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  1. Before I say, I don't want the thread being hi-jacked about price. As for me, this is a hobby and money doesn't come into the equation... Now I have built that up, I can tell you they cost €39.95 for a limited edition. Ducks for cover and back to smiling at his rainbow containers. Annoyingly, my Pride supporting partner has already claimed the badge and 20ft as hers. (I am just happy Hornby didn't produce them on their incorrect container tooling). (You got to remember the PT market is tiny, PT Trains retail their 20ft for €15.95 and 40ft for €17.95). Honestly, I would pay more for my C-Rail containers as they are great models! And a bargain in 2021!
  2. Picked up my PT Trains 'Rainbow Containers' today, utterly awesome looking containers. Limited edition, so if you want some I would rush quickly!
  3. Please let us know how that works out as it would be nice to have something in UK scale. In the meantime, I have just picked mine up in Porto (they are a limited edition so selling fast). I would say PT Trains containers are on par with C-Rail's...luckily different scales
  4. I don't see the issue here, as MGR Hopper said, it is an illusion. When scaled down and compared with the Hatton's 66 (bar any drawings of the 66), it looks fine.
  5. Something similar for us OO modellers planned? PT Trains:
  6. At last, some decent DRS Mk2Fs...I knew it paid off not succumbing to the Hornby offering Question though, these shall be my first Bachmann Mk2Fs. Do the standard coaches still have the Central Door Locking Light & Interior Lighting and to operate them all I have to do is fit a DCC Chip? OR Are said parts only installed on the DCC Onboard versions? If that is the case, are the CDL lights just painted on the standard release?
  7. A wonderful gentleman Bob Tiller and a lifetime railwayman. The model is hand built, I believe by GBRf usual choice Dave Lowery (but it might be someone else). There's a good article in Model Rail this month too: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/model-rail-uk/20210801/281681142860533
  8. What a fantastic looking (CAD) model! Stunning livery, and great to see Robin of Templecombe carry on in tribute. I owned a Hornby 56 in Colas for about a week until I decided something about it just did not look right - that and they got the Colas orange wrong… why they thought it was Red is beyond me! So an utter delight to be able to buy this! Hate to say it, but I now have a big “What could have been” thought in my head… the Cavalex 91!
  9. Bachmann have given a very reasonable explanation behind the 20/3 light situation, I challenge you to design and deliver a tiny locomotive - mass scale - without a degree of compromise before it gets to silly money. I am sorry to say, yet the argument around 37099 is invalid in the context of my point. The Bachmann 37 is not recent tooling, even the class 90 is 4+ year old tooling (I merely used it to point out it was the first OO model to provide us with a DCC pantograph and naturally the AS 92 is an evolution...when delivered) and thus the technology/innovation then has been surpassed. Just as one fully acknowledges Bachmann's 69 shall have the latest technology and detail. Hence why I only mentioned their most recent tool items (forgot about the 24/1 - also an exquisite model). We shall only ever be able to compare the values of Accurascale against Bachmann when two recent new tool items...developed around the same timeframe, are delivered. Perhaps the AS Deltic and Bachmann 20/0 shall be the first (and of the same model vintage). I honestly don't think if all the manufacturers (bar a red one), all developed and delivered a locomotive in the same timeframe as each other, that you would notice much difference in terms of detail/tooling and technology/innovation. The only difference would be individual perception gained through history, experience and good public relations/marketing. Certainly as modellers, we have never had it this good.
  10. 159220

    Class 59 in 00

    There is now a very thorougher explanation on the Dapol Digest, won't be the first time a certain retailer has made up dates (and prices). I am of the school of thought, if you want to know what's going on, ask! Saves a lot of speculation.
  11. That is a joke? I gave you a 'Funny' like... Bachmann have been at the forefront of detail for decades, recently innovation I have been impressed by has been the CDL on the Mk2Fs and delivering the UKs first DCC operating pantograph on the class 90. Their most recent new tooling releases of the 20/3, 158s and 121/117s are exquisite in detail terms. Personally, I have not had an Accurascale locomotive in my hand yet. So I think the class 69 shall be in safe hands with Bachmann. Just a shame I do not model the Tonbridge area, yet after shake down and the class has 'proven' itself I am told they shall work fairly in scope. Certainly the class has many potentially suitable flows widely across GBRf's operational area.
  12. An utterly superb looking CAD, really puts the other 56 model to shame. Another vote for a Colas 56049 Robin of Templecombe and ideally a DC Rail/Cappagh 56103 with 'Devon & Cornwall Railway' crests.
  13. I am intrigued by this comment. Dapol's 73 is a beautiful model...the second batch addressed the extensively commented on 'issues' to the original release and I suspect we shall see a number of years of future well received releases. The 7395x and 7396x (both strikingly difference from each other in the same TOPS sub-class) are an interesting proposal, yet very different from the 73/0, 73/1 & 73/2... If the Intercity livery w/syp is a popular model, I am sure it shall come along. Otherwise, have you checked out Rainbow Railways or Olivias's for some nice re-sprays? Could use the Olivia's exclusive edition of the Gatwick Express as your base to re-decal and add a red stripe?
  14. Check out 'Sudexpress' offerings on the EuroDual. Back in OO land, wonderful to see our models being built to similar or even better standards. The full fat EuroDual is proving increasingly popular on the mainland, only time for the UK.
  15. Have I missed that announcement, I cannot find any re-tooled sleeper coaches advertised anywhere. Would love to get rid of the crude old Hornby ones!
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