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  1. Also looks like the rainstrips over the cab doors havent changed either. On Heljan facebook page they repeatedly say the jumper cables arent printed but are moulded detail. Not impressed with moulded detail on cab fronts. On top of that windows are poor too. Good news is at least the holes for the handrails look better.
  2. It looks like they are. I really hope this wont make it to production like that. Clutching defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.
  3. When i ordered my third loco i asked Phillip. He said they are in production now , and when i asked if they would be delivered before christmas he sounded very confident they would. I didnt ask about the 24s though just the 25/3s.
  4. Green firebox under the running plate? I thought these were black below the running plate, like on the 9f and Brit?
  5. I get the feeling that when the delivery driver drops these off he'll be a fat, jolly fellow wearing a big white beard and a big red hat. Ho! Ho! Ho!
  6. Thats a relief, i thought for a moment you knew my ex wife.
  7. What have you heard about the size of my package?
  8. Oh no! Thats disappointing, i had booked next wednesday afternoon off work to weather mine! Obviously not so "significantly advanced" after all. My APT better turn up on Thursday or else I will be very cross indeed!
  9. And what does that mean in terms of time?
  10. Maybe the fact that the wiper blade , a tiny detail, is the only thing that is wrong, is a huge compliment, not a criticism. If only other recent models from other makers had only slightly incorrect wiper blades as their only flaw, how perfect would that be?! How things have changed in model railways, thanks largely to accura, suttons and cavalex setting the pace!
  11. Ordered my 3rd today, 25296. Phillip told me that its about to sell out, so if you want one you better get your skates on.
  12. Not exactly. If you read the post from Derails, the latest is all packs are due in September. Personally my guess is that the way things are going i wouldnt be surprised if that slips again into october or november.
  13. apologies if i missed it but whats the planned eta on these? Im guessing at least 18 months away if not 2 years?
  14. Opening doors on locos are pointless 99.9% of the time, and not worth the trouble to make. Operating sliding doors on modern coaching stock -that would be impressive, and probably difficult and expensive. Operating fans, on the other hand, if done reliably and realistically would be a step forward and very desirable.
  15. Forget about the box! Look at the model, its a beauty! Now can i really stretch rule 1 to include a fleet of these running around my 1979ish manchester layout? Im simultaneously trying to convince myself to resist the urge whilst dreaming up a fiction that involves a holyhead dublin irish sea tunnel and a dedicated fleet of standard gauged 001s. Maybe with gauge changing bogies, talgo style? For a man vic to dublin hourly intercity service.... oh dear, im in danger of spending money!
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