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    Railways in 1:76 and 1:1 scales. Grew up in a world of model railways as Dad was in clubs and was the treasurer of the AMRSS for many years.

    Now age 50+ embarking on building my own layout and getting to grips slowly with the huge advancement in technology in the intervening 35 years since I last 'played trains'.

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  1. As a new subscriber in the past year, I too would love to have a search facility. Would be very useful for articles, reviews and features. My other thing is layout names. I'm as bad with them as I am with people's faces. I can remember seeing a featured layout, but the 'name' never registers with me so trying to find the layout again is near impossible!
  2. Got an email this morning confirming my place at Llangollen for the members day. Just a couple of miles down the road from me so at least I can have a lie in
  3. Many a true word is spoken in jest Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gellico/48037500526/
  4. You'll be needing a class 66 then ... (not my pic. Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gellico/48037500526/ )
  5. Yup. This sums it up perfectly for me. I put down £150 for the Class 92 (5 x £30) and £250 for the APT. Over the past year or so I started telling myself that should the oft quoted imminent 2nd Invoice arrived, that I was probably going to bail out. I had lost all confidence in DJM being able to deliver. Am I happy at losing £400 ?. Not really, but I'm a whole lot happier in the knowledge that I am saved from spending considerably more and throwing good money after bad. As Colin says, that money was spent along time ago and was budgeted for at that time. In a small perverse way, I'm comforted that the decision was taken out of my hands. It wouldn't have been a nice feeling if I (and others) bailed which then became the cause of the company failing or others losing money. The fact that the company has folded prior to those 2nd invoice requests is a small personal comfort.
  6. Picked up my 3 on Thursday. Stunning models. Well worth the wait.
  7. lol. So if 4 people drop out can I have one for free ! Bit like the old gag about engines failing on a Boeing 747 "If another one fails, we'll be up here all night"
  8. But would he be using his own tools, or do they belong to the householder? And what about the design of the mowed lawn?. Does the IP stay with DJM who cut the grass or the householder whose lawn it is?
  9. As I see it, DJM has spent the money it has already received from crowd funders and the Piggy Bank is dry. Models can’t proceed until he gets funds, i.e. customers pay their next instalment A sizeable number of customers have decided they’ve had enough and already have - or will - bail out. The above will play out in a continuous vicious cycle For those who have walked, what options for redress? Ask for a refund – I refer you to 1 above Seek legal action This last option remains real, especially if a small group got together to apply to bring the claim as a Group litigation Order ( a class action). However, that would cost the Claimants money and there is no guarantee of success. In any event, even if they Won a case, I refer you again to point number 1 above. There is no point suing someone who does not have the money to pay your compensation. So what else? The disgruntled crowd funders could petition to have his business wound up and even see him barred from being a company director for up to 15 years. https://www.gov.uk/company-director-disqualification Reading this thread, there is a spectrum upon which the crowd-funders sit: Some have already accepted that their investment has gone down the drain and they have no chance of seeing their money - or a model - again Others have said they want to stay on-board out of loyalty As time drags on (3 years and counting), the former will rapidly take over the latter. In the absence of any dramatic input of funds, then I think either DJM will either dissolve his business or, that decision will be taken for him. Either way – There are NO winners here Just my tuppence worth.
  10. Having read 'the announcement', I can only assume it is an April Fools joke, and being typically DJM, has arrived 1 month late. In my view he has completely lost the plot. While for myself, I accept that I have now lost my money. In September 2016 I put down £150 as deposits for 5 x Class 92's. In November 2017 I paid £250 as the first installment for an APT. Shortly thereafter we became aware of the issues with his business which have been widely commented on since. "A fool and his money are easily parted". I do not expect any sympathy and with a bit more due-diligence would have steered clear. However, being new to the hobby I got caught up in the hype that I could get something new/unique and it was an 'order now or you will forever lose out' scenario with published deadlines in place. Of course, only later did we realise that such deadlines were open-ended / extended and never came to fruition. Oh well, £400 down the drain but I will console myself with the fact that there will be no 2nd, 3rd or 4th installments that I'll need to stump up for. Now then, is there still time to order an Accurascale Class 92 ...
  11. Postie arrived today. Game of Jenga anyone ... Not had a chance to get them out the box. That'll have to wait until next weekend. Sadly then they'll be packed away until after a forthcoming house move.
  12. Fixed that for you ! Unbelievable impact these guys have made on the UK scene in just over a year. They Promise, Then Deliver.
  13. Got 5 of these units now either delivered or on order, and will be expanding the fleet further with the Strathclyde and Northern units. Easily the best models in my collection.
  14. Looking forward to watching the new layout come to life.
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