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  1. White would be for audio. The monitor will have speakers but not used on vehicles Safe to just tie it up and ignore it
  2. Can’t see what todays reduction on the Rails site is ( no advent banner appears for me) but they have today reduced the O gauge Hejlan class 05 shunters by another £10 so they are down to £165 now https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/2687/Heljan-o-gauge-class-05-shunters
  3. The show, and more specifically Market Deeping club with their layout, have just been on Anglia News. Some good advertising for the show Looking forward to visiting tomorrow and hoping to be there for breakfast
  4. DDC Supplies have reduced the price during December of some of their special commissions from Dapol - O gauge Maroon Jinty, NCB Pannier, Guinness 08 etc https://www.dccsupplies.com/cat-999999/special-commissions.htm
  5. Hornby & Bachmann do not ask customer to finance models by paying up front so not a fair comparison. Those that do such as RevolutioN do try and communicate throughout the development of their models, it seems to be appreciated and they are applauded for it
  6. Although more of our rubbish these days can be put in the recycling bin, my concern is whether it actually gets recycled https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/aug/17/plastic-recycling-myth-what-really-happens-your-rubbish I do think all manufactures should look at packaging, how to minimize it and make it as easily recyclable as possible
  7. Finally, I can cross ‘appear in BRM’ off my bucket list. (It is only my hand and phone though) Good to see the write up on the Pendon visit as it was a brilliant day. When you factor in the free entry, lunch, tea & biscuits throughout the day, the afternoon scenery workshop, seeing behind the scenes / how it works, & access to photograph & view the vale scene with the screens down - to me it was worth a years subscription to Gold on its own
  8. A bit more info here https://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/kd52sc/chris-tarrant-extreme-railway-journeys--s6-e1-chris-tarrant-railways-of-the-somme/
  9. Just a heads up another new series starts tomorrow, 25th November, 9pm Channel 5 - “Railways of the Somme” The second episode on Monday 2nd December is ‘Last train to Transylvania” Details here: https://www.channel5.com/show/chris-tarrant-extreme-railway-journeys/
  10. They do look good but are the samples on show motorised and has anyone seen one move? One of the main concerns was the design of the drive system which different numbers of gears driving each axle?
  11. This link might work to their facebook page? https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2795768407152674&id=178273575568850&set=a.320946651301541&source=54&refid=13&ref=page_internal&__tn__=%2B%3D
  12. Except iphones are not like 'my first phone', perhaps why we missed the 'joke'
  13. Dapol announced a class 122 Bubble car March 2018 and from what people have ascertained recently they are in production now - that will be less than 2 years from announcement to delivery It is Heljan who made the class 128 parcels car, they announced a class 121 Sept 2016 ish
  14. More details here https://www.Dapol.co.uk/O-Gauge-Class-66 THE suggested £325 price certainly seems competitive Plenty of scope for Rails etc to commission some other liveries
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