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  1. I am installing DCC Concepts GWR gas lamps on the station platform. As I am an electrical novice I have a couple of questions as the instructions are not that clear and DCC Concepts Web site has no help. - I have a DCC bus. I assume I can connect a power feed from the DCC bus to the power inputs (soldered?) on the circuit board. - Each lamp has two copper wires. I can take the three lamps and solder/twist so I end up with two wires, not six. These should be attached to the circuit board but this has two sets of two sockets (lamp and LED). Should they be connected to the lamp sockets not one to lamp and one to LED? Many thanks for any help in advance. Martin
  2. I am creating a new layout using Sundeala baseboards. I have just read that Sundeala should be sealed using varnish as protection against water-based adhesives. I am planning on using PVA glue for ballast fixing as well as a cork underlay. Can anyone recommend the best type of varnish (or other sealant) to use? Many thanks Martin
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