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  1. That's some lovely modelling, Paul, It's just a shame that your clock doesn't match the time on the Jubilee Sidings. Shame, and all that work, too.
  2. Well Paul, that certainly beats my control panel. Looking forward operating that one! PS - why have you never shown me that?!?!?
  3. Some top workmanship there mate, cracking job! Time for some track....... Cheers Andy.
  4. What Cobbler said....... Nice one Mr. F. Cheers, Andy.
  5. I can't really un-invite someone, Dave, especially Mr. Wade! I'd never get to take my layouts to DEMU then, would I? Invite de/un-revoked? Oh great one, please forgive me. Cheers, Andy. x
  6. After reading the nasty, insulting, vindictive comments written about me in the latest Tonbridge West Yard News, Mr. Wide's Redhill Up Yard has had it's invite to the Mountsorrel show revoked and he is now only welcome at the event to bring his mate's layout, "Stratton". Cheers, Andy
  7. I'm hoping that this layout from the esteemed and universally accredited modeller, Mr. Wide, will draw many, many 10s of people, as it makes it's debut in a completed (It bl**dy better be!) form at the 1st Ivanhoe MRS Exhibition at Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, on the 13th and 14th of April 2019. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/calendar/event/2041-mountsorrail-2019/ Buildings are looking great, Paul - Here's to 30 years of Redhill Up Yard! Apologise for hijacking thread, blatant plug for exhibition, etc, etc...... Cheers, Andy.
  8. We could have done with this advice when we were discussing your plans a couple of weeks back, Carl, although I'm not quite sure who this "Lyddrail" bloke is, nor his authority on matters regarding TWY. Your plan looks sound - It must be, it's had the Farmer Seal of Approval! (Still think you should lay the junction for Sevenoaks though - "Track can be scenery too!" Cheers, Andy.
  9. Melton Junction Ground frame which gives access from the Up Peterborough to the Up and Down Asfordby, leading to the Old Dalby Test Track, has a ground signal (#4) which is cleared for this very purpose. The move it signals is from the Up Main (Down direction) to the branch but is cleared to confirm that the point and its associated trap is set for the reverse move, too. I'll snap a couple of shots on Wednesday if anyone is interested.# Cheers, Andy.
  10. Well done, Clive! Just make sure you stick to the competition's rules! Good luck! Cheers, Andy.
  11. Hello Paul. I have picked up one model bus, but I can't remember what it is. The layout (http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/122093-sheppey-steel-p4-isle-of-sheppey-steel-works-circa-1990/) is currently in storage along with its associated stock whilst I help my dad to finish off his layout. Route-wise, I was looking for whichever numbers might have passed through Queenborough, specifically using Ramsgate Road (if any did). Its just something else to locate the layout really so is not vital, but it would be nice. Many thanks for taking the time to reply with the info on the society, I'll give it a try. Cheers, Andy.
  12. I suppose I could come and help/sit on my backside talking crap and eating cake all weekend. Yeah, why not? I might even bring some wagons. Also in the micro layout section, Dave T's Friday Bridge! How could you forget? Should be a cracking weekend with three nice layouts to play with and a good group of chaps to take the p*** out of. Looking forward to it. Cheers, Andy.
  13. Beautiful layout, Steve. I cant wait to see it again. Where are you next? Cheers, Andy.
  14. As a regular visitor, I think this years' TINGS didn't quite live up to my expectations from previous shows, although, I must say that I still rate it as an excellent event, where I always thoroughly enjoy myself. From the vantage point of the mezzanine restaurant, stuffing my face with an obligatory Full English, the hall appeared very sparsely populated in terms of trade stands and layouts, with the aisles being fewer and very wide, however, later on, this did have the advantage of making navigation of the show very easy, and I didn't get "Rucksacked" once! Apart from the previously mentioned tool and book stands, I can't put my finger on anything that was particularly lacking. Maybe traders are having smaller stands, or are layouts getting smaller? (I think the layout count was still up there compared to previous shows) It must be very difficult to keep an event of this size full of new layouts, especially when it is focused on a smaller section of the hobby as a whole, so I think the small number of layouts which were repeat visitors was forgivable - Us N-Gaugers need to pull our fingers out and build some more layouts! (Just so you know I'm not being hypercritical , The Ivanhoe MRS will hopefully be attending from next year, as we have a number of N Gauge layouts which have yet to visit TINGS!) All in all, apart from once again missing out on an NGS KSA (I'm not bitter in the slightest), I will still recommend the show and look forward to supporting the TINGS Team next year (hopefully as an exhibitor). Thanks to the organising team and the exhibitors/traders for yet another enjoyable day out. Cheers, Andy.
  15. Good morning Robert, I, along with four others from the Ivanhoe MRS, will be attending TINGS on the Sunday. I have purchased advanced tickets to ease entry and have read that you must print them out. Last year, I just showed the PDF on my phone to the person on the door and there was no problem. Will this still be the case this year? I don't want to have to pay for all five people again because I've made a mistake - Got trains to buy you see! Relating to an afore mentioned post, we've got an O Gauge modeller tagging along with us this year - Maybe another convert? Looking forward to the show. Cheers, Andy.
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