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  1. It's 37424 (558) with Caroline on the 27th June 2018 Privacy + Google = Not a chance! (The 66 is 66431)
  2. Shouldn't this be in the Heljan section as it is a Heljan Class 37/4...?
  3. I keep on F5'ing the Bachmann website every couple of hours...it is bound to appear there soon ish! Not like there is much else to do!
  4. Glad you said this, as I did watch the video out of curiosity to decided do I have another go at buying some Hatton's 66s or watch for Bachmann to bring us a decent one... Did the guy in the video really suggest companies pay the FOCs for 'advertorial' space/liveries? Bonkers! It is always FOC lead, always in celebration of a new important contract. Always paid for by the FOC. It is good PR for the FOC, saying "look! we are passionate about delivering a superb service, as a customer - why not bring your freight requirements our way". You could argue, GBRf are exceptionally good at doing this and which FOC is always growing/carrying the industries best reputation?.... The only complication comes when seeking approval to use the branding on a scale model. The FOC shall have terms, each FOC is different (often of not depends on whether the director is a modeller or not - you know who you are!)...these are not a problem at all...it is the corporate brand...who's brand department likely has never heard of a model train and shall assume there is a commercial edge to the deal. The trick then, is to just try a different tack and hunt down a modeller in said company...or someone after a deal. Otherwise you might indeed end up paying dearly. Like with anything in life, it is all about who you know! The video kinda had an effect in putting me off the Hatton's 66 more! Why did they not state once that they understand there were quality issues with the first batch...all has been addressed here ... inc. working marker lights. I just would be so disappointed if I lent Hatton's my money again and I got a parcel like I did last time. Come on Bachmann, I am trying to be patient and wait here! If Hatton's Dave can address us here, how the plan to solve the issues and whether this shall be on batch 2 (due next month) or not until a future batch. This shall help me decide what to do a lot. But I suspect he cannot, as we all know Bachmann read RMWeb...
  5. Fascinating! Thank you, I have spent an enjoyable morning looking into these KXA-C, WH Davies built wagons for International Nuclear Services (part of the NDA, as per DRS). Cannot find date of build, but there are drawings if anyone wants, here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=14&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjf8Ja32MLpAhWcZxUIHX_-CG8QFjANegQIBhAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Frwm.nda.gov.uk%2Fpublication%2Freview-of-the-standard-waste-transport-container-size-and-alternative-options%2F%3Fdownload&usg=AOvVaw32xyVEexCDtL-ePPBkWA3L. Seem's the KXA-C purpose was for the Vitrified Residue Returns program which was finally started in 2009 (having once been planned back in 1976). The flasks carry vitrified (glassed) high level spent nuclear waste in 28 canisters (producing a maximum thermo output of 40 Kw) which has been processed from the Sellafield Waste Vitrification Plant and placed into Castor HAW 28 cylinder flask as seen above. Over 1850 flasks are in the process of being repatriated to Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands and Italy. The KXA-C are used between Sellafield and Barrow Docks. The VRR program was expected in 2009 to run for 10 years. Additionally it appears the KXA-C can carry the French version, a TN28 flasks (unsure why this type has visited the UK?). Another flask carried by the wagon is the MOX fuel M4/12 between Sellafield and Japan (naturally the French have a different design, a TN12/2, but not seen photographic proof of these in the UK, carried by KXA-C). Mind blogging how much money we, as UK taxpayers are losing on the clear up of nuclear activity, plenty of wind out there! Still, makes some cracking models! I thoroughly enjoyed my mornings research and thought to summaries here! Back to wagons, Bachmann have already produced and could re-run.... I did not know Bachmann make Barber BER 22.5 bogies in OO? The only Barber BER bogies I have seen in OO are the 20.5 for Revolution's FWA and 14.25 for Dapol's IDA? The former FNA had standard Y25 I thought? The BER 22.5 would come in perfectly handy for the KXA-C above! Anyway, nice scratch build....Bachmann if you are watching....please release these!
  6. I hope that is not their thinking, though the MPV RHTT fleet is limited to Totton, Horsham, Effingham Junction, Wigan, Slateford and Mossend. The April to September BB/JSD weedspraying MPV modules are seen across the entire UK rail network. Fingers crossed Bachmann are listening! For those interested: http://www.jsdrail.com/engineering/mpv-weed-spray-support/4.htm You could always include in the box, RHTT modules too, for those who do not want to weedspray. And you could upgrade the MPV lights to the latest LED standard...
  7. Hmm new OO? I would like to see a good take on the IIA-B/IIA-F or how about those Kirow points wagons? But would be happy with the HOAs blown up into OO!
  8. I would reflect what others have suggested, a re-run of the JJA Autoballaster, but as a 5-wagon set with 5 different wagon numbers. I know have one of the original generators and one 'curved' (is it?) top. I have been waiting for three others to make a set. I like wagon numbers to be different! Ideally though the new 5-wagon set would be de-branded Railtrack and NOT weathered! I would like to see a upgrading of the FNA nuclear flask to the latest WH Davies design as the original ones (modelled by Bachmann) should have all been withdrawn. They are very similar with new bogies and more support ribs. Also, the MPV is crying out to be upgraded with a weed killing module for summer use! Shame the special SWT orange and pink ones have returned to ex-Railtrack livery now! The MPV could also, whilst being upgraded, feature a few modules/platforms from the OLE wiring train (not the HOPS which is different). Built in 2005? and can these days be found across the network. Certainly over the years I have seen it on the WCML, Anglia and GWML. I would happily accept a high price for new take on the MPV, understanding it is a niche and small market, but those of us with the cash....want want want! I would also like to see the BDA? with a new hopper top to make the new DB MXA Lobster. Again, ideally in 5 different wagon numbers. Those Aviation TTAs would also be welcomed, look good with a Colas 56!
  9. Not my photo, but looking through Flickr today...this gem appeared: Cannot really say no to ordering these nows, but hate to ask (I know I did before but were waiting for it to be confirmed), what wagon numbers are A-D? Yes, I like wagon numbers! Some numbers are lucky, some aren't.
  10. Interlocked for Mk3SD (some Angel, some First Rail holdings): 43004, 005, 016, 040, 041, 042, 092, 093, 094, 097, 098, 122, 153, 154, 155, 158, 170, 186, 187, 189, 192, 194 Angel Trains on hire to GWR (spares/retention) - NOT interlocked: 43009, 010, 020, 022, 023, 027, 029, 088, 156, 160, 162, 171, 172, 191, 198 GWR asset for retention/conversion of First Rail Holdings: 088, 156, 160, 162, 195 (156/162 currently at Wabtec for interlocking (156 in GWR green)). Direct Award 3 is widely understood to include in the short term an additional three ’Castle’/GTI sets to be confirmed shortly, including two further class 43 spares from Angel....shall see though what passenger numbers are like!
  11. Hmm... O gauge hey! I wouldn't mind either the HOA or JNA to go with the upcoming Dapol 66. Preference for the JNA, as shall mainly be getting GBRf 66s.
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