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  1. I raced one like that to this crossing when I worked in the resources industry, but didn't quite make it which was a bu99er and meant a loooong wait...
  2. Lovely model and phenomenally quickly built. We have an architectural style here called Federation (named because we got federated when it was popular, nothing to do with Star Wars or whatever) which that model could easily pass for. One slightly unsettling thing, the last photo showing the chimneys with their single pots and bulgy brick pelmet just below - as a was scrolling down to reveal it all, as the chimneys first appeared it did look like they were flipping me the bird as the US say , double bird flip, even..
  3. Yes, I worked at a few oil and gas seismic survey camps in the Cooper and Eromanga basins in the 80s where I learned all I need to know about swearing. And getting gastric when the guy in charge of getting the water from a nearby waterhole would drop the pump nozzle on top of the body of a dead sheep floating in it. Speaking about waterholes, how come any post about German spies landing on the English coast and that JA picture pops up straight away, yet here Malcolm and I have spent over 1100 pages setting up the opportunity to mention outback waterholes and it goes straight through to the keeper..
  4. Well at least you apparently had enough comedy gold to get a volume 2. No one here has cracked a funny since 1983, which is why Australiana by Austen Tayshus is still our biggest ever selling single, knocking Shaddap ya face from its comedy throne.
  5. Did someone finally mention Australian outback waterhole!??!!
  6. It might be, often it looks like the ocean is there right on the far horizon - maybe that led some of our early exploration enthusiasts off in the wrong direction to their doom... That and the Min-min light. ( I have seen a min-min light!)
  7. Tried hard but I couldn't convince my partner that they were photos of models!
  8. The times I've been way outback with work, Ive found that aside from being hot as bu99ery and full of serial killers no matter how flat it is there are always apparent distant trees or hills on the horizon. The weird thing though - you can drive for as long as you want and they never seem to get any closer.
  9. Just wait until someone brings up Australian waterholes!
  10. If they are fairly generic then Sketchup has a warehouse facility where people upload things they've modelled so that you can download them and incorportate them into your project. Some are better modelled than others (in accuracy, detail and the ability to 3D print successfully), the advantage is that if you want a RHD version of a LHD model, just flip it inside Sketchup.. Eg: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=car dashboard
  11. Maybe consider using Tinkercad or Sketchup to design the parts yourself? Its not a scary process, Tinkercad is taught to 7 year olds here in school and both are cloud-based free software. It is really simple to learn from a couple of hours watching youtube videos and can become quite addictive - I've found that often I'm drawing things in Sketchup that I have no intention of completing to the physical model stage, its just the drawing process is very absorbing and an end in itself, to spin the completed project around on the screen and see it from all angles!
  12. If total accuracy is less important, depending on what it is you intend to scan maybe check out photogrammetry packages like 3dflow - they have a free version for personal use. https://www.3dflow.net/3df-zephyr-free/
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