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    Modelling Hawkhurst Station (SE &CR), Crystal Palace High Level (SR) and St Mellion (GWR/BR(WR).

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  1. Hi Andy. As this is likely to be a deluxe version of this prototype, which has previously been produced by both EFE and Corgi Original Omnibus, will it have any special features. Like for example a posable sliding door or sliding roof section ? I would expect that there would be top range version with working lights as per the other Rapido buses. All the best Ray
  2. I have a pre-grouping layout and have been upgrading the cattle dock area. I was wondering when the traditional rubber hose was introduced, whether it was in use during this period, or would the operatives still be using buckets of water to wash down the docks after use. All the best Ray
  3. Has the bus hit the road yet ? All the best Ray
  4. Hi Gordon. The original Hornby Terrier was inherited from Dapol and definitely did have plunger pick-ups on four wheels and scrapers on the other two. It never had anything to do with Airfix. They were always a problem, often being faulty even on a brand new model. I tried to get replacement plungers for quite a while, but they never seemed to be available as a spare from Hornby. It should be possible to fit replacement pick-ups, but since the new version Terrier came out, I have not bothered. All the best Ray
  5. Hi London Tram. Have a look at KW Trams. They have acquired the old ABS tram kits which includes other kits which came from various sources. They also market a selection of mechanism and transfers to suit. They do not appear on their current list, but I think that some work was being done to produce a selection of London E1 trams with various detail differences, but am not sure how far that has progressed. There are however several kits for LCC cars and departmental vehicles. All the best Ray
  6. Invicta Model Railways are live and well. They were at the Spa Valley Railway last weekend with their sales stand. All the best Ray
  7. Look good to me, now where's the order book ? By the way, there are other detail/livery options for the SE & CR Terrier. Safety valves in particular. Now back to the CAD. All the best Ray
  8. I think that there is earlier picture in one of the books of this loco in full Wainwright livery and it does have a cap on the chimney. As usual, in Wainwright livery it looks very nice. All the best Ray
  9. There was also a horse drawn brewers dray in the Lledo range, again overscale. Interestingly, they also produced an AEC Regal single deck bus, a Tilling AEC ST type double deck bus, an LT type double decker and I think a trolleybus which were possibly around 3.5 mm scale. Additionally there was another small bus fairly generic, possibly Thorneycroft, which was overscale. All the best Ray
  10. I had a chat with him at the Tinkers Park show a few weeks back. He had a nice display of his products on show as well. Still waiting to hear about a return of the railway kits and accessories from another source. Hopefully not too long to wait. All the best Ray
  11. Hi Tom. On a trio of cattle wagons I have used a technique for brush painting the roofs with white paint to give them a fabric texture. Firstly I painted the rooves lengthways keeping the paint lines fairly straight. I let that dry thoroughly for a couple of days, then painted them again, but this time going crossways again keeping the paint lines straight. After letting the paint thoroughly dry again, I then sprinkled a little weathering powder evenly on the rooves and worked it gently with my finger. This seems to have achieved a fairly good effect and the weathering seems to be quite well fixed and does not rub off. This is the Maunsell/Lynes version. All the best Ray
  12. Hi Tom. I was going to forward you this the other day, but forgot about it. I think that you will find it interesting and useful. MikeKingDrawings (1).docx You will need to check with Mike about current prices. His email address is [email protected] All the best Ray
  13. Looking at the 'Coming not very soon' section on Hornby's website, these appear to have dropped back to May 2022 !!!!! As have quite a few other items. Ray
  14. Just a quick update. I visited Andy yesterday. He is still in operation, but unfortunately his website is down as the database has corrupted. He is currently building a new website, but it is a slow process for a one man band. If there is anything that you need, please do contact him by telephone. He is normally in the shop after around 10.00 in the morning on weekdays, but not on Saturdays. Hope that this helps. All the best Ray
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