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  1. Invicta Model Railways are live and well. They were at the Spa Valley Railway last weekend with their sales stand. All the best Ray
  2. Look good to me, now where's the order book ? By the way, there are other detail/livery options for the SE & CR Terrier. Safety valves in particular. Now back to the CAD. All the best Ray
  3. I think that there is earlier picture in one of the books of this loco in full Wainwright livery and it does have a cap on the chimney. As usual, in Wainwright livery it looks very nice. All the best Ray
  4. There was also a horse drawn brewers dray in the Lledo range, again overscale. Interestingly, they also produced an AEC Regal single deck bus, a Tilling AEC ST type double deck bus, an LT type double decker and I think a trolleybus which were possibly around 3.5 mm scale. Additionally there was another small bus fairly generic, possibly Thorneycroft, which was overscale. All the best Ray
  5. I had a chat with him at the Tinkers Park show a few weeks back. He had a nice display of his products on show as well. Still waiting to hear about a return of the railway kits and accessories from another source. Hopefully not too long to wait. All the best Ray
  6. Hi Tom. On a trio of cattle wagons I have used a technique for brush painting the roofs with white paint to give them a fabric texture. Firstly I painted the rooves lengthways keeping the paint lines fairly straight. I let that dry thoroughly for a couple of days, then painted them again, but this time going crossways again keeping the paint lines straight. After letting the paint thoroughly dry again, I then sprinkled a little weathering powder evenly on the rooves and worked it gently with my finger. This seems to have achieved a fairly good effect and the weathering seems to be quite well fixed and does not rub off. This is the Maunsell/Lynes version. All the best Ray
  7. Hi Tom. I was going to forward you this the other day, but forgot about it. I think that you will find it interesting and useful. MikeKingDrawings (1).docx You will need to check with Mike about current prices. His email address is [email protected] All the best Ray
  8. Looking at the 'Coming not very soon' section on Hornby's website, these appear to have dropped back to May 2022 !!!!! As have quite a few other items. Ray
  9. Just a quick update. I visited Andy yesterday. He is still in operation, but unfortunately his website is down as the database has corrupted. He is currently building a new website, but it is a slow process for a one man band. If there is anything that you need, please do contact him by telephone. He is normally in the shop after around 10.00 in the morning on weekdays, but not on Saturdays. Hope that this helps. All the best Ray
  10. Just come back from my local model railway supplier with two of the new 02s, the mainland one and IoW Chale. The first one we opened the box on (Mainland) had one of its coupling rods flailing around with the pin missing from one end, and the pin did not appear to be loose in the box. That will be going back to Bachmann. Having a chance to have a good close look with my Optivisor, I am very pleased with the livery finish on both locos, although there is definitely a strange colour contrast between the front section of the mainland loco and the bunker sides as previously noted on here. This seems to change when you look at it in daylight or artificial light. I think that I can live with it. Perhaps a little weathering will blend it in. By the way, I have one of the new Gate Stock sets in Maunsell green, so would the 02 be normally coupled to this at its bunker end ? This would allow me to fit all the pipes and a scale screw link coupling on the front buffer beam without a need to the NEM coupling for a tidy appearance. We had one of these new ones and one of the original DJ ones down at our club last week on our Crystal Palace High Level layout. This is modelled post 1925, so features the third rail for which we have used the PECO fittings. Neither of them worked particularly well, although I cannot vouch that the track was 100% perfectly clean. I tried to determine what the problem might be and speculated that it might be the brake rodding riding on the third rail in places. On close inspection I was amazed by the considerable side play on both the driving wheels and the bogie ones, which I thought might let the loco take up an unrealistic stance particularly when going through curves and pointwork especially where it would be running through reverse curves. With regard to the brake rods, they did not look too close to rail height, but perhaps the joints might come into contact with the third rail especially with the amount of sideways motion of the wheels. The rods are fairly accessible and the plastic seems quite workable, so maybe a little filing might be appropriate to give some more clearance without anything being visible from above. Has anyone else with a Southern Electric layout had similar problems ? I will probably give these a run next week on some of the non-electrified sidings to see if they run better on that. All the best Ray
  11. Just checked mine. As far as I can see they are all o.k. at the moment. The Wainwright light grey was the only one I did not get as it sold out before I could order it, but the iron door one looks alright. It could either be a defect in the paint itself or a reaction between the paint and the printer resin. I recall that Corgie had a problem like this with some of their buses. The one in particular I remember was a Brighton trolleybus which got crazed cream paint of the roof, but I know that there were at least a couple of others. I think in that particular case it was definitely defective paint, or where a second coat of paint was sprayed over the first. That should not be the case with these models as I think that they have only one coat of paint. Does anyone know if these wagons are primed in any way before painting, another possible reaction ? Thinking about it, it might be a problem with the resin itself, bad mix, whatever, and the cracks in the paint might just be a symptom. All the best Ray
