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  1. Is this your photo from FB you are looking for? ps. looks good :-)
  2. "Tichy Train Group" makes separate windows and doors. e.g. https://www.tichytraingroup.com/Shop.aspx?SearchValue=8036 or https://www.tichytraingroup.com/Shop/tabid/91/c/ho_framed-windows/Default.aspx. I bought a "life time supply" many years ago in the US to balance shipping cost. May be MB Klein was the online shop I used.
  3. You may get one from Germany http://www.rd-hobby.de/en/Catalog/Detail/26045
  4. Vernon is a very interesting place for model railroad. But it is also a very special place. It is a city that is run like a private owned industry park. That explains the situation full of legal conflicts. The very few Voters are employees and better stand loyal to their employer. Some history: https://la.curbed.com/2017/5/19/15651412/vernon-ca-vinci-history-leonis You will find lots of astonishing stories if you search the LA Times in the last 20 years.
  5. €17.00 postage is ridiculous. I pay usual about 5-8 Pounds when I buy sound decoders and trees in the UK. There should be no VAT within the EU. Anyhow the DHL postage is really a problem. ​I am sorry for misguiding you.
  6. Might be more cost effective to get one from Germany as I get sometime things from the UK to prevent the high US shipping cost and time delay. H0 http://www.rd-hobby.de/en/Catalog/Detail/43743 N http://www.rd-hobby.de/en/Catalog/Detail/61331
  7. I have been several years ago in Vernon and did a couple of photo from point of view of model railroader. They might be of use for you https://flic.kr/s/aHskpdJNti
  8. I enjoyed his layout and videos on YouTube. His Florida based layout influenced my modeling. My condolence to his family.
  9. A perfect contemporary ISL. The composition and the long background structure are exceptional well done.
  10. I am silent bystander since some time preventing double posting in Big Blue and here. However in this thread my photos might be useful.
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