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  1. I knew i'd read somewhere that they didn't tilt. Thanks Pete.
  2. I wonder if every coach will tilt, as the NDM's didn't in real life and that will solve the issue of Hornby coming up with some way of keeping the pantographs upright on corners.
  3. Ah ok. That's good to know, thanks Gordon.
  4. Will all the coaches have moulded tail lamps at each end? That's going to look terrible in a long rake, and certainly wouldn't be allowed in real life as a tail lamp signifies the end of a formation. Surely it would have been better (and easier) for them to simply put loose add on tail lamps in the box, like they did years ago with the mk1's?
  5. I'd still say the white lines one the TSO's are too high up the body.
  6. Hmm. After studying the newer mk2a's, i'm still not convinced they're right. Think i'll wait and see if either Hornby have a decent go, or if Bachmann release mk2b's.
  7. Have Bachmann moved things on at all recently?
  8. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but when did the shade of blue change on the mk1's? Online i'm seeing different product codes. For example, mk1 TSO's are coming up on google as 39-050, 39-050a, 39-050d, 39-050f etc... The ones i have are 39-050 and i'd like a matching FO, FK or a composite to go with them. Thanks in advance chaps.
  9. Sorry flood, i was talking about my mk1's. Although i'm guessing your box information would stand across mk1's and mk2's. As for the mk2's, lets hope next years (third attempt!) have the grey band extended even lower as it still looks a little too close to the windows to me.
  10. Are the product codes different on the newer ones?I have several of the early ones (i think) which i bought years ago. I'd like to complete a full rake but i want the livery shades to match.
  11. So the 'a' designates it as the improved release? That's interesting. May have to pop along to my local liverpool based railway establishment with some hard earned...
  12. Any issues with a Bachmann 40, i'd suggest contacting 'lees loco's'. The guys paint, weathering work and electrical mods are incredible!
  13. Are they retooling it, to sort out the cab window issue?
  14. No i'd have the axles slightly lower than the axle boxes on the bogies. Again, not perfect but from a few feet away would look better than seeing a big gap. Each to their own i guess, haha.
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