  12. Hi Tom. have you got a copy of Mike King's drawings, I think that he does one for the 4 wheelers. You are getting me tempted here, I might need a rake, although they are slightly too early for my period. I am sure that they could turn up from somewhere. A really old hop pickers train (for really old hop pickers !) Keep up the good work. All the best Ray
  13. I we talking about applying a coat of acrylic or enamel matt varnish to protect the lining ? I know that enamel varnish can sometimes lift paint. It has happened on a couple of rtr PO wagons I weathered, where the wagons had several layers of paint overlaid. All the best Ray
  14. Hi Richard. Sorry slight correction. I think that should have read Archive Magazine not Railway Archive Magazine. I started drafting my email before I checked on their website and forgot to correct the details. All the best Ray
  15. Hi Richard. I can vaguely remember that their was an article in Railway Archive Magazine about Longhedge Works. Lightmoor Press/Black Dwarf. This was I think mostly photos with expanded captions and was spread over two issues. Just had a look through their list of issues and found: 'A visit to Longhedge Works 1903.' Issue 15 Part 1 (Sold out) Issue 16 Part 2 (In stock) The author was Jim Greaves who is a SECSoc. member, so it was fairly authoritative. The first issue is sold out from the publisher, but hopefully copies of the magazine should still available from the second hand market. Hope that this helps. All the best Ray
  16. Hi Edwardian. The colour represents the later dark grey for the Maunsell period. They do not do a lighter lead grey for the Wainwright period, so I use Precision P130 B. R. Roof Grey (Maroon Coaches only). All the best Ray
  17. Mine went through yesterday as well. Ray
  18. Definitely looks like the footplate/steps and rear half of the cab were painted on a different line to the boiler/tanks and front half of the cab, and not from the same batch of paint. Looks like it has been for a part repaint in the works ! All the best Ray
  19. I got my Calbourne yesterday, and that curves up towards the front buffer beam on both sides. I manipulated it slightly each side and that seemed to improve the appearance have not had a chance to test run it yet. Ray
  20. Andy has been a bit unwell this week so has not been in the shop. He may be back tomorrow (Thursday). Please persevere, he has definitely not closed down. All the best Ray
  21. Hi Turbo. I think that you may just have been unlucky with the switches. I have soldered dozens of them and never had any problem, Perhaps a slightly more expensive type will perform better. Was the PCB etched, then painted and the hollowed areas flooded with paint ? I did the electrics in the main control panel for Crystal Palace High Level. Hidden inside is a sheet of double sided PCB. I plotted all the layout for a route setting control panel on paper and then applied the details to the board. So most of the routes are set by throwing one or two switches and up to five PECO solenoids are thrown at a time using diodes mounted on the rear of the board. There are also five motor driven point motors which have to have the power maintained until they have made their full travel, otherwise they get stuck and you have to get underneath and wind them on with your finger. So effectively, all you have coming out of the main controller panel is a pair or wires to each point and all the plotting is done inside the box. It works quite well, although we had to up the CDUs a bit to get reliable operation. All the best Ray
  22. Hi Turbo. I have never had a problem with switches jamming solid. Two questions: 1. Did you have problems getting the wires to solder to the contacts on the switches ? I have found that some of them can be a bit reluctant, but if you supplement the solder with some resin type flux they normally solder reliably and quite quickly. 2. How did you do the panel ? It looks very good. Is it etched ? I have done mine by using car Pin Lining Tape from Halfords stuck onto plasticard and then overlaying it with thin clear acrylic sheet. That stops it from getting damaged. You can drill through the combined thickness quite well without any problems to make holes for the switches. All the best Ray
  23. Further to what I said. That would be Vauxhall Brazil Brown for the dark brown livery. All the best Ray
  24. Hi Tom. Further note on the original SE & CR coach red. The original proprietor of Precision Paints, Bob Shepheard, actually amended the shade to make it darker after consulting with the South Eastern and Chatham Railway Society. So I think that it is fairly authoritative. All the best Ray
  25. Hi Tom. Don't start me off again. As far as I have been able to determine the earliest version of SE & CR coach livery was the dark red as per the shade used by Bachmann on their 60ft Birdcage Stock. This itself was a continuation of the SER coach colour. There were some experiments with dark red lower half and varnished teak upper half, but that was not adopted. Around 1914/6 a lighter shade of red was observed on some stock, this would principally have been applied to new built and main line stock. So in effect the Bachmann coaches may have appeared from new in this ? (More scope for Bachmann to do another run). It is most unlikely that any 4 wheeled stock would have been repainted in the lighter red as it would have been due for withdrawal, and I doubt if any 6 wheeled stock would have got it, but there might have been a few exceptions. Then from around 1917, the dark brown colour was adopted. This can be replicated using Brazil Brown paint from Halfords as identified by AVS 1998 of this parish. I do not think I will be buying the Hattons versions of the SE & CR 4/6 wheeled stock as they appear to be insisting on using this brighter shade of red. The Precision shade for the dark red is a good match. I wish that they did the Coach Brown, Loco Battleship Grey and Wainwright Wagon Lead Grey as well. (I use their Mk 1 Coach Roof Grey for Maroon Coaches only for this wagon colour). All the best Ray
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