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  1. Actually a strange move that as I understand that '512 was withdrawn from Polmadie that summer. Perhaps a paperwork mix-up? Davy.
  2. I pondered that but the boiler is conspicuously shorter. Davy.
  3. Well, there's gonna be a bit of 'monkey see, monkey do' now, you know that... Davy
  4. Very nice seeing all these A2/2s here but for me, the main event is going to be the A2/3. Anything on the scuttlebutt about their arrival? I did hear that this week was possible. Davy.
  5. That's wonderful, bud! Layout looks amazing though I'd be creeping under that bridge in a decker, given the limited headroom. Tenement looking fantastic too. To me, this couldn't be anywhere else in the world but Leith. Followed. Davy.
  6. It's still Mike. Been 18 years since he took over from Mike Hawkins but he's ploughing on through present difficulties. I'm looking to move north soon, but I absolutely guarantee Mike will still get my business. His quality service and friendly manner deserve no less. Just a heads-up, he's having a week off at the moment so go easy on the orders; I understand he's got a terrifying battle with a monster hedge booked this week! Davy
  7. With this, the Standard 2MT and a MK1/Gresley BG, there's potential for a Tweed Valley train pack. Davy.
  8. Is there any source material where dimensions for the enlarged top feed can be found? I would like to portray these three locos, being the only 8Fs allocated to ScR in this era. Davy.
  9. 51


    1. Hroth


      This sort of thing happens every year...


    2. cbeagleowner


      many happy returns! My clock ticks on tomorrow

  10. Oh, this one is seriously pushing my buttons, Ian! A train could get costly mind! Davy.
  11. A long time ago in a previous life, I remember stooging around at Shenfield with an oppo waiting for her sis coming in from Liverpool St. Whilst her waiting PPO driver nipped across the road to the offy for a load of whisky, gin and fags...
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