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  1. It’s very much got the correct sit and impression of weight and substance I associate with this most elegant and well-proportioned design. I’m glad there’s a bit of time still before release; I’ve got a stack of NBLs and a Deltic to see to first!
  2. Mad McCann

    Dapol Class 21/29

    OK then; who’s gonna be first to hack a pair into D6123..?
  3. It looks highly impressive. I assume this is a pay up front project then. I only ask as I’m heavily committed with various situations and won’t likely have much disposable income until spring. Davy.
  4. Are you sure that publicity flier isn’t Deepfake..?
  5. Mad McCann

    Dapol Class 21/29

    I believe there’s also a Paxman at Bo’ness. Since the Valenta was derived from the Ventura there might be a similar sound to the HST but with less turbo screech. Regarding the vents; Flettners are exactly what they are. A fairly novel approach to engine room ventilation as it happens and never as far as I know repeated elsewhere. Davy.
  6. Mad McCann

    Dapol Class 21/29

    These samples look utterly superb. It’s been such a long wait since these models were first announced but it truly does look like ‘the best came last’ in terms of ScR diesel power of the Transition/Pre-TOPs era. Only perhaps a Gloucester and Swindon InterCity DMU and NBL/Barclay 0-4-0 shunters are missing for that era of Scottish Operation now. I will enjoy these NBLs very much when they finally arrive.
  7. Isn’t Resistance the problem anyway..?
  8. By the way, that isn’t a Neilson saddle tank I see behind the painted sample, is it? ;-) Davy.
  9. Well, to the best of my knowledge, “Donald and Douglas” were inspired by the pairs of 812s used on the Annbank mineral turns in Ayrshire rather than Jumbos. Which of course doesn’t detract from the extreme utility of the Jumbos which in that period were still widely used on the lighter goods turns with their 2F rating, as opposed to the 3F of the 812s. :-) Davy.
  10. Well, I’m absolutely dumbfounded as this one has sneaked in right under my radar. Impressed and very, very interested. You’ll definitely be getting orders from me in due course. Please consider doing a Jumbo too; the world will be a better place for it! :-) Davy.
  11. Some listed on eBay now if anybody’s interested... Davy
  12. Well, I played the game on this one and picked an era. It does give a focus that would otherwise be lacking. Plenty others will make steam era choices but a modeller of both late transition and TOPS era blue, ScR, it’s unlikely my steam choices would be viable anyway so I concentrated on the latter. Personally, I still think a decent HAA is an open goal...
  13. I believe the coupled wheelbase is very close but the wheel diameter is essentially the same as a J38, opening up cut and shut possibilities.
  14. I ordered a set of Cawoods but now I’m thinking they should have been BFLs, d’oh!
  15. It's pretty existential on a personal level when you have no home, no income and are living on the street, because although you are confined to a wheelchair, somebody at the DWP deemed you fit to work. An awful lot of people in the UK are blissfully unaware that this is the reality of life for many now, but, unbelievable as it may be to our more sheltered readers; reality it is for many people less lucky...
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