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  1. Just let let you know that I start the month waiting for a delivery of the glue I use. Being in still in isolation and now waiting a call from my GP to say the first vaccine dose is ready for me, we depend on deliveries of everything! Problem has been finding a seller to combine the postage of a very much needed grout pen with my large glue order!!! I avoid Amazon if I can on ethical grounds! Up until now I have not had to use glue for my Welney project for which initial track work now down and became operational from a day in usual traffic mode to a day for the height of the fruit sea
  2. Chris, I am about to order my staff! Were these figures in 1:76 or 1:87 scale, please? Colin.
  3. Glad you have found a suitable location in South Wales. At least you have decent scenery as you probably wanted from Lancashire. In the 1970's I was involved with consultancy in assisting Milford Haven docks to assess its future. Apart from RO/RO facilities, container handling was to the fore for Anglo-Irish traffic (Bell Line emerged) and the need for 20 ton capacity cranes for non-container traffic. You missed a commercial trick there on your big neighbour!!! Coincidentally, my father in the Ship Division of NPL Teddington had at that time model tested the designs of those massive
  4. What a lovely quay layout, Karl. Very nice how its operation can be changed anytime to suit what stock you want to use without changing the buildings/backscene. Those shed night shots are incredible. So you must be the one who wants lockdown to continue in waves!!!
  5. Going on from above I am definitely modelling the operational side according to prototype. The top end of my ex-WD mobile crane's jib has broken off! No not an overweight lift but down to a 'stupid crane driver'!!! Quick where's the dock's engineer!
  6. One further point to add to Phil's photo of the CMRC 'Tramlink' model. The Wellesley Road tramline is one-way so in the model when the tram you see reaches the right hand end, it automatically reverses but a biased facing point directs it to the track that runs behind the backscene to the left hand end. The car then automatically reverses and the next biased facing point directs it back along the front again. And I have never seen it fail! So all the destination blinds (as it was in the 'red era') both sides and ends are correctly set. On John Clarke's "West Croydon" lay
  7. Baz, coming from a port transport background, I loved the spelling mistake!!! I suppose those in Bremen who were amazed worked in Bremenhaven! Colin.
  8. Thank you, Phil, for uploading the picture now. Yes, the following week to that exhibition was a disaster for Tramlink. That date was almost 100 years after a fatal overturn of a tram on a Croydon service.
  9. Nice photo, Baz. Middleton Bogie hiding behind the 4 windowed Kipper Box, then left to right another with a Southampton (Bargate to some) in front, then the Horsfield (Showboat to some) and a Feltham. Reminds me of the Corn Exchange in bow collector era!
  10. Ah, definitely Bristol fashion! Sometimes our engineers considered some of the quay crane designs around Britain to be under-engineered and others over-engineered. We carried a £1m. liability insurance last century to cover quay crane collapses which did happen as general cargo loads got heavier, stated weights were incorrect and non-container unit-load traffic developed. An area where containerisation scored but of course being a new revolution it started with much stronger structures both in cranage and quay carriage. Then there were the financial consequences out of the scope and er
  11. If I returned to the port transport industry and was just operating a single ship berth, I would not want to be limited to 3 to 10 tons a lift. But certainly 20 tons is a good all-rounder. I loved going for the juicy one-off heavy lifts over 20 tons but without the enormous cost of floating crane working. RO/RO ships using the usually non-revenue 'return quay', that the modelled berth has, was a good earner for these at minimal outlay. No, you have a good capacity crane there for a single berth port operation especially going back in time to the shipping boxes used before the container
  12. No, Andy, it was not London/Croydon centric. The organisers appealed for younger people to take over but no one from the north responded to continue the Manchester festival in the same way no one responded to do something in the south. Although I was never involved, other than supporting an exhibitor and a trader, I found it hard to believe that with the greater concentration of tramway modellers in the north that the Manchester one was not taken up and thus survive. Colin.
  13. Thank you to all who have brought up the water tank. Putting a complete tender 'up in the air' seemed gross on my Welney project. So I have been looking at the smaller 'branch-line' versions such as those illustrated. What available parts are recommended for the tanks, please? The supports coming from balsa strip for the type i like. Colin.
  14. Believe it or not, I am not only a tram modeller (in OO, OOn14, H0, H0m) but cover 4mm scale modelling PLA, L&BR, 009, military and china clay railways. Yes, I do have buses and trolleybuses together with a host of road vehicles to support. With my life time running out, I recently reduced my tram modelling to Black Country and London Transport (principally cars on Croydon services). On to the market went my large bus and trolleybus collection covering Leeds and those systems using the four-foot gauge. From 1949, Leeds has been my second favourite after London Transport when it com
  15. Thanks, Andy, the Manchester Pilcher does appear in B&W views 1, 3 and 6 all be it front end only. As a clue the preserved model is in the National Model Tram Museum collection currently situated north of you. I will give it a week for others to respond and then give the answers. Pleased to read that you started with the BEC kits. After the introduction of the BEC/ABS West Ham balcony kit, at a TLRS meeting at Keen House, London, a youngster proudly presented a lovely model built from it. He put it in the palm of my hand and his facial expression soon changed as we a
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