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  1. robmcrorie on flickr.com has some new inspirational shots of the British Gypsum containers (still a shame the newer version is not being produced by Accurascale), but I utterly love looking through this flickr stream.
  2. I have the four Kernow MRL ones on order and I would like to buy some of the Railtec stickers, but, having spent a long weekend down west I could not see these stickers on all of the MRL JNAs I saw in Westbury - seemed to be 50:50. Do you have the wagon numbers they been applied too? They seem to be getting stuck on the JHAs too (which I did not know VTG owned - assumed MRL!), now where is my spray can and baseball cap.... From flickr - Steven Clements - copyright (not sure why RMweb automatically imbeds flickr)
  3. Good old BBC, a little late to the story. Was revelled on the 3rd April - https://www.railwaygazette.com/news/news/uk/single-view/view/first-look-inside-new-caledonian-sleeper-trains.html With the official site showing further photos, and the PR below - Sleepers: https://www.sleeper.scot/accommodation/ Club: https://www.sleeper.scot/club-car/ Can we have some on the Great Western...??!!
  4. Indeed, nicely concludes the Eversholt delivery, with 114 expected to be in service by in just over 3 weeks time. Certainly on-track for the end of the HST in May. Get those HST trips in when you can! Tues 16th April should see the first two 802/2s at Dollands Moor for Angel Trains / TPE (802203/204). GWR IET Status 800/0 001/002 - Hitachi/Agility Trains West Accepted. Passenger service expected for May TTC. Interiors currently being re-built. 003-036 - GWR Passenger Service. Total available units: 34/36. 800/3 301-321 - GWR Passenger Service. Total available units: 21/21. 802/0 001-022 - GWR Passenger Service. Total available units: 22/22. 802/1 101-110 - GWR Passenger Service. Total available units: 10/14. 111-114 - Hitachi Commissioning, North Pole
  5. Super to hear I am not alone in holding out for this coach as a limited edition. Of course, would also need the Oxford Blue Mk2F FOs too... But you are right, ran a good few times with Virgin Mk2F FOs too. As for locos. I have ViTrains 47501 & 47813 plus Bachmann 47805 ready for the Cruise Saver! Plus the occasional 37/4 could be used.
  6. 159220

    Class 59 in 00

    Hold on a sec: Those are the same Dapol images of the 1st livery samples which have been discussed at length. Second livery samples, as advised at Ally Pally, are due shortly. There was assurance all issues to the first livery samples had been addressed. No doubt we shall see shortly (seeing as the second livery samples on the batch 2 class 73s were a huge improvement, same for the 59s I say!) Its a bit naughty of Rails to not say these images are of livery samples first shown late last year!
  7. Great! Consider my custom for those and any possible separate gypsum containers. Might have the class 88 by then too!
  8. 159220

