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  1. I agree, and I have not pre-ordered any until I can see one in the shop (though my local is no longer stocking Hattons...so...). I do not hold high hopes, seeing as the cab side windows on the low emission variants are still over-scale and the wi-pac light clusters on the original EWS/Freightliners are also over-scale - I just cannot find myself excited to buy these at all. Yeah they have some extra bits and bobs on the chassis - but the Bachmann take is by overall appearance more accurate to the prototype. I have said it before and I shall say it again, I just would not be at all surprised if Bachmann re-tooled the 66 at some point to offer through its 600 plus retailer network vs. Hatton's one and only. Seeing as there are annoying errors on the RHTT set, which has been consistently pointed out to Hatton's yet not addressed in batch 2. I just am a little 'meh' about the 66 and watching some overexcited Youtube just does not twist my arm to buy. You judge the pudding on the bite!
  2. I see, a poor use of the English language as by saying you ‘believe’ suggested you were in a position of informed knowledge, to which you are not. You mean “would like to see/wish for this...”.
  3. Awesome news, totally missed this one. Having looked at the flier and then onto RT website, I do not see any further information or pre-ordering mechanisms - stated as October? who Is the factory behind these, Rapido?
  4. Only, it would be an entirely new model as the AT-300 variant chosen for EMR by Rock Rail has 24m car bodies. Seems those wanting to model the MML have a history of being snookered by variation, Bachmann never tooled the difference from the 220/221 to allow a 222. You work for Wabtec Doncaster, Eversholt (ROSCO) or LNER then? I suspect not, as you would be breaking your contract to comment on a public forum. I am curious, what factual basis do you have to ‘believe’. My money is with Cavalex and I would encourage anyone wanting a high spec class 91 to get behind them too.
  5. Not a case of an issue getting it right, more so being who owns the 'official' CS 'brand' inc livery (Transport Scotland). Hence why the Hornby 67, 87 and 92 are all incorrect.
  6. Damn, excellent thought! A re-tooled class 165/166 would do rather nicely - missed off my list as it is not ultra detail. Utterly utterly utterly hate them on Portsmouth-Cardiff turns, didn't really like them in Reading. But they are essential modern unit which Bachmann (used to) do. Or looking at how things have gone, did. Saying that, the 165s wings shall spread further on delivery of the 769s and take over diagrams out of Exeter. (you'll note, in my list I missed the 220/221 too, as though I must have 7 or so Virgin Voyagers - I do not consider them to a modern standard as they lack DCC - though the tooling is not too bad - to my eye). As for the post about the 158/159 not lasting another 10 years / franchise cycle round...I think - actually I guarantee they shall out live the 220/221!
  7. The Stadler UKLight and UKDual platform share the same basic design, other than that, there are subtle if not significant differences left right and centre for any model. Certainly, the UKDual could potentially share near identical details, yet as different body side grill arrangements for an increased engine housing, batteries and larger fuel tanks are envisaged, this shall impact a model's business case for a livery (ROG) that has yet to prove any modelling demand (not that that would change). What has not been confirmed - as there are no forthcoming contract for the class 93 - is whether Stadler shall insist on their group standard cab design. Seeing as DRS/NDA have a royalty arrangement on the shape of the cab, there is no reason why any future UKLight or UKDual would pay royalties to look like the class 68/88 when it is the platform which has most of the approval work. Its a little grey of an area, but until the ink is dry on the contracts to order 10 class 93s, we just do not know for certain. Also, Beacon Rail has long been out of the picture as the financier and these locos are not yet ordered. I have always said the class 93 is nothing more than an ambition of ROG, if an order is ever placed - firstly - we need to see whether the Orion London Liverpool Street 'pallet' service is a success and then - secondly - pay attention to Stadler press announcements. I think in the short/medium term we have more chances of seeing a UKDual in a bo-bo arrangement (based on the EuroDual) for other FOCs once we know electrification plans for the long term future of the UK rail network. Until that (post Williams Review), no FOC shall be investing in new locomotives and instead re-conditioning existing traction as a short to medium stop-gap. (those who know things, know the previous InnoTrans was meant to feature such an order).
  8. Ah so nothing new to report since the Jan 2018 product update where this was advised. I would have liked to have thought the tooling could have been modified and the 150/2 with PRM blanked out loo's progressed by Warley 2019 some 1 year and 10/11 months on...
  9. I think you'll have more than 504 takers on a Malcolm 90! Really all Bachmann have now in terms of ultra detail modern products (ie 2010s) to focus on for 2020 are: 57s 90s 150s 158s 159s 170s 350s 450s Mk2F I think all others have been now taken by other manufacturers or reflect less than ultra detail (class 220/221). Surely this equals liveries galore in 2020??!!
