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  1. Thats just one of the reasons why I stopped bothering with any of the facebook groups for 3D printers. That and the stupid 'amusing' gifs.
  2. Yes, the last bit about bill hooks. B0llocks... I see, I've obviously been trying to read too much into it.
  3. Maybe its because I'm Australian but I've never understood the punchline.
  4. Yeah, here the aliexpress site asks me to choose where the printer comes from - China , Czech Republic, and a few others that I can't remember (cant get to the site from here at work) with the price changing currency depending on where I selected. Still if you know what to do you can come out on top - a user in a NSWGR 3D modelling forum I'm on picked one up a week or so ago for $920 shipped (500 GBP) through them.
  5. Jeez, thats around $1500 in AUD, I can get one online here for $820, around 450 gbp.. Traditionally we've always had to pay the "Australia tax' on everything - things here being much more expensive due to 'shipping', 'small market' and 'we are greedy and just want to rip you off'. Nice to see us ahead for a change, pity I can't justify a 4th printer!
  6. I might be misunderstanding what you mean but I'm thinking that you are referring to say a building, with say sides, doors and gutters etc as separate items inside the CAD package, and you want to know if you need to combine them all as a single item prior to exporting the STL to print as a single item with everything included? IF not, ignore the rest of this! I use sketchup so other packages may vary but I just select all the objects I want to include in the one stl file and export it as a single file, so for instance I might click on the gutters, tiles, chimney, roof
  7. Hey, give Tony a chance, he's new.. Remember his "No cuts to the ABC or SBS" No changes to Medicare etc etc.....? He's the right guy for the job.
  8. The NSW Shire of Bland has twin town status with the Scottish town of Dull, as well as with Boring, Oregon.
  9. Not much if the fact that I'll have some sitting in the vat for a couple of weeks and just give it a quick swish with the spatula before setting off a print is anything to go by.
  10. I obviously had nothing to say here Not sure how that happenned.
  11. Taking a quick squizz at the SDS this looks a lot like the Monocure resinaway that I've been using. Agree that its works better than IPA, it goes further, and it is glycol based so can be used in my dodgy Ebay ultrasonic cleaner without the risk of my shed blowing up.
  12. I'd say the same- resin is not clearing from between the churns before it gets dunked back into the vat and hit with the lights. The waviness implies that in any particular cycle it has drained more from between some churns than others. That tightly packed the resin is going to run down the sides of the churns rather than drip directly off of the build plate. Is it overly cold there right now? If so heat the resin vat with a hairdryer or similar before setting it off.
  13. Apart from some of the pinned data sheets covering resin exposure times etc that some have attached, the various printer facebook groups are pretty much a write-off if you want to find out anything useful. Potentially helpful posts quickly disappear for eternity down the list as people post their latest printing creations, its the stupidest format ever for hosting a forum. There are very few decent youtube videos that cover the basics of resin printing, but many badly edited and overly long ones. Most videos with titles such as "Never have a failed print again!" and similar wi
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