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  1. Fabulous video! I was there on the footplate with the chaps! It makes me think that a visit to the NYMR is very long overdue! Gerry
  2. I was once told that whenever Guy Williams visited Pendon Museum one of the jobs he regularly did was to go round the working locos with a black felt tip marker and touch up the worn footplate edges. I don't know if that is actually true but I have certainly done that with my own models. Gerry
  3. Very sad news this - Len's work was one of the major factors in making finescale railway modelling a viable practicality. I well remember the excitement he caused with the introduction of the K&L range at Scalefourum many years ago - it would have been way back in the City Uni days IIRC. He went on to develop the Exactoscale system which, to my mind, produces the best traditional bullhead track yet and I am pleased to have been able to use it extensively on my own project. His contribution - along with that of Brian Rogers with his Ultrascale wheels - has enabled accurate modelling and satisfactory running to be achieved thus bringing satisfaction to many finescale modellers over the years. Thanks for everything Len - it really is appreciated - RIP. Gerry Beale
  4. If I remember correctly the same applied to London Transport - until the 1960s oil tail lamps had to be displayed, certainly on the surface lines and even on the tube I believe. Gerry
  5. I have often wondered about that photo of the 72xx with a shiny bunker. Could the photo have been taken when the 42xx 2-8-0T was converted to a 72xx 2-8-2T? Just surmising but I reckon that as she was a freight engine they wouldn't have repainted her unnecessarily - just painted the new work.
  6. It's also a great shame that a Urie Arthur didn't survive as well! And whilst its nice in black they look fantastic in the full glory of pre-war Maunsell green. Gerry
  7. You only have to look at the few genuine pre-war colour views to see the differences in shades of brown - and cream - to be seen on GWR coaches. David Jenkinson's 'Big Four in Colour' has a number of views that shew the variations to be seen and this book has became almost a bible to me in my efforts to get an authentic appearance to trains. Gerry
  8. I well remember those Iron Minks at Winchester Bar End Yard and seem to recall that there were actually five of them. They were not traffic vehicles but were used as stores. The were painted in what I would describe as GWR Dark Stone but was probably just faded red oxide. They had a large white cross painted at the left hand end side panel and were marked 'For use at Winchester Only' and 'Not to run more than three miles on the main line' or something similar. They remained at the yard after the line closed and were demolished on the spot when the demolition contractors arrived around 1965 or 66 if I remember correctly. And for what it is worth I have ordered one of these new models. As someone has said elsewhere its no good asking for the models we want to be produced if we don't then buy them when they do appear! The supply will very rapidly dry up if they don't sell.
  9. Hi Malcolm It is lovely to see 'Galloping Alice' again after all these years - was it really 44 years ago - gulp! I well remember seeing it evolve and poor old Tim Dixon (was that his name?) and his ideas for an MSWJ layout that sadly was never to be. Hope you are keeping well up there in Scotland and thanks for the trip back in time to Headington. Best wishes Gerry P.S. Off topic I know but how is that ROD coming along?
  10. Very beautiful indeed - well done! Gerry
  11. It would definitely have been drawn by Carl Legg in 2002 Craig. I'm unable to shed any light on it though and sadly Carl is no longer available to be asked! Gerry
  12. I couldn't agree more. I visited there with my son in 2019 and we arrived not too long after it had opened for the day - and were asked to leave at the end of the day as they wanted to close up and go home! Gerry
  13. The reason for my interest in Hood is very personal hence my delight in recently receiving the exceptional colourised photo of her. My grandfather served on her for five years until 1941. Sadly I was unable to speak to him about his service - he passed away in 1966 - but I do know that he was transferred elsewhere only three weeks before Hood left Rosyth on her final sortie. I am told that he broke down and cried when he heard the news that she had been lost and practically all the crew were gone and always felt bad that the man who replaced him on Hood had three young children. I do remember my late father telling me that he and his mother travelled by train from the Isle of Wight- where they were living - to Scotland to visit my grandfather whilst Hood was at Rosyth for a refit and that my grandfather took my father down to watch Hood as she left to go to sea. Many years ago I was shown my grandfathers medals by a relative - he was in the Navy from 1916 until 1945 - and in the same envelope was a Hood cap tally! Also in the envelope was a German cap tally from Graf Spee! I understand that Graf Spee made a courtesy visit to Pompey - in 1938? - and that it was a tradition for crews to exchange cap tally's on these occasions. After my father passed away I received my grandfathers medals but the two cap tally's were not there unfortunately. Amongst the family archive are quite a number of snapshots of my grandfather aboard Hood - on deck with his mates, painting ship, etc , whilst I also have several HMS Hood christmas cards - printed in the small printing shop on board that were sent by my grandfather to his wife - my grandmother of course - who passed away in 1942 so I never knew her. I hope the above is of interest and isn't just an old blokes rambling! As you might imagine my grandfathers service aboard the flagship of the Royal Navy has been a source of great pride and interest throughout my life. Gerry
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