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  1. Took the loco down to the club last night, but did not get a chance to run it. Put it on the track to see what it looked like and found the tender binding. On closer inspection found that the brake gear had dropped down. Pushed it back and it stayed, does not appear to have been glued. Had another look this morning. Gave it a basic test and it ran very nicely with good slow gearing, unlike some of the other more recent offerings from the trade. The detached tender buffer is now glued back on, but I noted that the NEM coupling is missing its hook. This does not bother me to
  2. Hi Matt. That's starting to take shape. If you can, stick the sections together with polystyrene cement and solvent to hide the joins. (Ideally done before they are permanently stuck down if possible). A little variation in the shades of the sets works well and the Wills plastic moulding lends itself to having some rendering applied between the stones either with paint or dilute filler. Perhaps finish off with a light dressing of weathering powder. Keep up the good work. All the best Ray
  3. My full Wainwright arrived this morning. Had a quick scan, looks very nice, but one tender buffer adrift in the box. That seems to be par for the course. I wonder if there is a tight spot in the packaging ? Have to go out now, but will take it down the club tonight and hopefully give a test run. I do not have a layout at home to test it on. Not sure when the SE & CR Battleship Grey one will come. All the best Ray
  4. I think that they have them all, but are only releasing one type at a time. Ray
  5. Hi Graham. I am pleased to see that. As I said, I tried to find verification, but the only drawings I could locate, and there were several on the HMRS site, all showed the 'coat hangers pointing inwards towards the axle. That's good to know. Many thanks Ray
  6. Had a call this afternoon. They are still dealing with the Wainwright liveried ones and dispatching that one to me, but not the SE & CR grey one yet. I think that they are releasing them in chronological order. All the best Ray
  7. Hi All. First I would say that I have four of these on order and have been waiting a long time and am looking forward to them. Looking at the first image I am very impressed with the detail and finish. On the second image something is irking me. I will now stick my neck out and will probably get my head bitten off. Those elements which look like coat hangers are I think the wrong way round. The brake linkages should be attached to the them from the inside and when applied they pull the four brake shoes in simultaneously. I have tried to find some plans showing these
  8. Thanks for that info. Thinking about pre-grouping locos in general, would the same go for the J26 and Hornby's Q6 ? I think that it has been confirmed that Hornby's 700 class could be done in LSWR livery, albeit probably unlined black. Now could Bachmann's 'Super D' be done in LNWR livery. That would probably be plain black as well, like their ROD ? Still waiting for the Coal Tank in lined LNWR livery. All the best Ray
  9. Could this be accurately produced in NER livery ? Ray
  10. Hopefully they will print the lettering straight this time, not at an angle. That was the reason I did not buy the first one. All the best Ray
  11. I was told some years ago that when they were restoring the loco to SE & CR condition for exhibition, they could not find a correct pattern chimney, so had one manufactured in wood ! Also that they restored the lubricators at the front of the loco, as original condition, but left the later ones inside the cab. So it has double lubricators ! Now a question. It has been confirmed that there are traction tyres on the front drivers. They don't last forever, will these be available as spares ? Just waiting for my two to come. All the best Ray
  12. That's a nice selection. Do we know what the location of the ex-LC & DR camping coaches was ? I know that there was a couple at Amberley. All the best Ray
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