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  1. Nice to see/hear that you' re back on the circuit Marc - and thanks for posting the Ogmore Rd layout - as someone from the 'Diff this layout always had a resonance with me and it's lovely to see some pictures of it again. Likewise, your Brachdy Bridge micro was always a convincing "some where around Cardiff" type scene. I wish you all the best with the new project and look forward to seeing it! Linners
  2. R and R hobbies is located in Swansea City Centre, Holt Model Railways is at the end of a pleasant bus ride/drive to the Gower. R and R hobbies railway dep't is located upstairs and is not always open, even when the shop and plastic kits section, located downstairs, is open. Regards, Mark
  3. I've just picked up a copy of this months edition of BRM - I'm not a regular reader of any magazine, preferring to buy particular editions if they have an article that enthuses or informs me. The motivating factor this month was John Taylor's article "Churchill Halt". I was following this blog on RMWeb, but jumped at the chance to actually read and view a hard copy article. It's a wonderful project and I look forward to seeing the finished layout. I was also really pleased to read Phil's piece on "fiddlesticks". Something that I have been contemplating for a while, but I lacked any real insight into how to make a start.. Now with all this mention of Layout ideas, and the plethora of dockside shunting loco's that are currently, or shortly will be available, I do think a new layout build article by AndyY for Keyhaven II is definitely in order!! Thanks to all the contributors and publishing team for an enjoyable read!
  4. I have used Trackshack twice, and have nothing but praise for their service - they also have very competitive prices too! Mark
  5. From my perspective Grahame has hit the nail on the head. When I buy one of the modelling magazines I am looking for inspiration. I have bought and kept many a magazine based on a single article that I found inspiring. Beyond this, if I can "thumb through a copy" before purchase and I come across a "how to" type of article that might be useful to me, then that will also prompt me to buy the magazine. I don't tend to buy magazines just because they have a free gift/DVD, although I understand that may sway others. I don't subscribe, I would rather spend my money on a magazine that has something that appeals to me, and usually that is inspiration or insight into how to do/achieve something. Linners
  6. I must admit that my feelings are the same - and I would have preferred to spend the voucher on "non-club models". Sadly, I did not find the club magazine to be that informative or useful and in all probability will not be renewing my membership this year. Linners
  7. I loved Port Pyn, and I was pleased to see it again. There were so many areas of inspiration that were triggered by Christopher's modelling articles appearing in the RM magazine - scratch building the Hunslet style loco prompted me to have a go, my first attempt at building anything from scratch in Plasticard. The compact nature of the layout inspired me to build a compact (Narrow gauge) layout, and it introduced me to narrow gauge railway modeling, something that I continue to dabble with to this day. I was also fascinated by the "Puffer" prompting me to read more about them and actually have a go at building the Caldercraft RC kit - they still remain one of the most fascinating type of commercial sea going vessels for me! Many Thanks Chris, I feel that I owe you a great deal of thanks and gratitude for helping me to find my way through the railway modelling maze, and it's lovely to see that Port Pyn is still going!
  8. Sorry a quick Google has answered my own question, apologies to all, Owned by Chris White, the layout measures 10ft by 2ft and features mainly kit-built stock with some ready-to-run wagons and coaches, all of which have been weathered and detailed. Pity, I'd have liked a Hornby to have done these!
  9. Hi, Hornby posted an announcement on Facebook about two hours ago, with an accompanying photograph to support the forthcoming Great Electric Train Show. The photo shows a cameo scene/micro layout with a Q1 running around a short freight train. However, in the siding, alongside the cattle dock appears to be a "P" class tank or might it be an "H" - sorry my Western habits leave me with very little knowledge of other companies! Anyhow, knowing Hornby could this be a teaser of a further 2016 release? Or is it a photo of one of the layouts that will be appearing at the show? I wasn't sure, but who knows?
  10. Rob, I loved Osney Town, the Loco shed and your other micro's too. In fact Osney Town made me review the Barry Norman plan for Dursley, and I have attempted to create something similar, with a heavy leaning towards OT but including a few more points. My efforts are in OO gauge, but I really love the attention to detail and the way in which you "craft" your scenery. Your latest project is coming along beautifully, everything feels right, and when you know that you have achieved that then clearly you're on the right track! My layout has laid dormant for a while, that's just me unfortunately, but I can only thank you for the inspiration that you have given me, and the enjoyment of watching everything come together so nicely. If/when I complete mine, I'll post a few pictures, although it's never going to be on the same level or as good as other layouts, but I must thank you for sharing your layout with us. Mark
  11. What a lovely surprise...well I didn't see the Adam's Radial announcement (perhaps I was the only person)!! A great announcement from Hornby.
  12. What about an 07 shunter? I recall Dave Jones saying that another manufacturer had already been showing more than enough interest in producing a model and that he felt that this was enough of a reason not to add it to the DJM portfolio??? I can but hope!
  13. I've missed this thread, but I would certainly echo the comments of others, it is worthwhile viewing and it does make you think. For example I have always thought about the length of my baseboards as a way of getting more in (well I am a bloke!). But the presenters try to get you to think about depth too! If you are a micro layout builder the project layout is excellent, as Paul and Paul take you through the genesis of this design and explore things such as positioning buildings etc. I was really pleased with this video, and now it's half price as, rather sadly, Activity Media are closing down. Linners
  14. I've just bought one in BR black from MIB models in Porthcawl - Alan, the proprietor, had ordered 12, which arrived yesterday and he only had 2 left (all in BR black) today. That's not bad going when one considers the earlier debate about top feeds and steps etc. I'm very pleased with mine, if you are thinking of getting one then you might want to move quickly! Linners
  15. Much has been written concerning detail differences between the forthcoming Bachmann models and the actual locomotive. However I have a question which I am struggling to answer and that is related to their role. I appreciate that they were designed, and built, at the outset to operate on passenger autotrain duties, but is there any evidence of them working freight duties? If so could anyone direct me to the relevant book/picture, as my library consists mainly of Ian Allan type portfolios and I have not found an suggestion that they may have been used on anything but autocoach duties. Regards, Linners
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