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    Evesham, Worcestershire
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    Western Region in the late sixties/early seventies as it reminds me of watching the trains go by out of the windows at school when living near Reading.
    Currently building a 7mm layout based on Evesham Station "between the bridges" which is a hybrid of the old Midland Station layout and the GWR buildings in the garage with a return loop in the garden based around 1970(ish) so that I can run blue and green diesels.
  1. Try Antics they keep a good stock of O gauge and are based in Stroud/Stonehouse with shops in the southwest.
  2. I too purchased the kit thinking it was an easy introduction to making a DJH type kit as I have a tower warship to attack if and when I ever get the Class 14 finished. I have greatly enjoyed this thread and now will have to make the handrail alteration as it greatly improves the look of the bonnets - so thank you for the added time to achieve a completed model!!!!! As a newcomer to the RM Web I will endeavour to some pictures of progress if I can work out how to do it.
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