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  1. Hi Rich - Phone number amended - my typo error - apologies - David
  2. For those who may be interested, I have posted the contact details for non-society members to obtain copies of Thomas Baron over in the books section at the link below https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/18-books/ David P.s. I very much enjoy reading your thread and admiring the models that you create.
  3. The Diary of Thomas Baron. 1855-1862. A London and North Western Railway Engineman At Work. Edward Talbot This new publication is based on the daily diary that Thomas Baron kept from the time that he started on the LNWR as a cleaner for a period of seven years and documents the locomotives that he worked upon and the places he travelled to. It not only provides information on the workings he participated in, but also provides an insight into the working conditions and long hours that employees of the time worked. The publication is illustrated by many period photographs and by several superb paintings by the renowned artist Gerald Broom. Period maps and photographs of models of period stock are also used to supplement the information in the text. Attractively priced at £20, this 136-page publication is an important one for the student of the early years of the LNWR, and of railway conditions in general in the 19th Century. We are very proud of our publications, and we hope that we can share our pride in the Premier line with a bigger audience. Your readers can obtain copies at £20 inc p+p by cheque or postal order from: The L&NWRS, The Sales Officer, 58 Shire Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 2HN. Paypal orders can be accepted at [email protected] Please state your name, postal address and ‘Thomas Baron’ in the payment transfer. Debit/Credit Card orders can be accepted by calling 01536 681496.
  4. BOOK REVIEW: The LNWR 42ft Carriages of Richard Bore by Richard Ball and Peter Chatham Published by the LNWR Society. ISBN 978-0-9570158-3-8. Price £15.00 This scholarly book fills an important gap in the published history of LNWR coaches, that is the 111 carriages built between 1882-1885 to the designs of Richard Bore, who had been carriage superintendent of the company since 1860. The first 42-footers were Sleeping Saloons, but these were followed by set trains for specific mainline services, including London to Liverpool and Manchester, the Irish Mail, and then London to Birmingham (but not the West Coast Joint Stock). These vehicles laid the foundations for the numerous 42ft 0in coaches built by Park, of which the earliest made use of Webb's radial underframe. The book describes all these vehicles in meticulous detail, with numerous illustrations and drawings/diagrams which have been specially prepared by Peter Chatham as few originals now survive. In parentheses, all the pre-1885 drawings and records were disposed of by the LMS as salvage in WW2. So we are fortunate that so much has survived. Sources consulted include the Minute books, Diagram Books and other primary and secondary sources. It should perhaps be mentioned that a good deal of the numbering information comes from the records of the late Richard Casserley who, together with your reviewer, copied the 1895 Wolverton stock register by hand in the 1970s. I find it impossible to criticise any aspect of the book, which is a credit to its authors and to the Society. Although a somewhat specialised subject, anyone with an interest in the LNWR will find much of interest in this book, which is recommended without reservation. It will make a treasured addition to my library. Philip A. Millard
  5. Yes - Philip Millard has commented that: this book fills an important gap in the history of LNWR Carriages. You can now join the society online at: http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/Membership/membership.php If you join before you buy a copy, then you can have it at the members rate. David, Chairman LNWRS.
  6. The 42ft Carriages of Richard Bore. Based on meticulous research, mainly into LNWR original company documents, Richard Ball has produced a highly detailed history of these distinctive carriages, as they were originally built on F W Webb’s radial underframes, and as in many cases subsequently rebuilt to run on bogies. Almost 50 photographs are included, many of them from the Society’s collection, with company diagrams and drawings of most of the types described. Because of the paucity of official carriage drawings from this period, many of them have been specially produced for the book by Peter Chatham. The side and end views are reproduced at a scale of 6mm to 1 foot, which is as large as allows the side views to be fitted across a page. The book, which has over 50 pages, is laid out in A4 landscape format and wire bound so as to permit it to open flat and make the drawings readily visible. The colour covers are gloss laminated 350gsm card, with the inside pages printed on 115gsm glossy art paper. This publication is attractively priced at £15 including postage and packaging within the UK. Overseas members please contact for postage quotation. Copies can be obtained from the Sales Officer by sending a cheque made out to ‘LNWR Society’ to: Sales Officer, 58 Shire Road, Corby, NN17 2HN. You can also call 01536 681496 and make card payments over the telephone. Alternatively you can send £15 via Paypal to [email protected], or Bank transfer £15 to ACC:90162272 and SC:20 57 40. PLEASE state 42FT Bore Carriages and your name and address on the transfer. **LNWR Society Members Please note that you can obtain a copy at a discounted rate (Contact Chairman or Sales Officer) and copies will be available at the AGM on June 8th and also at the Open Day at Kidderminster.**
  7. Also, are you intending to enter this into the LNWR Modeling Challenge? (category 3) See: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/135921-lnwr-society-modelling-competition-framework-and-dates/page-1 David
  8. Well as I am the Chairman of the LNWRS I will send you a PM David
  9. The last Station Master of Holywell....... Sounds like an article for the LNWR Journal to me...... Your scratch build is absolutely superb Best David
  10. Hello Relaxinghobby I am guessing that you based the model on the link below, which is the LNW Diagram 20 Small Cattle Wagon. I dont know if the LNW did build some for the L&Y, certainly at one point they built some engines for the L&Y I believe so wagons as well could be feasible, but the text in the link does say that 'other companies used similar vehicles.' http://lnwrs.org.uk/Wagons/cattle/Diag020.php I agree that it looks a lovely model and I would certainly like to see it with the underframe attached. I have nudged one of those running the competition to come and answer your question regarding entry. David
  11. Wow this build has progressed somewhat since I last visited. Loving the build itself, the box is taking shape, also very impressed with the developments in the lever frames and the use of lego to help the build, really thinking outside the box. The Society has some much older drawings etc stretching well back into the 1800's, you can happily lose yourself for hours studying them if you enjoy that kind of thing Best David
  12. I might have missed the answer so if I have forgive me, I have seen this is 5 inch gauge but my question is how large will the end box be? This looks to be a very impressive entry Best of Luck David Chairman LNWRs
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