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  1. I'm truly astonished at the lack of discussion/ anticipation on display for this loco. It's been on my radar for 41years! Guess it was just me getting excited then ... Davy
  2. Good to see you're still plugging on, Chris. For my part I've been flying under the radar, getting my gaff sold and finding a new one, whilst circumnavigating all the other brown stuff of the last few years! I should be moving in a few weeks now so not long till I start badgering you for those Barclay etches I kept banging on about! All the best, mate. Davy
  3. As previously stated, this could be a stack off mis-fills or rejects stashed in the corner of a yard, perhaps of a feed merchants and kept for say local customers who perhaps only take a handful of bags for a smallholding or the likes Davy.
  4. Very nice. Are you any further on with the GN tender for the K3, by the way? Davy
  5. Fantastic I have a few of these to do myself. If you have a spare half dozen castings at the end... Davy.
  6. At Bachmann prices I think I'll be sticking with Parkside. Davy
  7. One thing I noted from a Peter Handford recording of an A2/2 was the considerable big end noise when under power. Might be worth exploring. Davy.
  8. I have finished both '522 Straight Deal and '519 Honeyway. I got both out into the daylight today for their 'Yard Portrait' today, seeing as the weather and sun elevation is now good enough for such things. I'm well pleased with these two as this is the first 'Big Steam' I've done in a while. Davy
  9. Honestly, in this day and age, a factory-weathered loco should resemble a machine that's been out getting dirty at work rather than coming back from a bog snorkeling event. Fortunately, solutions exist... Davy.
  10. Thanks Rob. I really could use a proper photo backdrop for my models but your tweaks have brought the model out well. I'm off to do some final finishing on it now before I get started on Honeyway. Davy.
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