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  1. Tomorrow (remains to be proven as it’s been promised before) is the last day of the Pacer in Devon. As such, thought to order the upcoming GWR release. But all sold out on the website! Surely not? Do you know can I pick one up on pre-order with a retailer....
  2. Abellio Greater Anglia please!!!! (perhaps easier than before, as isn't the EWR just a few more layers of paint on the base AGA white?) Have you considered moving to a 'pre-order' model. I would be more than happy to cough up a few hundred in advance to ensure two things. 1. the 143/156 I wanted, actually happens and 2. (Most importantly) speed! I do feel, if you are short of the money, if you get customers to pay up front you could surely dash straight into production? I am sure I am not alone here, in long being a fan of you efforts but sadly only owning one model. My f
  3. A few years ago, whilst the DBSO was still 'in-development', I took the opportunity to pester a Bachmann rep at a model show. Asking "are you future proofing your DBSO to allow more 'modern' types?". Response was "It would be a smart move to do that I'd have thought". I took this as, all under hand! We shall know come June/July 2021 when the new batch are due!
  4. I saw no where in the first post how many models were being produced, nor is it on the Bachmann website. Hence my genuine and reasonable question...seeing as sometimes Bachmann runs 750 unit limited editions whereby 500 are standard and 250 sound...Anyway, I have joined the club and pre-ordered. 'Tis only money!
  5. Do we know how many units are part of the limited edition run? 500? Or this 'strictly limited quantities' a bit like Hornby's we shall start at 500 but make 3000? I could be joining the Club, first time in over 10 years. If it is strictly 500 units.
  6. Why would the DBSO be released today, the Mk2Fs are next due June/July 2021. Thus I would be expecting Bachmann to announce a DRS Mk2F TSO, BSO and DBSO during their May 2021 release...ideally along with the Network Rail DBSO. It is fairly easy to 'guess' what shall be released in every quarter now. Looking at Feb 2021, you have a series of class 150s and 20/3s due in the 3 months following...thus likely more liveries on these... Agreed! As the GWR 57 was due in this quarter, I was expecting more 57s to be announced. But sad we have missed out on the 57/3 fade livery. Seeing as
  7. 159220

    Class 88/93

    I am more a fan of this beast (though the new MedWay 4000 awaits me in Portugal): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10158265066513232&type=3&__xts__[0]=68.ARAvqajjqEMWrFneW78ovyoOgVRhop2q2Dj_1KEuurppo03uSepF25ntbgsPO-tROA3GNU6W1ppXu6VOAavJya3Pp8F9R03MMCQecVzD_A391pDzMF_S6lrcJS0SbmdxrhoWAUorQ-7EGU-XTQpzAQ-sBTm9MH6r-fx99h4CA3i8RMpqaqe3M0j8FgYolapXvSkSuw8zXWXRfmvnFDUPdsHqH8WO92OJ2V6afG5E1_t552eS08i-IcVJlODR1r9ni3zDSgza73oKL6Q8ttxq6wJF0yvo7fMOTprSH3ugw5CB78x6Kc0pA6psWoQaz8f6gfw8_iPURNGOXSawFwBm
  8. Marvellous news, and great to see O now being offered as RTR. It's been an expensive year for me, having a Dapol Evening Star 66779, Revolution DRS 37405 and now a Heljan GBRf 73107 on order! I'm going to need to build a bigger house to make room for these. Looking forward to becoming an O gauge modeller and I hope we see many more RTR! (I utterly hate decals).
  9. 159220

    Class 88/93

    Can I squash this 88/93 synergy, please? If and ONLY IF the class 93 is ever ordered for ROG/Orion hire. Though the 93 shall share a lot of components in common with the 88. It shall not be of the same design (due to IP rights and Stadler design)! See attached the proposed class 93. I want to strongly note, the chances of this actually being ordered are slim!!! I suggest, if the 88 model is going to happen, it is not dependant on the 93.
  10. Fantastic! The revisions thus far make for a visually more satisfying wagon. The cast Y25 bogies would be nice if the previously suggested extra detail highlighted around the bogie ends (best I have seen is Cavalex). Other than that, the key areas would be the handle bar base support which should be ‘thinner’ and with four bolts in the corners. The outmost spine should be flush and attention to the rather chunky brake panel and inclusion of the brake pull cord; could all be areas for additional improvements. Photos randomly found on the internet....Carl Watson (brilliant webs
  11. But it's not just the wobble! Yet then, I am certainly not (re)buying Bachmann's 66s (other than kicking myself for selling all my 66s in expectation Hatton's would address the tooling errors and following livery errors). I am going with, come sometime in the future one of three things would have happened... 1. Hatton's bravely correct the tooling and address attention to the liveries on a '3rd' batch. 2. Someone else brings to market the definitive class 66 model (whether new tooling or having bought the Hatton's tooling and corrected it). 3. Hatton's reduce the price of
  12. I have spotted the livery sample for the upcoming Class 57/6 in GWR is up online, looks nice. This satin finish (as seen on the GWR 158) rather than the eye goggling gloss approach by Hornby suits the GWR green. Plus, I'd say Bachmann get the colour far more accurate... Thoughts? https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product/category/153/class-57-6-57602-'restormel-castle'-gwr-green-(firstgroup)/32-756a
  13. Where is it claimed he is the (sole) author? The very nature of the Engine Shed authorship is it reflects a team effort!
  14. Is the livery sample on the 1st EP or a revised? I see a few revisions to the end detail tooling, yet more to do. Still looking nice for what it is!
  15. Brian at Shawplan told me he is working on them!
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