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  1. Hmmm, i dont think many folk have, perhaps ive not been paying attention. Certainly most of the dissenting voices have made comparison with the real locos. Its been mostly the fan boys that have used the "better than Bachmann" theme, in my opinion in order to justify the new models shortcomings and lack of features and relatively high price. (It does have sprung buffers though so thats all good ) Having said that anyone seriously thinking the Bachmann is better needs to visit spec savers and have a lie down in a darkened room.
  2. Now come on, although i agree with you about the way so called reviewers feel the need to tell us how every new product is better than ever ( "this new model has the correct number of wheels, which can turn thanks to the ingenious application of electricity", ) and state the bleeding obvious whilst simultaneously ignoring obvious faults, the Heljan model is significantly better looking that the old Bachmann, without question. And i am no fan at all of it. Its no great acheivement to be better than bachys 25, the bar is set low here, but we cant pretend its not the better model of the two.
  3. Ive seen jennys and others reviews and it strikes me that saying this brand new model is far better than one almost 20 years old (and about to be replaced) is to my mind a bit of a back handed compliment. My 65inch 4k hd tv is far better (and cheaper) than the 28inch crt tv from 20 years ago My new laptop is a million times faster has more memory, better graphics etc etc and again was cheaper than the celeron pc i bought in 2000. My olympus digital pen f is somewhat better than my olympus om10. The only thing i can think of today which is worse than it was 20 years ago is
  4. Regarding sales, interesting that sound fitted are selling better than dcc ready. Is this unique to the deltic i wonder or a common trend across all models/manufacturers?
  5. Thats reassuring, thanks for posting the comparison photos.
  6. I hate to say it, but from the pictures ive seen, i think theres something about the shape of the cab roof that isnt quite right. It looks too flat to me, compared to some photos ive seen. Like the o gauge 56 roof, though not as pronounced. Im more that happy to be proved wrong though as the 86 is a key model for my railway and i need to buy quite a few.
  7. https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/Heljan-delivers-class-860
  8. Thank yourself lucky, mine was from rails 18 months ago.....595!
  9. Anyone have any info on the eta of 25296? Is it arriving with the first batch or later? I want one, but if it turns up at the same time as 322 and 324 (already ordered) i will have to go without food that month.
  10. Well, maybe today we can finally accept that this whole ohle stunt was one big , well orchestrated, long running, april fool gag that took us all in and made us look rather gullible. Time to slink off quietly to the safety of 3rd rail modelling.
  11. Of course the spoked wheels are designed to allow air flow under the vehicle which will blow carpet fluff away from the train, enhancing performance when pulled by a terrier up gordons hill.
  12. Counting the days down now, credit card on high alert......
  13. How easy is it to change the destination blind? Anyone done it yet? Im thinking of pretending they worked in the north west and getting one. M prefixes and man vic destination blinds and a healthy application of rule one would be enough to twist my arm into purchasing one. Did a similar type work out of liverpool at some time? Sorry my knowledge of dmus is poor. As a lad i only paid attention to locos.
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