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  1. That's very plush for a GWR 'box - carpet tiles and window blinds - whatever next. Many years ago I was told that Liskeard Signal Box was where Harold Wilson joined the Labour Party - the signalman at the time being a strong union man and Labour Party member - but I was never able to confirm it. Has anyone else heard this?
  2. Now that does look very nice indeed. Order duly placed!
  3. I was there the very same day as you and witnessed the same - and like you I didn't take photos but saved them for the locomotives. Watching a tank driving on to a road transporter was impressive as well! Gerry
  4. Very well said - how quickly people take things for granted. I guess if it's always been there in your lifetime the tendency is to think it was always there. I have had cause to thank the NHS profusely in the last few years and value it very highly - we take it for granted at our peril.
  5. Well I for one would be interested to hear how you get on with this project. My son lives in Oakland and I spend a bit of time there these days and have made several visits to the Contra Costa country - as well as to Just Trains model shop! Since becoming acquainted with the area the SP has become very interesting to me and I should like to learn more. The Sacramento Northern has also become of great interest especially as it started in Oakland and ran along the street at the end of the block where my son now lives. Keep up the good work. Gerry
  6. Ultrascale wheels to EMF standards are available to order from the manufacturer - you simply need to specify them when placing the order. To me they certainly make a difference to the appearance of the model and my locos have been mistaken for P4 models - we are after all talking about only fractions here. Below is my recently completed GWR 54xx built from a Bachmann 64xx body - modified and detailed to suit - on a High Level chassis running on Ultrascale wheels to EMF standards.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I've seen photos of stopping trains where the lamp is on the lower centre bracket. What the book says and what actually happened are not always the same thing. On the Bridport branch the lamp was usually plonked on the lower lamp bracket nearest the platform - on the right hand side looking at the front of the engine as per your original photo. There is quite a nice book on the line in which several examples of this practice may be seen! Gerry
  8. Thank you Tim. John Nobel's name comes back me now - I wonder what happened to the model? Gerry
  9. In the depths of my increasingly dodgy memory I recall that there was an article in MRN way back in the '60s describing reversing valve gear. It may also have been a 9F and may have been to S scale - I am sure I recall that it had two motors. Gerry
  10. I do like a Hall with a small tender - especially on a class C fitted freight. Imagine the noise as it rushed past! Gerry
  11. What can one say - truly a great bloke who has left a massive hole. I first met him in the early 80s and our conversations over the intervening years were always both entertaining and worthwhile. You will be very sorely missed Roy. RIP. Gerry
  12. I only have a note of 7202 and not a photograph but will try to find it for you - possibly it was in the RO. There was a daily STJ - WEY freight so it was almost certainly working one of those. But they did wander about rather a lot as well and could be borrowed by other sheds to work an odd turn before returning 'home'.
  13. You could very well be right David - perhaps you need to get ready to be even busier than usual at the weekend! Gerry
  14. Definitely through Yeovil Pen Mill - I have photos of them at Dorchester West and Weymouth and a note of 7202 at Maiden Newton. You can never say never but very, very unlikely at Yeovil Junction though. Gerry
  15. Several years ago I was lucky enough to be given a birthday treat of a tour round the Fuller, Smith & Turner brewery at Chiswick. There I was told that London Pride - the beer - is named after a wild flower that grew abundantly on the bomb sites of wartime London. So the trade name of the beer pre-dates any marches by many years. It would be interesting to know when the GWR poster was issued though and I suspect that it is post-war. And as you might imagine, the London Pride available in the brewery tap after the tour was one of the best pints of 'Pride' that I have ever tasted. Gerry
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