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  1. A pretty early TV tie in. Regarding the Pannier. I remember wanting the train from The Flockton Flyer when I was a kid. Then one of the catalogues (Littlewoods I think) had one advertised as The Flockton Flyer train set. Bought as a Christmas present but my dad sent it back as it was just the London Transport set. Wasn't even rebranded. One for the Trades Descriptions Act if it happened now. http://www.hornbyguide.com/item_details.asp?itemid=363 Instead got the GWR Holden set and a 57XX. Jason
  2. Dapol have done a 63XX. That leaves well over 250 locomotives that their model doesn't cater for. Including the two preserved examples. However I just think it's a coincidence, but I could see a GWR Mogul appearing from somewhere. Besides I don't think certain manufacturers are as bothered about repetition as they once were.... Getting back to the Advent thing. Don't forget the other ranges also have one. Jason
  3. I knew what it was, I've got a print somewhere. I did think there was no clues. But look in the background, something green wet and rusty beginning with M.....
  4. You're looking at it with modern (prejudiced) eyes. Liverpool was probably the most prosperous place in the world in 1830. Worth bearing in mind the next railways planned was either to rival the L&M* or join up to it (London & Birmingham/Grand Junction/etc). Next time you are in either city look at the architecture. People were queueing up to get to Liverpool to stay, not to pass through. It's population rose to over a million at it's peak. Much of it very affluent middle class. *GWR and London & Southampton were built due to their ports b
  5. Interesting one today with the part cover of the new catalogue. Reminds me of 1971 for some reason. I can name that loco in one.... No clues to new models though Jason
  6. Yep. Got the same. Probably get it tomorrow before the "1 hour time slot" email is even sent. Normally do. Sometimes even before 7AM!
  7. Whilst I agree with the sentiment we are talking about a different website. Working fine for me. http://www.greatwestern.org.uk/ Maybe there are dead links and it might not have been undated. But it could be a case of real life getting in the way. Jason
  8. I was partly involved in the restoration of it! Never had a go of it as it spent a lot of time on loan. But I had stopped regularly volunteering by the time it was steaming anyway. Jason
  9. I've already got a Nucast version. But I'll possibly get one of these. The lined black version is tempting. It was just that I noticed in the other Hunslet thread the "coreless" and "EM/P4" questions were already being asked. An etched chassis is an alternative if people really want to keep the body. People have been replacing RTR chassis for years. Even the brand new Dapol Mogul is getting one. As is the Hornby Prairie. http://www.brassmasters.co.uk/blog.htm#20-11-17 Jason
  10. Only if you buy from eBay or similar. The Nucast kit is £97.50 brand new. Gibson wheels about £6 per axle. Plus motor of choice. Guess how I know.... Maybe ask Branchline/SE Finecast if they'll sell the chassis separately for those not wanting a coreless motor or gears, but wanting to keep the Rapido body. Jason
  11. Possibly green as I've seen photographs of these and the other variants in a very similar livery to the top photo here. https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/hunslet-works-no-1953-jacks-green-0-6-0st/ And Kinsley/Fitzwilliam at Southport was a similar colour. https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/hunslet-works-no-1954-kingsley-0-6-0st/ But I would assume that many would be delivered in whatever livery the buyer wanted and most of these went to collieries or ironstone quarries. Jason
  12. A lot of these banking problems stem from the banking crisis of the 1990s and 2000s. Where governments let banks virtually have a free run to do what they wanted. Then we had to bail them out when they got out of hand. They were also turning a blind eye to rogue states and criminal activity. Look at the likes of Mugabe and Russian oligarchs money laundering. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54225577 Nothing at all to do with Brexit. Jason
  13. That's reassuring to know, because they didn't have any! Mine seem to still be in "processing". Jason
  14. In this case Wiki is your friend. Some more here including ones that have left. Unfortunately not a complete list and seems to be "Work In Progress" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rolling_stock_preserved_on_the_North_Yorkshire_Moors_Railway Jason
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