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  1. Judging by what the Isle of Wight Steam Railway have already recovered, a fair bit already restored and put back into service and knowing that quite a lot of other stuff still exists, they should be able to recreate quite a lot of the former railways on the island. More strength to their elbow. All the best Ray
  2. This looks very nice. Anyone know if any of the NCB ones managed to visit the Kent coalfield or anywhere in the South ? All the best Ray
  3. Any chance they do a new one in early LNER livery with lining and full cow catcher and valences. Surprised they did not do one in the original batch instead of two with lining, but no valences. Ray
  4. I have also received my Fishbourne and everything appears o.k. I have tested it briefly on a straight section of track and appears to run satisfactorily. Unfortunately no access to a layout at the moment to test it more thoroughly. Lets hope that there will be a new batch of 02's next year to swell the Isle of Wight ranks. Ray
  5. Have Hornby officially said that this is a limited edition, or is it just a limited run at this time ? This is after all new tooling (including the 1st class coach) and they will want to recover their investment on what is going to be a very inexpensive model if the original stated price is upheld. The actual model looks like an alternative body on the 1st class coach chassis, so some saving there. I would have imagined that they would have expected to get a lot more production out of this tooling with an extra run as soon as a slot is available and especially in the long term with
  6. Hi Neil. I would be interested in one too and a Joyce if you go ahead with it. All the best Ray
  7. Forgot to say that I have tended to shy away from using weathering powders on wagons as I thought that on an exhibition layout these would get rubbed off fairly quickly. I have used dilute acrylic paint on most of mine to pick out the high-lights, then seal it all with a coat of matt varnish which has been adulterated with a few drops of brown paint, varied according to the type of wagon involved. Mind you, I did use the powder on the rooves of my cattle wagons, which I had painted twice, once lengthways and the second time cross ways which gave them a bit of canvas li
  8. Perhaps you could make up a simple tabulated list of the wagons that you have produced and what kits etc. were used as a simple check list for other members future possible construction. That would save having to trawl through loads of posts. Many thanks, all the best. Ray
  9. Good taste. I bought that one as well, as it was used as a contractors loco for the construction of two military railways and later by Blue Circle cement, both of which are of interest to me. All the best Ray
  10. Hi Bernard. The moulding for the rear splasher actually extends right across the width of the cab with no gap for the fire hole area. So there is only a small amount of flat floor space is available to fit a couple of crew figures towards the rear of the cab. Ray
  11. II got my new lined Southern BWT last week. No major problems with it with regard to bits missing or stuck on crookedly and the livery is applied very nicely. A little bit of painting around the buffers will help them to blend in with rest of the loco and hide their plastic-ness, plus some weathering of the brake gear and other below footplate fittings. I agree with Sam's comment about the rear splasher going right across the cab. I wonder if any of the figure makers have produced a crew that will take that into account and help to hide the problem ? I do not remember noticing that on my
  12. I am a non DCC user at the moment having only one early DDC fitted Hornby King Arthur, a DCC sound fitted J36 and the first DCC sound van put by for possible future development. The Rails Terrier definitely has the bark, the YouChoos one has more of a wheeze. Is it possible to deepen the sound on the YouChoos chip to match the bark ? All the best Ray
  13. Has anyone had a problem with their subscription copy of Model Rail. My November issue, publication date 28th October has never arrived. I did contact them and a replacement copy was being sent. (Postman has just been, neither received yet). The October copy also arrived 10 days after publication date, and I had reported its non arrival and ended up with two copies. I have now received the email advising that the December copy is on its way, publication date Thursday next week. When will that arrive ? Another DOGA member has had the same trouble and when he spoke to Mod
  14. I would like them to do Wainwright from Ashford Works. Ray
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