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  1. Looking at your proposed plan, I'm wondering what purpose having two loops serves. I think you can remove one of them - the central one is my current favourite - and retain all the operational felxibility of the scheme. This would have the added benefit of opening up space to ease some of the curves a little. Just some thoughts - and worth at least as much as you've paid for them.
  2. This should be interesting. My only concern is that 4'x3' boards might prove a bit unwieldy, even if the intended method of construction should be pretty lightweight. As to how much will fit in the space - I have no real concept of just how big G1 is. I know the scale, but exactly how that translates into 3 dimensions is proving hard for me to get my head around.
  3. Not dead, but resting! Seriously, where does the time go? Anyway, this one's not been abandoned completely; in fact, there has been progress today. I have started chopping up a Kibri factory kit to provide a background building. Pictures to follow when there's something worth seeing.
  4. Your buildings look great, Mike but ... I'm wondering whether there might be too many foreground buildings? Looking at your photo's, most of your trackwork is hidden behind them. This is in contrast to reely Grate, where the yard area is quite open and visible. Just a thought, and worth the full amount on the price-tag.
  5. Progress at last - it's wired and it works. Now I need to wax the runners for the traverser to smooth its action, then I can get on with the scenics ... First thing will be to put in cosmetic sleepers between the PCB ones, then ballasting etc.
  6. Thanks Christian. I'm happy to oblige with pictures of the completed board. First, a view of the underneath, showing the sandwich construction of the foamcore girders: (Please excuse the visible clutter; the traverser goes in that space) Then a view showing the runners for the traverser: and a couple of shots of the traverser itself: Like I said in my last post, the trackwork is handmade from code 75 flat-bottom rail on copperclad (pcb) sleepers. I finished that yesterday - inlcuding gapping the copperclad to isolate the rails from each other. Here are s
  7. As mentioned in the first post, the baseboard for this micro has been constructed from 5mm foamcore board. I used the Barry Norman beam girders approach; two full length pieces of foamcore board - in this case 33" long and 4" deep are glued together with a number of spacers to make a beam that is strong, light and twist-free. This was repeated for the other long edge, then a number of crossbeams of similar construction were used to provide a frame for the baseboard surface. The traverser bed was constructed similarly using 2" deep beams. Another pair of full-height supporting beams was con
  8. Watching this one carefully, Mike. That crossing keeper's cottage is lovely; of course, now you've made a model of it, everybody will want one. I've also actually started my Reely Grate/Moxley Heath rip-off reinterpretation in P4. SWMBO says I have to finish it (unlike all my prevoius layout attempts) ... so no pressure.
  9. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... Well, it's been a long time anyway. Real life, serious illness, and a subsequent modelling funk mean that I've done very little model making of any kind for a couple of years. However, recently my modelling mojo made a reappearance. Rather than take on anything too ambitious, I've decided to build a layout that will fit the criteria for the Carl Arendt Challenge. Like many others, I gained a huge amount of inspiration from browsing Carl's site - and still do on occasion. Another source of inspriation has been Jim Read's Moxley Heath and Moxley
  10. There was a preview of Coldharbour Lane in the March 1998 RM; I believe a full article followed in April that year, although I don't have that issue.
  11. Looking reely grate, Mike. I've enjoyed watching this layout develop.
  12. Following this with interest, Jim. Is there any progress on the layout - or has the recent hot weather resulted in delays?
  13. Jim I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading through this thread several times recently, and am now seriously considering something similar in P4. I've spent a happy hour or so building a model of the model to get some idea of what it might look like.
  14. I'm considering something similar in P4, mainly to keep my hand in while I'm not in a position to consider anything more ambitious. Of course, the need for somewhat more generous curves means that the overall length isn't reduced by much; I reckon it will be doable in 4 feet by 12 to 16 inches, maybe a little less.
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