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  1. Yes I know about these sets but there's nothing new for the more adult buyers. Most won't be interested in the Harry Potter and Eurostar is a bit basic the ramblrer is more for the younger market and there is only so many flying Scotsman you can sell The GWR set is good idea but could do with an update to the latest coaches with the sliding doors The set with the b17 and two coaches was more the idea I was thinking of but with a different locomotive maybe every few years Yes some of the exclusives were good a few years ago Hornby did some for
  2. The 2021 catalogue is a bit of a mess and confusing as spamcan61 says Some things are not shown and some have been in there for years like the class 71 Not a good record of the Hornby products available in 2021 I like to look back at the previous year's catalogues so this is a bit disappointing but not the end of the world with everything going on in the world at the moment I don't know why Hornby doesn't do a combined volume of say 10 or 20 years of previous catalogues. Maybe Pat Hammond would be the man for the job
  3. Why no train sets for the more adult market? All the 2021 sets seem to be more for the younger market and a bit cheap and plasticky looking Surely a larger steam or diesel loco with coaches would be more appealing than an 040 with some branding on
  4. It's a farce from Hornby things like this should be sorted out before the range launch to the public. The retailers would have seen the 2021 range in December .I would have thought online this year instead of on it person at Margate. But still no excuse for not telling your retailers the correct information It does no one any good Hornby the retailers or us the end customers
  5. It would be interesting to see what Bachmann say, Martin. I haven't been well enough to run my Biffa for a week or so . What lubricant did you use on your 66?
  6. Has any other manufacturer ever made the Lady Diana Spencer 47712 in the same livery as the Hornby model? It's one of the few things that I would have bought from the 2021 releases Very disappointed that it might not be available by the sound of things. The catalogue has only been out a few days and already Hornby are in a mess Talking about the 2021 catalogue am I the only one that thinks that it's a bit of a jumble with some 2020 items that haven't arrived yet not shown a then things like the class 71s have been in for years then you've got
  7. I've had the body off my Biffa sound fitted 66 and the PCB was quite loose . I couldn't tighten the screws any more than they had been done in the factory I ended up shortening the screws so it held at board in securely . Had a good look around inside the locomotive and couldn't find anything that would cause the slightly noisy running . I think it may be getting better with running in will give it another try now I have the PCB secured properly. To be honest my version was only slightly noisier than my previous Bachmann 66s it could
  8. maybe ask Bachmann if they have any ideas or send it to the service department if its that bad
  9. Has anyone else noticed that the speaker is still powered when the sound is turned off? you get a slight hissing noise not loud but just enough to hear when the locomotive is stationary Is there a CV change to fix this ?
  10. Just got a brand new 10001 and it runs very quietly straight from the box and very smoothly .Is yours a new model or the previous release? Maybe it's a bearing that you have missed with the oil . have you put a very small amount of lubricant on the motor bearings? I don't usually have any trouble with Bachmann locos but did have a Hornby class 56 with a similar issue to what you describe. Despite oiling the bearings and everything I could not find the problem sent it to Hornby and they said that it was a dry bearing somewhere .
  11. I've got the Biffa one and yes it's a bit noisier then the previous Bachmann 66s But no problems with it. I'm going to run it for a few days then take the body off and give it a bit of oil before fitting the details and nameplates One thing I have noticed is that the sound speaker is always powered even with the sound turned off
  12. Has anyone fitted one of these decoders to the 1P ? https://www.digitrains.co.uk/860015.html I use a lot of the lais DCC decoders with great success but not this one and not with a locomotive with a coreless motor
  13. It's not good to hear that people still haven't received their models yet. I received my one at the beginning of August. I agree with you flapland the box I received my one was too small to properly protect the model in shipping Hornby's distribution company definitely need to improve. It should not take that long to process and send out 3500 items and then sort out the faulty or damaged ones .even with the vIrus situation They do seem to have problems with distribution and their website is worse than useless
  14. I got my one Wednesday really pleased with it and managed to brave the heat in the train room to do a quick video .just got to fit the nameplates now .then maybe sound
  15. I'm very disappointed that this locomotive doesn't come with metal name plates just some poor airfix style transfers I would have expected at least the name to be printed on the loco .
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