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  1. Catching the train at Settle. Smart inside and out
  2. A couple more pictures taken today. Firstly showing the new bridge near Mursley with the walls now looking complete. Secondly a shot showing work on a pipeline behind one of the wall and which will be under the re-routed road once complete
  3. The 16mm association Garden Railway Show is going ahead at Peterborough this Saturday which must be one of the first shows to be put on? Although primarily for the benefit of members, and for the AGM, it is open to all although Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance. Details here: https://www.nationalgardenrailwayshow.org.uk/2021-show/
  4. A picture showing progress on the new Salden Lane bridge near Mursley. Looks like it would be fit to carry a motorway despite the lane only seeing the odd vehicle and horse each day!
  5. If they are iPhone clips have you tried using iMovie software. It is provided free on iPhones although I think versions on ipads and macs have a few more features. Very easy and quick to use
  6. Another cycle ride out today. Firstly the Station Road bridge near Mursley showing the new brickwork thats been completed Next the site of the new station to be built at Winslow Next one of the bridges carrying the railway over Verney Road west of Winslow And finally at Verney Junction looking west
  7. A couple of pictures I took today while out on the bike. The rather characterful old bridge is on Salden Lane near Mursley. Looks like they are building a new bridge judging by the ground works and new foundations?
  8. Although it could have perhaps been more tactfully phased, the point is that buyers were giving their money to someone totally unknown in another country. That raised questions about what rights buyers therefore have and what protections there are if something had gone wrong It does seem a shame that this happens every few weeks, KRModels making an ill judged comment which causes arguments and animosity.
  9. Great news, will put some dates in the diary. The other 40 years thread, with photos of how its developed, has certainly piqued my interest
  10. Bachmann changed at the beginning of 2020 to making quarterly announcements saying “ the new products featured will all be released within three months of announcement.” - so not ages away http://news.Bachmann.co.uk/2020/01/a-new-era-dawns-for-Bachmann-europe/
  11. First hand experience at work is that the date of payment is not considered, all that seems to matter is the date an item is exported and crosses the border The third story on this BBC new item today is an example of someone receiving a gift after 1/1/21 because it was delayed and incurring charges https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55752541
  12. In the US Bachmann are having a Thomas and Friends virtual event on 18th Feb with updates and announcements as confirmed here Of interest as Bachmann have now started to introduce the OO range in the UK
  13. Looks like this weeks new episode in Kenya was quite exciting to make! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9007881/Chris-Tarrant-reveals-thrown-prison-cell-Kenya.html
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