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  1. This layout does remind me somewhat of Oxted Although the bay at Oxted is for trains in the down direction toward Uckfield/East Grinstead so it's the wrong way round and of course the line doesn't single at the station. On top of this the area does still have a transition to unelectrified for the Uckfield branch For as bit of inspiration and maybe if someone has got a historic signalling plan showing the arrangements as they were in the 1960's , this could provide some signalling hints Have a google map view of Oxted station and you'l see what I'm talking about If I have a track plan I'll post it Mike
  2. Hi ES2035 is for the wrong direction signalled move to Halesworth ES2047, in the days of RETB everything was bi di, you could send trains in any direction on any line! To offer flexibility the UP line was signalled for bi di working between Saxmundham and Halesworth. You'll note there's also a random Stop board at Woodbridge, ES2013, this was to allow wrong road working from Westerfield, not quite sure how how this was going to be signalled as the 2 routes from Westerfield (signal number escapes me CO6XX) are for the DN ESK and the DN FLS only. I will get some photos uploaded at some stage. Mike
  3. Hi guys amazed I hadn't read this string before, East Suffolk was my project! As for VMS, there have been comments that they are too bright, we installed a couple as points indicators at Beccles pending the final commissioning, came back during that work early in the morning from lodging at Lowestoft, went across Beccles bypass and thought there was a second sun rising! As for lightness, yes very light. Holes in the front, well apparently they are all "self cleaning" if you read the blurb from the manufacturer, as for snow, we had lots recently including the "wrong type of snow" and I haven't heard anything bad (yet). Changeover is via plug couplers. As for leaks, I haven't come across this one yet ~ welds that foul the hinge mechanism and stripped threads on the stainless bolts that connect the aluminium post to the steel base are the ones that I have witnessed. So why did we install them? At the time the decision was made there was a big push to have lightweight signals from Network Rail, and at that moment in time VMS were the only approved product, the GRP Dorman versions only had trial certification. The Hydro Kinetic points operating equipment, this all went to Scotland and the existing points on East Suffolk were changed to HW operation (Beccles is IBCL) The project as a whole was heavily reliant on the Fixed Telecoms fibre Network (FTN) being in place, there are basically small islands of signalling equipment along the line of route. It's ironic that these islands nearly replicate the areas controlled by the local signalboxes prior to RETB! This project might also be one of the last to roll out conventional SSI instead of more modern signalling systems such as "Smartlock", again at the time this type equipment was not available to us, and because of the ridiculously tight timescales we were working to we needed something with a proven track record that was readily available. I do love the fact that I was part of the project that installed 500m of new railway in East Anglia at Beccles and doubled the train service to that end of the world (shouldn't have taken it all out in the 1980's if you ask me!) The whole project was less than £12M (contractors price - last time I looked) which isn't bad for the resignalling of 45 miles of railway, a new passing loop and a new control centre, not to mention it's been relatively reliable (I won't mention Ely - Thetford - Norwich as a comparison ~ ooops, I just did) I'll get some photos uploaded when I get a chance. Mike
  4. Theres a couple of photos of D61XX's from East Suffolk, one is on the Framlingham branch and the other is shunting at Saxmundham, can't remember what books they are in though! I'm certain they would have got to Lowestoft, the above would give a good enough reason. Mike
  5. We ordered a stack of 95lB BH for a project recently, stuff was so new it was actually silver (as opposed to the normal rusty orange/red that you see rails normally coloured) complete with TATA branding. If you want to go a step more exotic Oulton Broad still sports some 98lB Flatbottom in places, looks VERY odd! Mike
  6. Ipswich freightliner depot (near to platform 4) has a set of points that have FB switch & stocks grafted on to BH crossing nose and turnout! Was going to get round to modelling this at some stage. Mike
  7. There is a rare example at Kew East that's going to be consigned to history in the next few weeks, not sure what company made it. Old photos I've seen tell me that the NLL used to be littered with them. The post has got to be 15 - 20m tall, and it used to have a co acting sigal so drivers could see the signal over the north circular rd, in addition I believe it's a split home signal AND a split distant for New Kew and Old Kew junctions. Not too many people know about it as the line is generally freight only (Anglia used to have that funny Colchester to Farnbrough(?) run) Mike
  8. Hey If Dapol can upscale the N 73 to OO when are they going to do the same with their 86? Bring it on........ Mike
  9. Ok, looked like something random. Was pulling out of platform 3 in a hurry when I caught a glimpse of it. Why/who has repainted the 67? Mike
  10. Hi guys not sure if anyone else has seen this, but I'll swear blind there was a blue class 60 at Doncaster today. And I'm not takling about the teenage cancer one. From a distance this looked very much like the livery the class 50's had right at the end of their careers (Thunderer was one), I'm talking small yellow warning panels and a grey roof. Can anyone else confirm this or am I loosing the plot? Mike
  11. Hi the last surviving 306 now resides at the East Anglian railway museum, took me by suprise seeing it there at the weekend. Although they were hacked about a bit in the early 1960's to make them into 25kv EMU's, I think the basic 1500v original 306 is still recognisable. As far as I understand the 306's and 506's had many similarities. Mike
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