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  1. I do have quite a pile of varied and in some cases niche finescale stuff to get rid of so this is probably worth a punt. Thanks for the heads up, Andy. I’ve not been on the site much in recent times so I missed this development.
  2. Once upon a time on the forum, we used to have a very simple but effective way of getting rid of our surplus items. Times change of course nd that facility went by the wayside when RMweb changed hands. Sadly, there are next to no substitute methods available today beyond a certain auction site that I utterly begrudge having to use these days. Similarly, there are some sales groups on a well-known social media platform but these are all pretty useless and full of time wasters and panhandlers. What’s a bloke to do..? Davy
  3. That grey looks the biz. Get these finished and I'll be back in the vestibule, window hanging with fag in mouth and Nitro Deluxe on the Walkman! ;-) Davy.
  4. Certainly these photos are a valuable find, seeing as they provide actual first hand evidence of the class’ appearance on the line. I guess some good came of it as five K1s came in on a permanent basis the following year. Even if the Ivatt machines were found wanting, the trial must have identified a need for a modern utility 2-6-0 in Lochaber and further north. Davy.
  5. Well, this is one I always hankered for so here we go! :-)
  6. Day three of trying to wrest order from the Shed of Chaos. The horror... the horror..,

    1. BoD


      If you can keep many projects on the go when those around have only one, If you can lose tiny parts as easy as pie ......then you are a modeller, my son.

    2. locoholic


      Beware the Loft of Doom, then.

    3. Hroth


      And the Small Box Room of Disappointment!

  7. I think I’ll stick to repainting my ICs. Just need to get a good match for the Executive greys on the DBSO. Any thoughts?
  8. For me, this is a watershed year of sorts. I'm taking stock of my modelling and there are so many unfinished projects and unbuilt kits of various descriptions, gathered over the last ten years that I feel compelled to sell off 90% of it and start all over again! Most of it was gathered over ten years in a self-medicating reaction to unhappy personal circumstances (now resolved) so there may well be something cathartic in its ultimate disposal! Davy
  9. I can't believe the accumulations of crap and unfinished projects that litter what is colloquially known as Max Stafford's Kennel. I feel a purge may be required for mental health reasons!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BoD


      Congratulations, you are a real modeller.

    3. DougN


      Try my 2018 resolution, finish one project that has been started every month... my list is down 15 items on this time last year!

    4. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      My first move of the year is to try and sort out the nightmare of bad Feng Shui that is my shed!

  10. D6851

    1. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      Ah, English Electric delight complete with a proper number.

    2. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      Aye. Played a significant role in events 50 years past today.

  11. Wasn't born to follow...

    1. Tim V

      Tim V

      No I'd rather go and journey

      Where the diamond crescent's glowing

    2. Londontram


      Don't make a fuss David just wait your turn in the queue please

  12. Mine arrived on Friday gents, thanks ever so much. I'm glad you're doing the instalment thingy as 55001 with sound is going to be awful hard to resist! Davy.
  13. A peaceful and happy Yule to all! :-)

    1. 60159


      All the best to you Dave and hope 2019 is a good year for you.

    2. Mallard60022


      Blessing der heart.

  14. A peaceful and happy Yule to all! ;

  15. Well pleased with my wee Yule treat. Hopefully get that ID changed soon and have a proper wee Fifer from the mid ‘60s hauling 16 tonners around before long!
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