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  1. Just doing my weekly supermarket order and see 16 rolls of Andrex Classix down from £8.95 to £6.50!!!
  2. I do not recall a London layout so named but the title suggest it to be of a northern system. Was Rob a member of T&LRS and could the articles have appeared in "Tramfare"?
  3. Thanks, Ian, for the background. Certainly I was not aware of its existence in the fifties. I assume you used the daily Rheindahlen coach from/to Bruggen. I used to get to/from the Rheindahlen model shop in my lunch times by hiding under the cloth covered table in Bruggen's postal van! Yes, Bramley is short of detail but my records show no army brakes, vans or wagons being allocated to that depot. Colin.
  4. I have checked the numbers of the 4 wheeled brakes, vans and wagons between "LMR Part 3" and my 'Bicester records' and set out those further vehicles that have been allocated to Longmoor. AD 46054 10t. 5-plank open ex-LBSCR ARMY 46182 10t. open ex-LBSCR diag.1369 47027 ramp wagon (there seems to be a number problem here} ARMY 47872 10t. non-vent. van ex-MR diag. D360 49013 ex-SR diag.1579 finally allocated to FIBUA Longmoor 49024 This appears to have been the allocated number for listed 13139 in the 195
  5. Unfortunately, KMRC are not doing an army version. I pre-ordered mine when first announced but cannot recall in which century! I was either going to use it on my Wenford Mineral or repaint for Longmoor. Times change and I got fed up waiting so cancelled. Now if an army version was to be released then I will again be amongst the first to place an order now that I am purely RTR.
  6. Of which Longmoor brake, van wagon prototypes are there reasonable RTR models? Bachmann/Invicta's 37-537X provide the LMR 'standard' brake van. Strangely van ARMY 47555 was chosen by Bachmann for 37-806. That may have been chosen deliberately as no record can be found of the prototype's allocations!!! So why not make it a Longmoor van. Dapol do have moulds for some diagrams of vans which the army purchased. Large amongst these were batches of BR diagram 1/208 for general allocation with Longmoor receiving a batch. Maybe a future candidate for Wessex Wagons. When it comes to wag
  7. Interesting point with WD 12 as its home depot being Bramley which would have been an easy transfer to Longmoor via Borden if major attention or need was required. Roger Hateley's "Locomotives of the Ministry of Defence" shows "Bramley No.1" (WD 74553) has new to Bramley and seen there in 4/52 and 6/52. Next seen at Long Marston on 3/55 and 1958 but was disposed off in 1959. I can find no reference to WD 12 (WD 74553) being at Longmoor in "LMR - Part 3". As David R said to me after Part 3 was published he and Mike C could not guarantee that every piece of army rolling stock based at Lo
  8. My next review of available RTR LMR stock is of carriages. Many years ago I considered the Bachmann Mk.1 Suburban stock for 400 but as TonyA posted years ago beware of the colour of these carriages in relation to the livery on the 2-8-0s. Length of train then became a consideration not to proceed so I was very pleased with the Invicta release. On my current layout I can only manage a one coach train - perfect! Next will be vans and wagons.
  9. Further to my previous post, could I ask as many as possible to lobby Hornby to do an early release of CAEN in Longmoor blue. My WD 802 is a superb runner and shunter on its own. PAL3 is the number given to its Conflat 'runner' but is meaning less. Alas I can find no record of the army ever purchasing Conflats from BR. So best if the Conflat 'runner' to CAEN be decorated as a BR Conflat in their normal way. Please can the message to lobby get out to as many military railway interested folk as possible. Colin.
  10. Many thanks, Davey, for the update, it was greatly appreciated. I was at RAF Bruggen 1958-9 in the days of very active 80,87 and 213 Squadrons, the first two with their night fighters so it was a 24/7 busy noisy place! Now I appreciate that my illustrated post maybe judged as O/T but it is the standard that is best to encourage young ones to consider military railways even as an adjunct to the mainline ones. However Longmoor is well represented with the whole of my steam fleet being Longmoor but not the diesel fleet. It is here that I do beg all the group to swell a lobby to
  11. Well done, Oliver. Another prototype that could result from your method is that of "CAEN" which because of its size lasted for a very long time on the Longmoor Military Railway as best suited to training army railmen on crane lifting of locomotives. A drawing and photos of "CAEN" appear on page 697 of "Longmoor Military Railway - Part 3". I thought this would have been a good candidate for Hornby to release. Colin.
  12. I never saw the LMR but as military railways go the Bruggen branch passed my Station HQ window there, Very mundane until I alerted the whole building to watch a spectacular train crash as a race between a train and a 317MT tractor hauling a Queen Mary trailer on the level crossing immediately outside! My interest in military railways came as I searched for a railway where anything goes subject to minimal regulations. I have known David Ronald since those Bruggen days but in respect of trams! It was his Part One of LMR with Mike Christensen that made me look up and realised the LMR was
  13. Pleased to see that life has returned to this forum. Tony I have left messages in your RMweb mail box so look forward to your comments. Colin.
  14. Well, I have decided to cease scratch and kit building of tram and rail items. I have taken the decision as if I do get back to full health. my concentration and interest will not return. Thus, RTR will continue to see me with rail aspects only. In 00, "Welney Depot" layout based on an extension of the Wisbech & Upwell as operated in the BR era. In 009, "East Quay" based on a completely rebuilt Rye & Camber primarily as an industrial line serving a new ship terminal at the mouth of the River Rother with passenger services on sunny days! I wish very one success in d
  15. With the announcement of the first Archewell Productions series on the 2022 Invicta Games, could this be the second??? A couple of further mug shots could add a touch of royalty!!!
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