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  1. Fantastic! The revisions thus far make for a visually more satisfying wagon. The cast Y25 bogies would be nice if the previously suggested extra detail highlighted around the bogie ends (best I have seen is Cavalex). Other than that, the key areas would be the handle bar base support which should be ‘thinner’ and with four bolts in the corners. The outmost spine should be flush and attention to the rather chunky brake panel and inclusion of the brake pull cord; could all be areas for additional improvements. Photos randomly found on the internet....Carl Watson (brilliant website) and Dave McDigital (flickr)
  2. But it's not just the wobble! Yet then, I am certainly not (re)buying Bachmann's 66s (other than kicking myself for selling all my 66s in expectation Hatton's would address the tooling errors and following livery errors). I am going with, come sometime in the future one of three things would have happened... 1. Hatton's bravely correct the tooling and address attention to the liveries on a '3rd' batch. 2. Someone else brings to market the definitive class 66 model (whether new tooling or having bought the Hatton's tooling and corrected it). 3. Hatton's reduce the price of their 66, meaning at a 'bargain' price I can accept the errors and QC bends 'n' breaks on arrival through the postal system. Of course, 1. is very unlikely to happen until 3. happens... One thing for certain, 2. shall happen in the next 10 years... So no thanks. I won't be buying Hatton's (for now) and nor shall I be buying Bachmann's...plenty of other hobbies and joys in life to focus on than craving a 66 model.
  3. I have spotted the livery sample for the upcoming Class 57/6 in GWR is up online, looks nice. This satin finish (as seen on the GWR 158) rather than the eye goggling gloss approach by Hornby suits the GWR green. Plus, I'd say Bachmann get the colour far more accurate... Thoughts? https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product/category/153/class-57-6-57602-'restormel-castle'-gwr-green-(firstgroup)/32-756a
  4. Where is it claimed he is the (sole) author? The very nature of the Engine Shed authorship is it reflects a team effort!
  5. Is the livery sample on the 1st EP or a revised? I see a few revisions to the end detail tooling, yet more to do. Still looking nice for what it is!
  6. Brian at Shawplan told me he is working on them!
  7. The photos tease to the cab interiors, any chance of showing theses off? The Deltic cab you have shown, had a mind blogging amount of detail! Are the cabs era specific? No worries on the delays, I am already looking ahead to when you launch Colas 37/0s and DRS Compass 37/4s!
  8. It was reported in the magazines in Smiths as 21 pin at the time of launch...
  9. I stumbled across this sample photo, must confess I am rather pleased I had a few hundred lying around. Thank you furlough!
  10. Oh good! Dapol and KMRC have made up? I remember that very public statement from Dapol stating they are terminating all limited edition commissions with KMRC around the time the Thumper went from Dapol to Bachmann... Perhaps opens the possibly again for some OO commissions?
  11. I was using WHSmiths as an umbrella today and read a fascinating article in this months Railway Modeller on Caroline, I did not appreciate it has had such a varied life and a continuing important role. I guess somebody has to be first over new points!
  12. No senior person in the railway industry who actually makes the decisions is going to be on the internet sharing confidential info (though some are on forums). Rule number one, unless you've heard it in confidence (and more than likely under an NDA or similar contracted parameter not to share said confidential information), from either a director, project manager or owner...it is not true! Would you expect M&S's till worker to know the companies strategy? All four of NR's 97s are receiving their major exams for many more years service and considering in-cab signalling is going to be rolled out further on the mainline, until a decision is taken on the long term future of NR IM equipment...you'd be safe to know the 97s are safe.
  13. Are we close to seeing a livery sample, the Revolution Trains N gauge is tantalising and waiting in expectation to be suitably impressed by the OO version!
  14. Thanks for these, confirms beyond doubt that the Hatton's original light pods are oversized and the wrong shape. I consider Bachmann correct here. The whole look of the Hatton's 66 front, in my opinion, is throw off by the overscale lights. I think retailers should stick to doing what they do best...retailing! As far as I am concerned, the following needs addressing on the 66 model. - livery accuracy (try focusing on 4-6 models per release and getting to know the artwork in and out. Embrace feedback rather than defend by going on and on about Pantone - the 66s are mainly painted in RAL!!!). - original type lighting pods (seen above, they are incorrect/overscale. Tooling needs modifying) - window frames on all types (Overscale, either new glazing tooling or just don't paint so much of it in silver) - axel boxes (New bogie tooling, ideally, without rotating axels) - circuit board (ensure the factory is confident, ie. focus on producing 4-6 models and only 2ish variants per release) - quality control/packaging (I do wonder, is a lot of the issue, down to the packaging) - humble and honest customer service/interaction Sadly, Hatton's are going to take time to shift all of the 37 different 66s they have currently. It's going to be a good few years until a batch three. One has to wonder, whether Kader/Bachmann and Hatton's shall make up, with Kader manufacturing the Hatton's 66 under the EFE Rail brand? I would trust Kader/Bachmann to modify the tooling and electronics suitably, along with releasing superb artwork.
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