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  1. Theres a lot of discussion about the cab ends of the two 56s. In actuality there were 3 different designs. The roumanian ones had the original cab design, with flush horn grille, class 47 esque buffer cowling, rubber grommit cab front windows and grommits fixing the cab side (which was in 2 pieces) and cab door windows fixings. Bodyside mesh was square. Lights were recessed and a small headlight with a black surround fitted. From 56031 the design was slightly changed, cab front windows stayed the same, but the cab side windows became one piece and the fitment changed losing the very obvious
  2. Oh dear, lots of things i want to buy, better start saving fast. Very pleased with 87006 , never saw that coming!
  3. The Heljan sample seen so far includes the pipes along the side of the bogies as well as various brackets etc that are missing from this Bachmann version. There is also IMO a better look to how it seems to sit on the bogies with far less daylight showing. That said its only a couple of photos of the preprod sample, so we wont know whats it actually like til its here in the flesh (or plastic to be more accurate)
  4. Pity, considering the time taken to release this sealed beam variant, that the opportunity to add more detailing to the chassis and bogies wasnt taken. An area the forthcoming Heljan model appears to be better.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, especially as the latest batch has a higher rrp of 69.95. just got four packs on the way at a great price, to go with the three cemhops i got black friday, so saved over 100 quid!
  6. Even before anything is announced i foresee much rmweb wailing about things being too expensive and the wrong shape and colour. Besides which there will be nothing in it for me and it will arrive both too soon to save up and so late that i will repeatedly complain about the endless delays. At various points there will be a petty squabbles as people get very angry about a toy train and Andy will tell several people off for wasting everyones time with pointless posts. Rather like this one. On the other hand there will be wishlisting.... class 40 and 81 please. There.
  7. Think youre ptobably right. Capicitor next and then if that doesnt work its a one way ticket to ebay.
  8. Yes, my 43xx runs better tender first. Spent much of last niht and this morning fiddling with it, and the middle axle wheels do not run true at all, which is probably the reason why it runs badly. The brake blocks rub against the wheels at one point. None of this is true of the prarie tank though. That just seems to be driven by a poltergeist! As much as i want a collett goods, i wont be getting any more Heljan steam.
  9. Im pulling my hair out with my two Heljan locos, a 43xx and a 51xx prarie tank. Despite cleaning track and wheels fastidiously both run erratically. Stopping suddenly on plain track, jerky running, just plain crappy running. My Dapol panniers and 08s glide along while the Heljan locos stutter and stall. Im using dcc power cab. one loco, the 51xx uses a zimo adamtc expansion board with a 21 pin oo chip, the 43xx uses a large scale (large price) loksound v5. Both run badly. Whats going on? Do i need to boost up track power to 5 amps? Be very interested to hear others experience of ru
  10. Count me in for one or two of these if they ever make production. Back to those already announced, any thoughts on easy to change headcodes?
  11. I may have missed this earlier, but has anyone compared this to the SLW 24/0?
  12. Brilliant news. I was hoping someone would pick these up sooner or later. (And the 2 welshpool locos would be nice too) Hope coaches follow briskly afterwards.
  13. Good news. Saw the sample at warley today and neither end has the extended bottom lip on the nose ends.
  14. At last, it seems theres thr proof. Thats that, and we'll say no more about it.......... at least for a week or two! Seriously though, thanks for clearing it up, hopefully once and for all.
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