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  1. It may be a photographic effect but comparing this model with a photo of a real 25 in a magazine here, there seems insufficient rake on the windscreen and the relationship between the cab front and headcode box just seems uncomfortable. Davy.
  2. Just ruminating, but would knocking out the gears to the 1st and second axles on a DJM Austerity remove the cogging issue by letting one axle and the rods do all the work?

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    2. PMP


      @skipepsi They run fine with no motor or worm attached. It’s not the rods, it’s backlash within the gear train when the motor and worm are in position. EFE have changed the motor which may have resolved the issue with the new releases. 

    3. mike morley

      mike morley

      PMP.  I used a Mashima 1628 (discontinued long before Mashima ceased trading) and a gearbox that High Level designed specifically to go with that motor but was very similar in appearance to a Roadrunner+.

    4. skipepsi


      So helical gear set maybe the answer?

  3. I’m pondering whether when Hornby’s A2/2 is released whether much effort will be required to convert it into one of the quartet of A2/1s that Thompson converted from V2s whilst already under construction. Superficially they seem very similar with the wedge front cab though obviously later A2/3 style smoke deflectors were added. I’m unaware of significant differences although there were certainly a few different boiler diagrams knocking about at the time. Davy.
  4. The simple answer to this is no. D6123 obviously was the first in TTG in July ‘63. Twelve went into two tone green in 1965-6 and the last seven rebuilds, straight into blue between June and December 1967. Davy.
  5. They certainly scrub up well. My favourite diesel models to date. Lovely and well worth the ten year wait. Pretty much leaving the best till last in ScR modelling terms. Davy.
  6. Trust me. The producer of an excellent series of archive videos is a serial offender...
  7. It’s Fechan painful to listen to at times...
  8. And while we’re on such matters, peeps; ‘Caley’ is pronounced ‘Kah-ly’. Not, under any circumstances is it pronounced like a bad Marillion song! Davy
  9. I still badly need a Barassie works Timber-P. well actually , aboit four triple packs... Davy.
  10. Most of is are in the same boat mate. Prices have gone up, earnings have reduced significantly for most of us. Guess it just means we can’t have everything that we want. Not a good situation at all but it is what it is for now. Model looks promising though. Davy.
  11. There’s a parallel with how we work when building a model, a layout or any DIY; rush into the job too quickly and you usually have to go back and do it again. Much as we’re all desperate to do all those things we enjoy, gradual is sensible in these circunstances. As a naturally cautious man I’m fine with that. Davy.
  12. Hey, Bachmann, if the Grainflows are too expensive to assemble and be viable for you; how about doing them CKD-style for those of us happy to assemble them ourselves?

  13. Probably wise to use gloves when handling cash, particularly if you have small cuts or cracks on your skin aa you may well do ifvyoy’re washing your hands frequently. When I have to spend five hours in a bus cab again, I’ll use every protection I can get my hands on, given a second wave is now inevitable.
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