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  1. Wonder when the annual wishlist is due out?

    I'm going to vote for a BR Std 2MT mogul this year...

    1. John M Upton

      John M Upton

      I think it has been scrapped hasn't it?

    2. Hroth


      Delayed due to, well, whatever is on the line.....

    3. Metr0Land


      There's no fun in it now the F*ll's being done.

  2. Well, now that I've moved and slowly settling in to my new place, some modelling will be coming to the fore again, so I guess I'd better start bouncing business Dave's way again! Some buffer stops might be in the offing!
  3. I think I have inadvertently applied the same principle to my own work... ;-) Davy.
  4. Personally, I think Hornby have absolutely nailed it with the shade of green they have done this time. It has depth and life unlike the shades used back when the Britannia came out circa 2006. I understand that colour perception is a highly subjective thing, given the vagaries of the human eye and brain, but compared to photos of the prototype and seeing full-size BR green locos in preservation, with correct application of BR green, to my mind if not spot in it is at least very, very close OK, those lined green cylinders and the firebox are a bit of a fantasy but nothing some well aimed black paint and weathering won't solve if you have the skills.
  5. Well, I assume these will be on the way soon too. I've changed my address guys though I think I did make you aware previously unless I'm having unusually vivid dreams! Davy.
  6. I did note your observations, David, fair enough. None of them are of massive concern to me and will be dealt with. Quite surprised they modelled the rear cab windows raised as you rarely ever see them that way on any locomotive, let alone V2s. Easily put right if you're inclined to DIY fixes. Davy.
  7. Whatever issues there are with the finish will be academic when mine morphs into 60813 under a coat of 1965 64A grime...
  8. DVLA; 6 months I've been waiting for my renewed licence. Can't even update my address details despite having moved home.

    Sort it out people, this has gone on too long!

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    2. Metr0Land


      Bizarre.  Am 73 in Nov and had 'invite' to renew licence just before Bank Hols.  Request submitted online Tue 24Aug.  I was worried how long it would take due to publicity about backlogs at DVLA.  Licence arrived Bank Hol Sat 28Aug.  As an aside, they ask you to cut up old licence and send it off.  There's no way they could have received it and cross-checked it against new licence as new one was in my hands before old one got to Swansea.

    3. cheesysmith


      Anything that requires the DVLA to actually make a decision is a joke. The DVLA is just there to take money off people. Look at photocard driving license. They said it would be free, and it is, but they charge you for the renewals. There are lots of PCV/HGV drivers waiting on them, but the Government has made sure that the DVLA cannot be liable for loss of earnings. No private company would get away with it.

    4. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      Ironically, the licence arrived the day after I posted this. Now I need to change the address details!

      I still appear to have a previous one around. I may send this and hope they don't notice as I'm not going through that faff again. Mainly because I need to regularly present it at work!

  9. I would certainly be interested in one, perhaps a pair
  10. Which year? Asking for a friend...
  11. True, but it'll also be £50 more expensive than a hypothetical Accurascale version...
  12. Would have been nice to see them tearing up through Strathmore and into the Mearns.
  13. I remember when Hornby said they would release a model of a Std 2MT 2-6-0...
  14. 666gm? That's a bit of a Beast...
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