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  1. Just back from the pub and catching up with the virtual expo. What a treat, pubs and 20/3s today... looks utterly superb! Seen here near the end:
  2. ... That is because 43198 was not named Driver Stan Martin / Driver Brian Cooper until its last week's outing. 43198 was formerly named (ie prior to May 2019) Oxfordshire 2007. (The current plates have recently been painted red).
  3. I had hopes for 800003 being right! But even if you can talk Rail-tec into the decals (not only 1st class white but you have bike, 'traincrew only' and wheelchair space signs missing), you are stuck with the doors being incorrect silver! I can live with 8 pin DCC (and the associated lacking in wow tech associated with more pins) if the livery application is spot on awesome (and I pay way less than RRP). Mr Hopwood was saying publicly at the 'IET' launch (800003/004) the livery/amount of signs was going to be revised before they were in service from Oct 2017. (For info...800003 was de-named last year when its nose vinyl was replaced).
  4. Huh? I would have thought models can run with any model, all seem to have NEM couplings? Or you mean an actual Vossloh/Stadler 68? Seeing as they are fitted with DRS multi working system - which is based on bluestar. It is as simple as using a socket adaptor to hook up a bluestar socket with a DRS 68(88) cable. The 68/88s can multiwork with DRS 37/0, 37/4, 37/6, 20/3. (Just not the 66s, as these are fitted with AAR - well OK 68008-015 could). Remember, the 68s have hauled Mk2Fs which are bluestar socket and wired on both the East Anglia Short Set and up in Scotland on the Fife Circle...Oh and not forgetting most NR test train stock on bluestar. The Vossloh/Stadler 68 is a very versatile locomotive! Not my pics, but both locos powering.
  5. I had wondered why there was a vertical line just above the yellow and why I never saw it visit Eastleigh or Bristol Barton in June 2019. You've saved me a trip to York! Agreed, it would have been far more special to release with 185 in a special 40 years of the HST pack! But then, what version of 185 would you go for? The early mistake on the cab red line or the revised? One thing for sure, no way Hornby shall know details like this!
  6. It is with significant regret I am yet to own either a suitable GWR or LNER 800 from Hornby. I have the Test Train 2, simply as I applied rule 1 (and I was at the press release up in Newton Aycliffe). But I sent GWR 800004 back to the shop (livery errors, poor pantograph and bad ride quality), owned 800010 for a few weeks until a Paddington Bear collector at the P'lodge charmed me to part with it for a very healthy sum and I have cancelled both LNER versions. Why? Well, a minor point that I like to focus on the Westcountry and as such I am waiting for a GWR class 802... but mainly because.... For a RRP £394.99 model I take issue with: 1. 8 pin DCC 2. No working pantograph (or at least a decent diecast one which doesn't snap soon as you touch it). 3. Lack of attention to livery details. Both 800003 & 004 have been incorrect or with little care for the detail of the livery. They do not represent their Test Train 3 & 4 days, early service or now uniform service liveries. 4. Lack of added features that Bachmann etc have done. Working CDL lights would have been neat! 5. Lack of separately fitted detail. I would have really liked for the engine radiator grills to have been etched to allow more detail. Think the side of Dapol class 68! 6. The LNER releases are bonkers! Why oh why release a model based on a 800/1 when you do not either have the tooling or released the tooling to model a 9-car (not that I have space for a 9-car). The genius of the Hitachi AT300 series is most all operators have 5-car units and thus, why didn't Hornby release both a 800/2 and 801/1 as correct 5-car models in LNER. I would have bought both! If I was paying railroad prices, I really could not care about plastic pantographs, lack of detail or interest in the liveries and non-prototypical formations. But when I am forking out 'premium' prices I look at what Bachmann, Dapol and Accurascale are doing and go...oh. No doubt I shall buy a couple GWR 802s if ever released. But I won't be pre-ordering and Ill hover around until I find a good discount. And no doubt eventually we shall see correct 5-car LNER examples (seeing as both liveries shall be around for another 3+ years). But come on Hornby! You could of so easily sold me 800003, 004, 104 & 10. That thousands of pounds you could have had from me if you just cared about the details! I find it so frustrating!!
