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  1. I s that asleep, or chewing on the bones ? All the best Ray
  2. Thanks Regularity. Todmorden. Now is that in Lancashire or Yorkshire ?
  3. Anything Isle of Wight is always appreciated. I have previously wondered if the Bayer Peacock locos bought by the IWCR and IWR were standard BP designs, similar to Manning Wardle's, with potential detail differences and if other railways also purchased them. That might also apply to the Oldbury coaches which the IWR bought. No doubt there will be an expert who can provide the answers. Keep up the good work. Ray
  4. Thanks Paul. I will be glad when Hornby manage to get all the bits of their website to marry up. Ray
  5. And as Paul.Uni added on 27th February: 'The Hornby coming soon page lists R3702 as due July and R3761, R3868 & R3869 as due December. R3703 is not listed on the coming soon page.' G'Day Bruce Ray
  6. Of course the one from the Sittingbourne and Kemsley Railway, 'Bear', which I have been waiting for, is no where to be seen. Ray
  7. That's most helpful. I suppose I will have to back-date my green one. Many thanks Ray
  8. It is good to know what is going on and get an idea of the time scales. I believe that the two early Wainwright liveried versions sold out quite quickly (before I could order), so hopefully some extra provision has been allowed for them. I would definitely like a couple for my Hawkhurst SE & CR exhibition layout. All the best Ray
  9. Might have to live with it. I do not think Hornby or Rails will have provided tooling for this variation. All the best Ray
  10. Most interesting Liam. I have not come across that website before, (there's so much on the internet), although I think that Terry Blois does attends the Model Bus Federation London Event at Ruislip some times and sells his drawings. That Eastern Counties one looks a bit squarer than I thought it would be. But.... I just had a quick look on the internet. There does seem to be a bit of variation in the back end of these buses. Some have a fairly straight upright end, others have a curve inward towards the bottom and that Eastern Counties appears to curve outwards at bottom. I thin
  11. Thanks James. That's good news. So we could have some more nice models to look forward to as the manufacturers move further into the pre-grouping era, perhaps with some suitable wagons. I know that Oxford have a GER van in the pipeline, so an open and a brake van would be nice. I could use a ROD one on the military layout I am plotting, and the ROD NBR J36 might also eventually arrive from Hornby. All the best Ray
  12. Thanks Richard. I cannot remember if that is the one that Hornby have already done, or was it the other one ? Anyway, more variety for them. All the best Ray
  13. The latest issue of Southern Way (53) has a photo feature showing five pictures of USA Tanks in storage at an unknown location. (Some) USA Tanks. Before the Southern. Two of these show locos U.S Army Transportation Corps livery and three in WD livery. All of the liveries have variations and no two are the same. The locos are: 1968 and 1974 - US Army Transportation Corps. And WD 1264, 1277 and 1279. The lettering style varies on each of these, so presumably they were each hand painted by a different person ? 1968 was the USA liveried one that Model Rail produced, but th
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