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  1. Dont forget the aptp also had a couple of diesel generators in the driving cars, so youd need sound for these too.
  2. The NIR class 80 was based on mark2 stock, whereas the 210 was mark 3, completely different. There was a mark 3 design for NIR but that wasnt a class 80.
  3. Just get modelu to scan you mid-hurl. Prepare for your scan with 12 pints and a large kebab and you should acheive the right look. Best wear some flares though for period authenticity.
  4. Just to go back to the issue of dcc fitting, i think Hornby are falling a long way behind with dcc provision. Bachmann and even Heljan (according to the spec on the 47 and 86/4) are getting on board with dcc functionality, but needing three 8 pin decoders in one train is a poor effort in my book. Rapido apte only needed one (and also eliminated daylight between coaches, and various Bachmann multiple unit sets have electrical connectors between cars, so its not exactly cutting edge stuff. Im eagerly awaiting my APT, but Hornby need to raise their game, they cant rely on their name forever.
  5. A class 304, an 81 and a 40 and my wishlisting days are over. ....for now.
  6. Cant see what was witty about that, it was just an insult. Still, do we care?...... He should be so lucky, lucky, lucky,lucky, He should be so lucky..... Ah such poetry!
  7. Needless to say i am excited to hear so many new projects are in the works, however earlier in the thread im sure someone suggested accura are moving into plumbing supplies and sanitoryware, a kitchen sink was mentioned i think. Now accura have no track record whatsoever in that field, so i, for one wont be preordering a double sink and drainer, even if it is dcc fitted. However if they were to do a small handbasin for my downstairs toilet, ...... TAKE MY MONEY NOW!
  8. Isnt there already a thread for discussing suggestions for new models? If we all decide to start a seperate thread for our individual favourite model theyd be at least 100 new topics by this time tomorrow, and all of them would be filled with pointless speculation and arguement. This should be combined into the other thread
  9. That seems to answer all that moaning about "will they sell?, is there the market for this new model? Is it too expensive?" Well, if its true that its already selling out, then the answers would seem to be 'yes','yes' and 'definately not' in that order. Maybe Bachmann do actually know their market better than the experts on here.
  10. Haha, well in fairness your prediction was entirely correct, well for 19 hours and 46 minutes anyway. Have you thought about telling fortunes for a living?
  11. Is this still the Heljan 47 thread? or just somewhere to record whatever random thought (about any manufacturer and or any gauge) enters your head?
  12. Well, my first, hopefully of many is now preordered. 47012 with sound. £288 at rails, so comparable with the sutton 25 and not too much more than accuras deltic. The super detail spec wasnt available for preorder on the blue one, sold out already?
  13. Also looks like the rainstrips over the cab doors havent changed either. On Heljan facebook page they repeatedly say the jumper cables arent printed but are moulded detail. Not impressed with moulded detail on cab fronts. On top of that windows are poor too. Good news is at least the holes for the handrails look better.
  14. It looks like they are. I really hope this wont make it to production like that. Clutching defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.
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