  7. When 43002 was unveiled in its original livery at the St Phillips Marsh Open Day during May 2016 the nose had been hand painted and the body sides vinyl wrapped. The chassis had also been repainted with various detail highlighted in red and white. The vinyl very quickly gave a 'dull' impression to the side (as per what is noticeable on the Scotrail HSTs). Once withdrawn from GWR service after the 18th May 2019 and handed back to Angel Trains, prior to its donation to the National Railway Museum Angel Trains had the body side vinyl wrap removed and body sides were painted (I have never confirmed with hand painted or 3-pack spray). This, has given the 'preservation' version a nice gloss appearance and was show off at STEAM museum in mid July 2019. Thus, like classic Hornby (attention to the details lacking). The livery on the model neither represents the as in service with GWR between May 2016 and May 2019 nor the as museum preserved. Certainly, packing it with 43198 which ran with 43002 on the last ever Great Western HST service to Exeter St Davids is a nice touch for 'the collector' yet sadly by May 2019 the prototype had vinyl body sides which were fading and painted nose which was polished up quite nicely. I do not quite understand why Hornby continues to offer the class 43 HST in twin packs. I would have thought such a special livery such as this, would have done well as a single item (plus a lot cheaper!). As for me, I have utterly no need for 43198 in GWR green. Still, I have mine on order and I shall be happy with it. I'll eventually get around to putting a nice satin/silk finish as 43002 mainly ran with FGW dynamic lines Mk3s it shall stick out like a sore thumb being gloss! Near to the end of the HST on GWR, ie in the last 12 months...you would often have an intermix of Dynamic Lines and Green Mk3s. Certainly by this time the only full buffet coaches were in green as every single time I got the pullman both the 1st open and buffet were green, with the rest of the set being run Dynamic lines. I wonder has Hornby donated any money to the 125 Group who originally funded the plates, which later have been donated to the NRM. Would have been good sport of Hornby and a little disappointed they have not made better promotion of this!
  8. Shame, I would have ordered 47813 (or 805, 818, 853) in DRS instantly. Hopefully on the OO variants, Heljan shall make sure the tooling covers all types - otherwise I shall be keeping my Bachmann and ViTrains/Rail Exclusive 47/8s.
  9. As someone who has just bought his first 0 Gauge model, the awesome 37/4 in 37405 DRS with Revolution...I would be interested in one of the Colas Rail Freight or GB Railfreight 47/7s. I do not see these on your list. I am very uncomfortable putting a deposit down on a project that isn't go. But I shall confess, I am a little confused with the Heljan 47 here. As on Tower Models it says Heljan plan to make both original and refurbished variants of the 47. I took this to assume the 47/4 aka the 47/8 as in all honestly. If a DRS 47, say 47813 Solent, was offered I would give you £700 today! (subject to paying with Amex for my consumer protection) I 1,000,000% would rather have a DRS 47 over a Colas or GBRf (I cancelled my pre-order for the Colas Rail Freight 37/4 37421 to get the Revolution DRS 37/4 instead).
  10. ....and back to the Bachmann class 158.... Well, 159...if I am allowed to diverge from the thread? Who here owns the NSE 159? I would like to know is it possible to put an 'end' body on a 'centre' chassis? Why do I ask? I wish to model the GWR 158/9 and due to all the complex DCC inter-car coupling it is clearly not as easy as buying two GWR 158s. The NSE 159 centre car seems the way forward...
  11. I am a bit confused with this, 8th June has past and I do not see any announcements? If wishlisting, an easy win for me would be the PFAs with suitable containers for current class 68 (88) operation. The previous container, the IP-2 2895 is a single use container. Where as DRS often transports either IP-2 2896 or IP-2 Fissile Bolted Door 20 ft containers. The IP-2 2895 has been road transported to Drigg for several years now.
  12. Im not so sure, I would place a fairly significant chance on September... based on there appears to be more GWR 158s due then. This was delivered back late last year...it is clear these 'additional' GWR 158s are a new production run. It would be bonkers to have the Kader factory only manufacture one livery and not additional too?! Or am I bonkers for thinking this? As for 'wishlisting' liveries, it's been suggested on this thread Northern telegrey, TfW white and SWT swoosh might make appearances. Does seem logical, as bang up to date liveries tend to sell and SWT was around longer than NSE!! I do miss SWT, SWR is just so...you know...telegrey. Though I am personally hoping for a Wessex Trains Alpha...it would not be a Wessex Trains if it was ontime though!
  13. I love this opening post, reminds us that sometimes we get bogged down in the details when some are happy to have a yellow HST and call it the NMT. R2984 & R3366 represent the NMT between 2007 and 2010 The PC were 'de-branded' during 2010/2011 winter downturn and no model represents this period (2011-2016). R3769 represents the NMT since April 2016 to present day. Coaches are available to represent the 2007-2010 version 'NMT' and 2017-present day 'IYR'
  14. 159220

    Next OO containers

    Looking good, you gotta love NYK Line! What’s next? I’m seeing a lot of ‘red’ HC boxes on intermodals. Beacon, TEX, CAI, Touax, ICI and blue Seaco with Yang Ming Ys on the doors.