    Class 59 in 00

    This is what I find most irritating about this forum. Why did you not flag this up to Dapol, either directly or through the Digest, when you first saw the EP - or even the CADS? Way to late now to correct! OK I am mainly irritated at myself for not noticing. I was too busy counting every grill hole to make sure they were accurate...
  9. You mean this photo?: Copyright Flickr. robmcrorie: https://www.flickr.com/photos/robmcrorie/ I can follow their photos for hours, wonderful drone photos of the UK railways. Must resist now...as Ive done some research on these containers, they are ISO 9001 IP-2 for SINGLE USE (sealed with grout) Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLW), the 2910 design is the most used. They carry gloves, paper etc that is contaminated and are stored at the Drigg Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR), near Sellafield - read this if interested: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/712374/LLW11672_Logistic_Services_final.pdf. They are ONLY licensed to be transported by road. As they are single use, they are manufactured by a number of NDA contractors - WH Davis (http://www.whdavis.co.uk/index.php/products/containers/nuclear/) being one, I have also found Bootle Containers and Y M C Container Solutions. There is a very useful document on the containers here: http://www.croftltd.com/pdf/PATRAM-2010-Oral-Paper-415-v13-low-res.pdf Some pages of interest, I attach below. Thus, my question to Accurascale as perhaps I have not been clear in my two previous questions - apologies. Do you plan to produce either the IP2 ISO sealed container number 2896 or bolted 3573 designs? I.E. the full height and the only ones licensed to be transported by rail (on PFAs). Here is a Gov list of all nuclear containers for those who have a interested/curious mind (shows the NIREX steel container used inside the Nuclear Flasks): https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjs5qvunazhAhVKSxUIHZBuDCoQFjACegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fassets.publishing.service.gov.uk%2Fgovernment%2Fuploads%2Fsystem%2Fuploads%2Fattachment_data%2Ffile%2F762767%2FNWP-SS-005_Container_Signposting_Resource_Issue_2_06-11-18.xlsx&usg=AOvVaw0bJ-A4pHRupnE-F6tBapiu
  10. OK, thank you. Sadly, I just do not see these containers which seem to be on every PFA DRS diagram of recent. The half sized containers have not been seen in some years, certainly not since 68/88s have exclusively taken over NDA work on request of EDF. I take it you do not intend to produce the container as per photos (below). Or would you consider for a second run? As then you can consider me as customer. Please Copyright andy jones flickr.com Copyright brel158701 flickr.com OK no worries, someone has explained to me that there are 'original' gypsum ones as you have captured and 'modern' gypsum ones that operate with GBRf on FEA-S. Fingers crossed someone shall make the modern one!
  11. When I heard that 57307 was a limited edition last weekend, I immediately thought of its current '20 years of DRS' vinyls. Worn since July 2015. Yet it appears this livery is one too far for Bachmann who have previously done delights on the 66s including the Tube Map and a MSC ship. What I do not understand, Dapol accurately model the complex class 68 livery, why can Bachmann not?! Copyright Flickr. Ross McK. Here too! This is one 'limited edition' livery I have been looking forward to and my budget for it is unlimited! Its a must have for me! Hopefully a retailer shall be bold to commission this as a limited run, as it shall be one expensive livery for Bachmann to print (cannot help think, Hornby's water labelling would be more suitable). I recall reading that Bachmann does not allow commissions for 18 months after delivery of any new tooling? Copyright Flickr. clagmaster ... This is another fairly unique livery for a limited edition - Copyright Flickr. Martin Haynes
  12. 800010 has been 'de-bear'd' with on the names/coins remaining on the DT as per other named units. As for Kings Cross, when is it ever 100% restricted by barrier? Example, last night though the 'outbound barriers' were operational, the 'arrivals/in-bound' barriers were open...
  13. Interesting announcement, I could be interested in a single DRS one - maybe two. And certainly if you are making gypsum containers separately, I would be interested. But, I have questions. Firstly, I cannot see the DRS PFA and container on your site? DRS PKA containers appear to come in three colours (grey, blue and red) with one side just pillars and the other with some plated boxes. The doors appear to be flush - Copyright andy jones flickr.com Copyright John McGowan flickr.com Copyright brel158701 flickr.com Secondly, are you making the 'modern' gypsum containers as seen below? These seem to get everywhere with GBRf. These would be the containers I would want separately, as currently you can only get them in a 3D print: https://i.materialise.com/en/shop/item/902c8cce-50e5-4ed5-9447-212e7db0ed03 Copyright Dan Adkins flickr.com
  14. 159220

    Class 59 in 00

    Yes. See: https://digest.Dapol.co.uk/forum/main-forum/diesel-aa/class-59/project-managers-blog-aq/2045-oo-class-59-e-p Also, note to images above. I was advised yesterday these are still the livery sample seen before, with revised schemes expected soon.
  15. See the ORR announcement, all be it, a few years ago for a route surrounded in news: https://www.railwaygazette.com/news/passenger/single-view/view/vtec-and-firstgroup-granted-east-coast-main-line-paths.html The now LNER timetable introduction is running around 18 months late due to late delivery of the rolling stock and infrastructure projects. The additional LNER Edinburgh paths are also dependant on on suitable rolling stock with either 'pocket rocket' 91+Mk4 or additional Azuma's (privately financed).
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