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  1. Up until at least the early '90's Australian RTR was very limited, imported Japanese brass models of Australian prototypes helped fill the void, the detail is quite exquisite, this is HO... I think Bergs Hobbies at Parramatta commissioned a Japanese manufacturer to produce them? They were/still are amazingly exxy though, the unpainted tarnished second hand one below is going for $995 or 550 knickers or whatever you call your currency - I learned my English terms from old episodes of "Minder"...
  2. It also successfully hides the repeat pattern of the brickwork image. A bit beyond the scope of Inkscape but with 3D packages like Blender you can use whats called PBR - Physically based rendering - to use bump maps of the original image (Gimp or photoshop can produce these) and reprocess it so that features like shadows, highlights and so on are added, giving a remarkable 3D effect to the actual bricks. The demo bit I experimented with came out successfully enough that people run their fingernails down it convinced that the bricks are actually embossed.
  3. Phew, seriously mate I'd be looking at buying a resin printer - straight off the bat the first UK site I see has a Mars Pro for 280 pounds, or just under 6 wagon underframes but they are always having sales. The bigger formfactor ones like the Elegoo Saturn or the Anycubic one are bit more but you can print that coach off in one go. The detail they can achieve is staggering and magical technology means that I can spend a few minutes in a spooky graveyard with a camera.. run the pics through a free software package and print it
  4. Probably more likely a gooey resin one.
  5. As a sneak preview of my upcoming wheeltappers thread "For those interested in rabbits that look like politicians" here's Boris Johnson.
  6. Why is there even a place called Amberlist? - isnt "green" (these places are safe except they wont let you in") and red - ( "No you can't") is enough - what is the point of a "yes you can but please don't" list?
  7. Don't know, sounds more do-able than some of those pyramid schemes.
  8. But then would you not be comfortable enough in the present time and so therefore have no need to go back into the past to seek your fortune which would mean you wouldn't be comfortable enough in the present time etc etc etc.
  9. Continuing the evolutionary reversal to the point where we were all birds, I used to have a canary that had a striking resemblance to President Trump as he still calls himself except not being orange enough.
  10. I hate to be a Debbie Downer and I realise that I'm preaching to the choir here but I don't think that will necessarily work. Here all our cases that have escaped quarantine, especially the Sth African variant and your one have started with quarantine workers who had no direct contact with the case that it was later determined they caught it from. Sometimes they never even visited the floor that the case was staying on, the virus just got into the air conditioning and spread around. I assume that home quarantine can be in blocks of flats or with other family members who aren't mad
  11. And mulesing too ! (I won't post a picture, look it up if you want - but " viewers are warned" etc etc....)
  12. I recalled that in the peak of the pandemic Denmark had euthanised 15 million small fluffy animals. I looked it up again, hoping they were lemmings, which would have enabled me to make a pithy comparison with brits who travel overseas at the moment such as "Dont go to Denmark, look what happened last time!" or similar, but they were minks. Bu99er.
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