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  1. Details on their catalogue page here http://www.Dapol.co.uk/Catalogue/16/index.html
  2. Just had this video come up as a suggestion on Youtube - about the new station at Winslow
  3. South Western Railways have officially confirmed on twitter
  4. Hi. It’s unusual to see many trains on the Welsh Highland Railway, normally one or two passenger trains a day. It was nice therefore to see a more intensive and varied timetable run yesterday with both the K1 and NGG16 Garratts in actions on both passenger & freight trains. I have collated a couple of videos which may be of interest. Firstly filmed at Rhyd Ddu and Waunfawr And secondly (from a slightly different perspective !) footage take at Caernarfon and along the route towards Dinas Thoughts and feedback appreciated?
  5. A couple of shots a Mursley yesterday. Not much change with the bridge although the large pipe to the left has now been buried Looking into the distance, materials have now appeared to improve the drainage as has been mentioned before
  6. A shot taken yesterday at Winslow at the site of the new station which is to be built
  7. I agree. Dapol have put up a head on shot on twitter here:
  8. Photos of the first EP are now on the Dapol website https://www.Dapol.co.uk/O-Gauge-Class-66-Engineering-Prototype-Under-Review
  9. Interesting, looking forward to seeing progress. What I like especially is that the track isn't parallel with the board edges
  10. Catching the train at Settle. Smart inside and out
  11. A couple more pictures taken today. Firstly showing the new bridge near Mursley with the walls now looking complete. Secondly a shot showing work on a pipeline behind one of the wall and which will be under the re-routed road once complete
  12. The 16mm association Garden Railway Show is going ahead at Peterborough this Saturday which must be one of the first shows to be put on? Although primarily for the benefit of members, and for the AGM, it is open to all although Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance. Details here: https://www.nationalgardenrailwayshow.org.uk/2021-show/
  13. A picture showing progress on the new Salden Lane bridge near Mursley. Looks like it would be fit to carry a motorway despite the lane only seeing the odd vehicle and horse each day!
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