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  1. Definitely the Backwater Viaduct at Weymouth on the Portland Branch. The photo is one of a set taken when the bridge was new. There are a couple of photos around taken at the same time showing the viaduct being tested prior to use - the test was carried out using a 28xx 2-8-0 and a large prairie tank - don't know which class - coupled together. The houses visible in the backround stand in Commercial Rd. and face on to the Weymouth Harbour Tramway. The pub on the corner was formerly the Portland Railway Hotel and was a Hall and Woodhouse pub. Gerry
  2. Interesting to see the ex SECR railmotor set still working in and around Dorset in 1957. The set worked for many years on the Sheppey Light Rly. in Kent until that line closed in 1950. They - I think there were two sets - were then transferred to Dorset for work on the Portland Branch from Weymouth to Easton. They stayed until that line also closed in 1952 and I wondered what happened to them after that. Gerry
  3. ????? would be Shrewsbury. I am always amazed at how grubby GWR coaches could be at this time - actually I don't think it was just the GWR! The scruffy Restaurant Car makes an good contrast with the shiny Toplight next to it. Great stuff and more please if you have them. Gerry
  4. Superb photos - any more GWR like that? Just perfect for my 1940s period. In due course I need a Restaurant Car exactly like that for my Weymouth - Paddington express. Gerry
  5. Wonderful photos of some lovely, happy days - may they return again very soon! Stay safe everyone. Gerry
  6. That really is most interesting - I didn't know that. You truly do learn something new every day! Thanks very much. Gerry
  7. Whilst it wasn't Midland Rly and it wasn't in the Exeter area I once saw a photograph of a GCR 'Jersey Lily' 4-4-2 in full GCR regalia on Weymouth GWR loco shed probably pre-1914. I've no idea why it was there but it did at least prove that pre-grouping locos could wander off their own system for considerable mileages. Gerry
  8. Very lovely indeed. You've been missed and it's great to see you back. Gerry
  9. The unfinished turnout in the foreground of the Dean Goods photo leads to the Gravity Siding which went to the left of the water tower - a temporary structure. It is my intention/hope that this operation will work by gravity as the prototype without the aid of any DCC trickery but this will require some experimentation. I reckon that by using a sprung and very free running B set which is well weighted it should work - the problem is that I don't have the B set yet! It may require the gradient of the siding to be exaggerated a little - we shall see and I will report back in due course but please don't hold your breath. I am intending to build the B set from etched brass kits which should give sufficient weight and mass but these kits are still under development and then they will have to be built. Gerry
  10. After another couple of hours today self-isolating in my shed and working on the track I set up a couple of trains to get an impression of how things will look in due course. Saint class 2912 Saint Ambrose is standing in the Up platform at Maiden Newton with a Weymouth - Bristol stopping train whilst the second photo shows Dean Goods 2445 on a Down goods train approaching the station. So far so good and I am encouraged to continue so back to the trackwork. The upper view highlights the lack of slide chairs on the turnout in the foreground - I am currently awaiting a delivery of 3D printed chairs from Modelu to complete this section. Gerry
  11. On the theme of showing what we are doing during the lock down - here is what I have been up to whilst self-isolating in my shed. This is the junction with the Bridport branch on my slowly progressing Maiden Newton project. The track is built to EM standards using steel rail, Exactoscale GWR two-bolt chairs, Modelu 3D printed GWR slide chairs and sleepers from real tree wood. In fact the photo was taken a few days ago and the turnout in the foreground leading to the Bridport bay platform has also now been done. I seem to be on a roll with it at the moment and will post further photos of progress in due course if there is interest. Gerry
  12. Very nice work Robin. Keep up the good work. Gerry
  13. I never realised that they filled the water tanks through the safety valves! Gerry
  14. Hi Mick Just picked up on this post. Easton is a station that has long interested me and I have collected photos, etc. on the Portland line for many years. I have searched through my collection and found two photos of the goods shed which may help. I do not have a direct roadside elevation but do have a view of the end of the building with a glimpse of the roadside elevation. It looks to be the exact opposite to the railside elevation but without the loading platform. Unfortunately the photographers camera seems to have been playing up on the day of his visit - 6th July 1955 - and all the photos in his survey of Easton are slightly out of focus. His work was normally good which is unfortunate as he took quite number of useful photos around the site - including Sheepcroft sidings. If this of interest do let me know and I will see what we can arrange. Gerry
  15. Looking very good Chris. It's come on a long way since I saw it last so you have been busy in between walking the dog! The track looks very satisfactory and is that a Bristol VR I spy on the bridge? Very nice work. Gerry
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