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  1. Central Trains Green would be sweet.
  2. Only just discovered this scheme, looks to be great value, though I do have to ask, are future magazines sent to us in paper or digital format? Should it be digital then that would be the only thing stopping me from signing up, unless theres an option to receive paper format? I'm just between jobs at the moment, so once i'm sorted out i'll get a subscription sorted subject to the above clarification.
  3. I've been away from the whole DJM threads for a while, just skim reading the last few pages of this thread - are we now saying that you can claim for debit card refunds? I'm not going to worry if we can't.
  4. srihaggis

    DJM, the end.

    I have attempted to refrain from commenting, however despite many of us [potentially] loosing money (my self included), I would still thank Dave for his efforts to try and get the market something that we all wanted, and that was detailed models. Looking to the future, I don't think I would invest in crowd funding again - DJM was a stab in the dark for me having never done anything like this historically, but I doubt I'd do it again for any product. I'd sooner see a product on the table, available for me to buy and take away, or at the very least in the same way the APT-E came via Locomtion: Deposit to secure and then balance pre-delivery. That worked very well and was delivered. Ok, not on time but it was worth the wait. I hope good things come out of this, and wish everyone affected the best for the future - I'm sure nobody would have wanted this.
  5. Having just checked my invoice (I was never refunded any funds to pay back via the new method), there are x5 References to DJM, the DJM logo, website address and his name as "David" rather than Dave, on the Paypal Invoice. This was paid on the 5th October 2016. "You'll see "PAYPAL *DJMODELSLTD" on your card statement." was also stated. Fortunately for me I only paid £30 and I won't loose any sleep over it, therefore won't be chasing it up, but the above info may help clarify how he 'billed' people.
  6. Dare I ask if anyone "Actually" knows what the latest is with this project?
  7. As someone who has taken a first dabble into crowdfunding, I wish to see this product come to fruition. The announcement must be a disappointment for DJM however the way I am looking at it, is that DJM have produced powered models that run well (certainly the ones I've bought are anyway). We are yet to experience the opposition's running quality of a powered model.
  8. Just come on here to say that - I ordered some yesterday morning when they showed as more than 10 in stock. Got email confirmation and I then checked stock level in the afternoon and it still said more than 10 in stock, so looks to have been a surge in orders - I think Hattons put a marketing thing out on Facebook in the afternoon so may have had something to do with it.
  9. Yes that's correct. So basically you are able to control lighting as follows: - Saloon + 1 side of the luggage van end - guards comp - remaining side of the luggage end
  10. I ordered an Arriva DVT from a local model shop whom I always generally pre-order from (This was during Hornby's supply farce), said DVT started appearing online at some retailers but quickly disappeared, my retailer kept saying still waiting for delivery, and as soon as the box shifters started to show no stock, I quicky looked on eBay and there was 1 shop on there (Chester model centre) selling them at retail, so I grabbed one. Eventually my original retailer rang me about a month later to say they won't be getting any, so based on this experience, if it's available somewhere else, buy it or risk loosing it.
  11. This might have been covered already but I've just been looking at my collection of mk2 wiring schematics and the lighting in the bso/dbso is technically wrong. When the saloon lights come on, 50% of the van end lighting should also (as a means for passengers to walk past the cage and into the next coach). The other 50% is a manual switch to light the cage side. The guards comp is the only part to be completely independent of the rest, and shouldn't control both the guard comp and van end together.
  12. Has anybody considered the visual difference between painting on plastic to a steel body of the real thing, thus requiring some tweaks to make it look correct on plastic? I'm going to buy some but they'll be weathered so hoping it'll be enough to hide the differences.
  13. srihaggis

    DJM Forum

    as someone who has put cash your way, with no responses to any emails, I'd say you are struggling to keep up to date with what you already have going on without having the added bonus of even more stuff to reply to. You have to ask your self the question, how have you survived without it? Do you need it to be able continue? Stick to what you know, make models. Let other facilities, eg RMW do the chatty chatty stuff.
  14. I'm not clued up fully but I thought you could have purchased it VAT Free being from NZ, and then just paid duty? Might be wrong. Just something I've read elsewhere on the forum about outside of EU shipping...
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