  10. Anyone at Warley witness either the Northern or GWR 150/2?
  11. I am hoping the opposite for the class 158 in 2020. What would really please, is that in secret Bachmann have produced three or four additional liveries to be announced in the 2020/21 catalogue in early Jan and released in Feb/Mar with the current expected models. Of course, I am more than willing to wait for half a year-18 months for more liveries, but come on! Give me: Wessex Trains 'Alphaline' 158 First Great Western 'Local Lines' 158/9 (3-car) South Western Railway 'Stripes' 158 South West Trains (red doors) 159/0 South West Trains (orange doors) 159/1 Transport for Wales/Wales and Borders (white) 158 I am sure a Northern (Arriva) 'DfT Grey' 158 and a Scotrail (bubbles) 158 would be rather popular as these are current too. Plus, the comment up post..."What has happened to the GWR 150/2". I wonder that too! Perhaps for us patient lot shall be rewarded by a Wessex Trains 150/2 in 2020 :D:D:D:D
  12. We live in very different times I assure you, factories are very open to fairly small MOQ for different running numbers on the same livery batch. Numbers are after all, the final tampo print run. The base model, either wi-pac flush with horn grills on 606, 607, 608 & 609 or 401, 402, 407 & 409 in LL as examples represent just two model toolings and split into four number options for both liveries might easily surpass the customers final number choice for the MOQ. Long gone are the 1980s 20,000 in one livery and number, today is all about a few hundred of that and this. Just look at Hattons 66, you think they are doing a few thousand of each of the 37!
  13. 602 was stored at Eastleigh awaiting new wheel sets and overhauled generator. 606 is stored at Crewe awaiting new wheel sets. 609 is stored at Longtown after it had a minor meeting with some buffers in Crewe causing a derailment. It shall not be returning to the active fleet. (other 'active' DRS 37/6 - 605 is stored at Derby awaiting new wheel sets after a derailment). Second that on DRS Compass 607 & 608 in the second batch, these two (along with 610/611/612) in DRS days appeared to be the favourites for NR IM trains. Gotta admit, I am not too keen on 606 as she never seemed to do as much as her class mates (well appeared to me) and certainly I would have preferred 605 to 602 as she just appeared to go on and on and on and on - well until she left the rails! I've got 606, 608 and 609 in my checkout basket, I shall pre-order once we see what these 'several' other announcements are to do around 37s in the coming months. I have enough from the sale of my Bachmann 37s for five new 37s so if 407/424 in LL or 405/419 in Compass or 423 are announced, I shall have to drop a 37/6 or shake the piggy a little harder! Gosh if 37057 or 099 or 175/219 in Colas are announced, along with say 038/059/069 in DRS fade green I shall have to rob a bank! Sorry, as wonderful as this news is... these days we have come so accustomed to manufactures releasing a gallon of liveries and running numbers in the first few batches and thus the necessity to buy the one model in the one livery you want and then re-number has gone out of the window for me. I have re-numbered and wi-pac nosed up countless Bachmann 37s in DRS as they only released 405. The Accurascale 37/6 choice is well constrained unlike the Hattons 66s where I think I shall (subject to colours being correct) by a max of three out of 37! As I know, more numbers shall be fast off the first batch. Unlike with Bachmann, you had to wait/pray/despair for a several until you got one single livery/number! Surely we are getting close to the new manufacturers announcing a range of four or so liveries in a first batch, when by using a drop down menu the modeller can select the running number to be tampo printed onto their choice of livery. (of course if MOQ were not met for a number choice, it would not ever be produced and you could select one of the numbers which made the MOQ - a rather democratic way to cope with dare I say, too much choice these days).
  14. I too am a tad worries about this, the body sample of 66783 is too 'orange' yet what strikes me is the packaging now seen on 66504 page is very similar to Dapol's. I have found Dapol always get the GBRf orange (well it is actually called gold by GBRf) wrong, it would seem Hattons are using the same factory so this does not look promising. I am not ordering any 66 until I can see them by my eye and not on a screen. As perhaps it shall look fine in real world settings? If the factory has actually used the Pantone spec, it should be correct. If they have matched it to the closest RAL, it is going to be too dark. I have put these questions to Hattons Dave before without reply. A manufacturer who does not want to interact with customers, gives me more hesitation to want to give that said company a penny of my disposable income. I am worried about the GBRf colours on the 66s, if wrong. I just hope and pray Bachmann shall re-tool their 66 and offer throughout their retail network!
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