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  1. So as always I decided that I needed another industrial loco and the Dapol sentinel is a cracking model however I didn’t like the fictional blue ncb livery in 7mm because the name looked cheap. I did however like the wasp stripes and feel it’s not something I could paint as well they have. As the rest of my stock is crimson I thought I would have a bash at a respray with my trusty rattle can humbrol acrylic spray. I need to detail and lightly weather when it’s fully hardened but quite pleased overall with it!
  2. Just like to clear things up, in the same way Rodney Trotter has a GCSE in art, I have one in geography, though I still get confused between what lies in east or West Yorkshire! Yep I did wash all my boys white school t shirts with my wife’s red dress creating a jaunty pink wardrobe for them. They do however make excellent track cleaning rags! Had an excellent weekend, really humbled by the public’s kind words. Thanks again to the organisers for the invitation!
  3. Doing final checks on Amalgamated Wagon Works ready for next week!
  4. Big thanks to all the organisers of the show. Had a great weekend bringing Amalgamated Wagon Works down, and great to see other fantastic layouts there too!
  5. Hi Sir Douglas it was I who was chatting today! Had a really good weekend, great show, top class layouts and great people to meet!
  6. Just packing up Amalgamated Wagon Works ready for the show!
  7. I am a teacher in a special school, so can build in my dinner times. Believe me when there is a class full it does feel small!
  8. Some pictures of fine tuning various different variations of track layout.
  9. For more information on the station please see Disused stations website Whitworth.
  10. Here is the actual OS map of the station.
  11. Here is the first version of the plan.
  12. This is my entry idea for the Cameo competition Whitworth is a small branch line station built by the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway in 1870, situated roughly half way on the Rochdale to Bacup branchline. The station contained a small station building with single platform, a large single road goods shed and a local coal merchant. After the First World War there was a reduced passenger timetable on the line and this stopped altogether after the Second World War but the station stayed open serving a local coal merchant, Joe Taylor, until the station was shut altogether in 1967, being redeveloped into an old people’s home. It is intended that the model will try to capture the condensed nature of the station site. The layout will be built in finescale O gauge and will be modelled depicting scenes from post war up to its close in 1967. It is imagined that the coal yard had an extra siding put in and the good shed served goods not just coal. The track plan is similar to the original and using the traverse fiddle yard means a run-around operation can be performed. This will be my first layout built from scratch. The buildings will be scratch built from plastic card and das clay. The track will be made from kits as will the locomotives and rolling stock. The layout will be built on a tight budget the only big expense will be a Just Like The Real Thing L&Y class 23 which I will be building. The rest of the stock will come from my current layout Amalgamated Wagon works (AMWAG). I would like to capture the grubby run down Northern Mill Town appearance with this layout something I have previously tried to do with AMWAG. Hopefully I will try to inspire other people to try 7mm modelling, showing you do not need a lot of space. O gauge finescale (1:43) depicting the station from postwar until its closure in the late 1960’s. 8ft long by 2ft wide (4ft x 2ft scenic) and requires 10ft x 5ft operating space, transported to exhibitions in a car and requires one person to operate It will feature a Dapol 08, JLTRT L&Y class 23 and new Dapol Jinty when it comes out 10ft assorted wagons from mainly from Parkside and Slaters kits Stock is weathered and will use 3 link couplings Built to a tight budget, in as smaller space as possible.
  13. At short notice I was asked if I could bring Amalgamated Wagons to Bradford show because a layout had pulled out and there was a space in the hall. I believe being thrown in at the deep end is sometimes the best way to go so accepted the invite. The layout was set up on the Friday night and ran without a hitch all weekend. After a busy two days I have learned a lot about the operational side of the layout. It was my intention to switch my stock to dinghams but found the 3 links not to be an issue. I was humbled to receive the chairmans choice award for best in show, not bad for my first show if I do say so myself. My favourite comment was from one club member to the other saying "he's going to be impossible to live with now!" They are probably right!
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