  15. It's 37424 (558) with Caroline on the 27th June 2018 Privacy + Google = Not a chance! (The 66 is 66431)
  16. Shouldn't this be in the Heljan section as it is a Heljan Class 37/4...?
  17. I keep on F5'ing the Bachmann website every couple of hours...it is bound to appear there soon ish! Not like there is much else to do!
  18. Glad you said this, as I did watch the video out of curiosity to decided do I have another go at buying some Hatton's 66s or watch for Bachmann to bring us a decent one... Did the guy in the video really suggest companies pay the FOCs for 'advertorial' space/liveries? Bonkers! It is always FOC lead, always in celebration of a new important contract. Always paid for by the FOC. It is good PR for the FOC, saying "look! we are passionate about delivering a superb service, as a customer - why not bring your freight requirements our way". You could argue, GBRf are exceptionally good at doing this and which FOC is always growing/carrying the industries best reputation?.... The only complication comes when seeking approval to use the branding on a scale model. The FOC shall have terms, each FOC is different (often of not depends on whether the director is a modeller or not - you know who you are!)...these are not a problem at all...it is the corporate brand...who's brand department likely has never heard of a model train and shall assume there is a commercial edge to the deal. The trick then, is to just try a different tack and hunt down a modeller in said company...or someone after a deal. Otherwise you might indeed end up paying dearly. Like with anything in life, it is all about who you know! The video kinda had an effect in putting me off the Hatton's 66 more! Why did they not state once that they understand there were quality issues with the first batch...all has been addressed here ... inc. working marker lights. I just would be so disappointed if I lent Hatton's my money again and I got a parcel like I did last time. Come on Bachmann, I am trying to be patient and wait here! If Hatton's Dave can address us here, how the plan to solve the issues and whether this shall be on batch 2 (due next month) or not until a future batch. This shall help me decide what to do a lot. But I suspect he cannot, as we all know Bachmann read RMWeb...
  19. Fascinating! Thank you, I have spent an enjoyable morning looking into these KXA-C, WH Davies built wagons for International Nuclear Services (part of the NDA, as per DRS). Cannot find date of build, but there are drawings if anyone wants, here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=14&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjf8Ja32MLpAhWcZxUIHX_-CG8QFjANegQIBhAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Frwm.nda.gov.uk%2Fpublication%2Freview-of-the-standard-waste-transport-container-size-and-alternative-options%2F%3Fdownload&usg=AOvVaw32xyVEexCDtL-ePPBkWA3L. Seem's the KXA-C purpose was for the Vitrified Residue Returns program which was finally started in 2009 (having once been planned back in 1976). The flasks carry vitrified (glassed) high level spent nuclear waste in 28 canisters (producing a maximum thermo output of 40 Kw) which has been processed from the Sellafield Waste Vitrification Plant and placed into Castor HAW 28 cylinder flask as seen above. Over 1850 flasks are in the process of being repatriated to Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands and Italy. The KXA-C are used between Sellafield and Barrow Docks. The VRR program was expected in 2009 to run for 10 years. Additionally it appears the KXA-C can carry the French version, a TN28 flasks (unsure why this type has visited the UK?). Another flask carried by the wagon is the MOX fuel M4/12 between Sellafield and Japan (naturally the French have a different design, a TN12/2, but not seen photographic proof of these in the UK, carried by KXA-C). Mind blogging how much money we, as UK taxpayers are losing on the clear up of nuclear activity, plenty of wind out there! Still, makes some cracking models! I thoroughly enjoyed my mornings research and thought to summaries here! Back to wagons, Bachmann have already produced and could re-run.... I did not know Bachmann make Barber BER 22.5 bogies in OO? The only Barber BER bogies I have seen in OO are the 20.5 for Revolution's FWA and 14.25 for Dapol's IDA? The former FNA had standard Y25 I thought? The BER 22.5 would come in perfectly handy for the KXA-C above! Anyway, nice scratch build....Bachmann if you are watching....please release these!
  20. I hope that is not their thinking, though the MPV RHTT fleet is limited to Totton, Horsham, Effingham Junction, Wigan, Slateford and Mossend. The April to September BB/JSD weedspraying MPV modules are seen across the entire UK rail network. Fingers crossed Bachmann are listening! For those interested: http://www.jsdrail.com/engineering/mpv-weed-spray-support/4.htm You could always include in the box, RHTT modules too, for those who do not want to weedspray. And you could upgrade the MPV lights to the latest LED standard...
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