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  1. Are you scrapping the 00 chassis and wheels?
  2. Why not try the LNWR Society for a drawing. A quick look on their website under the drawing services tab (link below) shows that the drawings below the link might be suitable. http://lnwrs.org.uk/ArchiveDrawings.pdf DLOCO292 LNWR 6ft Four Wheels Coupled Side Tank Engine. Precursor Tank. 21/05/1906. Copy. G DLOCO467 LNWR 6ft Four Wheels Coupled Side Tank Engine. Precursor Tank. End elevations and cross sections. 31/03/1906. Reduced copy. G DLOCO579 6ft 3in 4-4-2T Precursor End elevations and sections Drg No C16225A G DLOCO580 6ft 3in 4-4-2T Precursor Side & End elevations Detail of boiler F DLOCO622 LNWR 6ft 0in Four Wheels Coupled Side Tank Engine 4-4-2T Precursor Tank Plan Side Elevations & Sections. Dwg No LOCO139 with missing section added 21/5/1906. G David www.lnwrs.org.uk
  3. Ruston, I am rather impressed with this motor set up and the ingenuity in using this motor. One thing you dont say (unless I missed it) is where you sourced the two plastic gears for the drive shaft and driving axle. Can you remember the source? Best David
  4. An LNWR Society at home perhaps once the new layout is built? I hope the move goes well and smoothly. I am intrigued as to how the new layout will look with you using the two extension boards. Will it be a roundy or end to end? Is a new station planned? Best David
  5. That will be D316 sorry - I was trying to eat my lunch - reply to you and help a work colleague all in one go Here is an image of Dinas from the Society Collection. SITE 266. Copyright L&NWRS Society.
  6. You are quite correct Jol - M&L did Cornwall, not Lady of the Lake (Problem Class) which was in K's milestone range which seems to command quite a sum nowaways on eBay. It is a very very nice collections of carriages and locomotives, I hope you enjoy them.
  7. The 50Ft Pre printed side is a D373, PC Kit. http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/Modelling/4mmcarriages?display_base_mod_photo=4cpcwd373b1 You also have a 50Ft D2216 PC kit http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/Modelling/4mmcarriages?display_base_mod_photo=4cratd316a1 One of the ratios is the D316 centre brake 1st/3rd. http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/Modelling/4mmcarriages?display_base_mod_photo=4cratd316a1 Another is the D318 which was a corridor composite http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/Modelling/4mmcarriages?display_base_mod_photo=4cratd316a1 Locos: Railmotor – Blacksmith models POW/Experiment - 1988 – Hurricane - GEM on what looks like a Hornby B12 chassis – Rhos on Sea Version. 0-8-2 – Jidenco kit – love the flywheel in the cab. Lady of the Lake – That looks to be the M&L kit version 2-4-2 tank – 4ft 6in Version – GEM – If a white metal block for a chassis its Rhos on Sea version Special DX – M&L – Brass Chassis - Definitely not GEM as they never did one of these – it was in the pipeline until M&L released theirs. Name plate Victor - Post 1864 all goods engines were not named, and those that were named had the nameplates removed. I dont think any of the Special DX (Webb rebuilds) were named - a look in Baxter will confirm this. Precedent – GEM – Looks to be on GEM White metal Chassis Crewe Special – Definitely with some additions – J83 chassis replacement Cauliflower – another GEM on J83 replacement chassis -
  8. Excellent work as always, I love watching this thread. Where did you acquire the Archers Rivets from? David
  9. After painting the roof of the brake van thought I would try a technique to blacken it. Quite pleased with the result so next I think two coats of matt varnish and then weather the sides.
  10. Are you doing it as a 1st/3rd or 1st/2nd/3rd? Seats were red, blue and green according to class. I can check which was which when I am at home later on if you do not get an answer beforehand.
  11. Time to bring this thread back to life. Various kits are at different stages of building - in the foreground are various wagons with carriages to the rear at various stages of build
  12. Hi Rich - Phone number amended - my typo error - apologies - David
  13. For those who may be interested, I have posted the contact details for non-society members to obtain copies of Thomas Baron over in the books section at the link below https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/18-books/ David P.s. I very much enjoy reading your thread and admiring the models that you create.
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