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  1. Well some progress is being made whilst I await the medical assessment of my hip and swollen leg. Although I have failed to be stable enough with a soldering iron to marry the pairs of mechs, I am completing the truck side assemblies. With EH 92 I have been able to prepare the replacement plain panelled wooden boxes for the incorrect K-ray version that it had. Now gone to the paint stage it will be some days before fitment. In the attached photo the top line from left to right shows the three stages. Left hand. Single width three code lamp part. Note the K-ray version h
  2. Thanks, Lloyd, for the update and reference to the exhibitions. Alas age does creep up on us and I know the feeling well! All the best, Colin.
  3. That was a superb little very effective exhibition layout to generate young interest. Loved the last photo showing the height difference between OO on the left and S on the right! Now where is the layout today, please?
  4. One month later and little more done I am afraid whilst I am sorting out my strained replacement hip. I find it hard to settle down comfortably at the workbench to get on with progressing. Colin.
  5. Osborn Models did do a flexible inset strip in grey with a cobbled effect for 16.5mm gauge. My initial trials found it easily manageable and the width could be reduced by cutting to allow for the deeper flange on some of my locos to maintain electrical contact.
  6. I have all three BR J70s, I do have a preference for the two skirted ones for prototypical W&U operation. Fortunately, there are those few occasions when a non-skirted J70 ran over the W&U so it makes for a nice change to see the motion. So really I am undecided!!!
  7. Thanks, Paul. I discovered this before reading your post and placed an order. I note that the Parracombe Church Lane Bridge is also now available to order. Colin.
  8. Yes Paul, then one of the motor cars can be named UMBER after the Devon river You can then seek meaningfull Devon names for the other end.
  9. Well done, that looks absolutely great. Now to set up mass-producing these! You should have a market and I be first to order and supply the mech!!! Nothing like a second string to your bow! Superb job.
  10. The end is in sight now its got all its tackle on show! Pull its pants up (or its kilt or skirt)!!!
  11. Paul, I trust you already have the CWRailways L&B lamp hut complete with the interior items? Your mentioning elsewhere of other uses for Paul's 'Parracombe halt' hut, my 'Snapper halt' which came from him, forms the only shelter for intending passengers at 'Camber Sands West halt' on my "East Quay" layout. It blends well into a sand dune!
  12. Lovely job, Just the right place in which to isolate especially if it has a secret passage into the pub!
  13. Very pleased you have been able to help Paul. I have built his earlier kits with ease so I am looking forward to the release of Parracombe.
  14. Mechs. If I repeat anything I have already written here, please forgive me! I have experienced a number of RTR bogie tram mechs since 1958. For London bogie cars, KW Trams have reached the best two 4'6" w/b (although one is no longer in production) and one 4' w/b. So I will start with the top two rows of the attached. The lower saloon is a Type T and that 'plugs' on to the unit shown with its Brill 22E bogies. The central dog guard will be affixed to the body not the unit. For a 'plug' unit with LCC Class 4 bogies there is a picture earlier on in this site. The rebates in the ce
  15. The big problem with history writing is using published information in the first place. Ashfield and Pick were great PR men from the private sector. Even in Combine days they were under attack from shareholders and in LPTB days from stockholders! The idea of LPTB was based on the unification of Berlin's transport which went the municipal way not that of the private companies. Despite the post-war division and reunification of Germany just look at today's BVB and how it is tackling climate change to 2040 in a controlled financial way. The municipal way is far more transparent as the
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