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  1. Count me in for one or two of these if they ever make production. Back to those already announced, any thoughts on easy to change headcodes?
  2. I may have missed this earlier, but has anyone compared this to the SLW 24/0?
  3. Brilliant news. I was hoping someone would pick these up sooner or later. (And the 2 welshpool locos would be nice too) Hope coaches follow briskly afterwards.
  4. Good news. Saw the sample at warley today and neither end has the extended bottom lip on the nose ends.
  5. At last, it seems theres thr proof. Thats that, and we'll say no more about it.......... at least for a week or two! Seriously though, thanks for clearing it up, hopefully once and for all.
  6. How i wish this was in O gauge. Having said that, I'll still be buying a couple.
  7. I was a big fan of your last two layouts, now I'm in thr process of starting in o myself I'll be following closely. Look forward to seeing how you get on.
  8. To my eyes the 86 is NOT in electric blue, its definitely a totally different colour to the 85 behind it. Now the question is did the colour change when the red buffer beams were dropped, or did the early built ones get delivered in electric blue with red buffer beams and later ones switch to all over rail blue, mid build? Or was there a different blue used altogether
  9. Depends what you mean by flat bottom? 40060 still has the slightly extended cab front, where the doors once went. As did all the other conversions, i seem to remember there were 5 of them. Edit - THERE WERE 7 OF THEM D260 TO D266. As seen here, https://www.twipu.com/SalopianLyne/tweet/1157391606124810240 If that cad is the finished article then its wrong. There were no locos with the drop at one end only.
  10. Yes you are. The modified locos were scottish based, haymarket i think. Whats more the new boxes had square corners rather than rounded, although numbers 40060,61 and 65 had the rectangular box replaced at some point to the standard curved corners.
  11. Probably too much to hope for that the windows get sorted this time around. As on the new 37/4, where wrongly positioned detail was carried over, I imagine they will perpetuate the error to avoid the old version looking different to the new. The window angle was to my eyes at least a "glaring error".
  12. A 66 in 7mm isnt something i can provide a home for, far too modern, but having said that anything that brings in new modellers into o gauge has got to be a good thing, a bigger market will hopefully provide impetus for companies to offer more buildings, wagons, track, figures, detailing parts etc etc, many of which will be useful to all o gaugers of whatever era. Well done Dapol for pushing the market onwards.
  13. I think youre right about it not being a steam loco, but the austerity/j94 Could be argued to be a modern loco, still being built in 1964 and still working in 1984 they outlived many so called modern image diesels and electrics.
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