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  1. Anyone know what this odd freight service from Wembley to Southport is tomorrow ? http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/search/advanced/SOP/2018/12/07/0000-2359?stp=WVS&show=non-passenger&order=wtt See bottom of the page there.
  2. It's kind of non-railway modelling! Been making these for a few people who liked my own that I built. This is the very first I built. 2/3 size of the original.
  3. With the exception of Lime St and Walton on the Hill I'm not aware of any of those other layouts! Aintree Central. I'd like to see that! Who has made that and has it been exhibited?
  4. Great models! I do hope you get around to building a full layout on Ormskirk as it is a part of the world much neglected by railway modellers. For some reason the railways of Liverpool and North Merseyside have been neglected for modelling and I've always been at a loss to understand why. Always thought Rainford Junction would make a great club layout too .I'd actually join a local club on the basis of them building that!
  5. No 2 And there is this at a out of the way location at an old 'Gare' deep in a forest 47 52 55 62 N 1 16 14 61 W Some private preservation going on by the looks of.
  6. A place A place called Vendome , the line east of here goes to Cloyes sur la loire
  7. No 1 ! I came across this on Google Earth. It is a French location. There seems to be a shunt manoeuvre going on past the L.C gates but there is no loco in sight! (Nor was there in the whole area before the picture was cropped) There doesn't seem to be a loco at either end of the train and I'm sure it's a not a very long DMU or EMU unit. They look like freight vehicles to me . It seems odd. Surely it's not being moved by gravity either, not this day and age surely? Any thoughts?
  8. My fascination with closed French lines continues unabated, so thought it would be fun to put the rails back in places. So with the help of TRAINZ and GIMP here we have the area around l' etre aux fourmis with how it looks now i.e the old trackbed is now a cycleway(?) , and how it would have looked when still a railway.
  9. Great layout! Is that John Betjeman walking down your street there? He's probably making a doc for BBC about the delights of travel by train!
  10. There was for many a long year. in the yard at St Helens Shaw St an ex Midland Railway (Midland not LMS) box van of a ridiculous old vintage. Might have it on a pic somewhere. I think it eventually got cut up. There was also some very old freight stock ( can't remember details) in the old BICC sidings at Prescot. Still there in the mid 80's for sure. Len
  11. Just started to renumber a Bachman 'Crab' only to realise that the nearest size of the Modelmaster waterslide numbers (G201 set) are actually bigger than the numbers on the loco provided by Bachman. They appear, to my eye, to be the larger cabside Scottish region numbers that I think Scottish region locos ran with for a while . Any thoughts from anyone on this? Len
  12. Fantastic work and I can't believe no one else has said so before me!
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