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  1. DVLA; 6 months I've been waiting for my renewed licence. Can't even update my address details despite having moved home.

    Sort it out people, this has gone on too long!

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    2. Metr0Land


      Bizarre.  Am 73 in Nov and had 'invite' to renew licence just before Bank Hols.  Request submitted online Tue 24Aug.  I was worried how long it would take due to publicity about backlogs at DVLA.  Licence arrived Bank Hol Sat 28Aug.  As an aside, they ask you to cut up old licence and send it off.  There's no way they could have received it and cross-checked it against new licence as new one was in my hands before old one got to Swansea.

    3. cheesysmith


      Anything that requires the DVLA to actually make a decision is a joke. The DVLA is just there to take money off people. Look at photocard driving license. They said it would be free, and it is, but they charge you for the renewals. There are lots of PCV/HGV drivers waiting on them, but the Government has made sure that the DVLA cannot be liable for loss of earnings. No private company would get away with it.

    4. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      Ironically, the licence arrived the day after I posted this. Now I need to change the address details!

      I still appear to have a previous one around. I may send this and hope they don't notice as I'm not going through that faff again. Mainly because I need to regularly present it at work!

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