frequently but not listed yet. So if there are others like me wanting these special liveries, then that's a lot of people who are interested in buying models but have not been able to order/express interest on the website yet.
  4. Sure. What scale bread and do you want the milk analogue or DCC ?
  5. They had about half a dozen or so when I was there last night. At a gondola end next to the checkouts and I saw it and for that price, well, crazy to pass up on it. Always handy to have a cheapo controller if nothing else. This was the big Asda superstore in Swansea. Dare say other stores will be offloading their Xmas stock. I only went in for bread and milk
  6. I started a temporary secondment yesterday in Swansea and have rented a flat for 6 months. Went to Asda this evening to stock up on essentials and got myself the Hornby Freightmaster set for £18.75 So in less than 24 hours in my new abode I have a fully working model railway Actually, not as daft a purchase as it seems as it allows me to have a test track down here for any locos I purchase while I'm living away from home.
  7. Wow, what a list. Was desperate for Bachmann to do the Malcolm class 90, but I see Hornby are doing it. They're also doing the Malcolm 66's, again, I'd have preferred Bachmann or even Hattons. The Scottish Azuma would appeal but only if it was the full 9 cars. Some range though and I no doubt shall be purchasing a fair few items.
  8. I recall back in the 80's or early 90's there was a model of Queen Street on the exhibition circuit. Bishopton Club springs to mind from some dark recess of my brain. It had the start of the roof on each side but was then just the girders to allow access/viewing. Definitely recall seeing it a few times, probably at Model Rail Scotland and or Ayr, Paisley or Cathcart shows that I used to go to with my Dad.
  9. Ambitious!! Will follow with interest
  10. Picked up my ticket for the show when I was at Warley. Will be in the queue on the Friday morning
  11. Hi, me again with your annual reminder that the Lidl cabinets will be in store from 15th December. Price held from last year at £49.99.
  12. Compared to most modellers, I'm fortunate to have an abundance of model shops within an hours drive of home. I suppose my closest is Chester Model Centre (6 miles) and while I have been there, I've not been for a few years as the last time they had cut back on their model railways in favour of kits and stuff. I've walked past several times now when in Chester without venturing in. Rhuddlan Models and Hippo Toys (Colwyn Bay) are local along with a place in Rhyl, but I now drive over the bridge to Widnes Model Centre. £4 toll fee is equivalent to what I'd pay for postage. There's another place in Widnes I've been but I wouldn't call it a model shop. It's just a counter attached to a warehouse! Also used to visit Trident Trains a lot when I was working in Crewe. That would leave Haslington Models just outside Crewe as the only local (to work) shop that I've not visited.
  13. From the Dapol Facebook page. Get those expressions of interest in !!!
  14. Thank goodness!. Those cliches are rapidly overtaking the bus on the bridge followed by a wedding/funeral at any church or a new one I've noticed since Peco released the figures, a cricket game taking place!.
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