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  1. Should have gone the other way. My train to Exeter was an on time arrival. Although I did wonder heather there was a challenge on to work out how many up services NR could fit into the section between Honiton and Yeovil. Ian ( who spent the day riding up the Dawlish sea wall rather than Warley)
  2. GWR are intending to keep some shortened sets for Cardiff - Taunton and Exeter/Plymouth - Penzance services although the exact number keeps changing.
  3. I know that similar forums get very exercised about the relationships of windows to seats but I do wonder whether those who wish to look out of the window are a diminishing proportion of the travelling public since an increasing number of travellers on the trains I travel on seem to be glued to some electronic device, reading a book or simply asleep.
  4. Second that - and nice to drive home in sunshine.
  5. I was a reasonably regular spotter at Cardiff during the 1970s and can't recall seeing a 50 in South Wales - it wasn't really until the 1980s that they began to appear.
  6. A tradition which lingered on into the 1980s and NSE.
  7. Very enjoyable day. I spent most of it chatting to folk around Colston Cross but very impressed with the quality and variety of the other layouts. Thanks to all at TRAC for organising it. We learned a lot today and hopefully this will be reflected in the changes and improvements we make to Colston Cross.
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