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  1. Try Narrow Planet for plates. Nameplates came from a different locomotive, a Hunslet 15" 0-6-0ST. https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/works-no-2134-w-t-t-coronation-0-4-0st/ Coronation of King George rather than Queen Elizabeth I feel. https://www.embsayboltonabbeyrailway.org.uk/oldsite/10.html This is the locomotive which was used as spares. Jason
  2. Nope. Kernow have sold it. If I buy one, my contract* is with Model Rail Offers which is part of Kernow's contract with Model Rail. My contract isn't with Rapido or Bauer. If I buy a pair of training shoes do I return them to Sports Direct, Adidas or a sweatshop in India? I doubt the later two would be pleased to see a pair of trainers turn up in the post. White goods may be different as you need to have a "man with a van" to collect it. I would also expect them to be able to do basic repairs and testing. That's why my example was a kettle which is a small d
  3. Nothing to do with Hornby. When this first came out it was vastly better than anything Hornby had produced up to that time. It was a Dapol model and Hornby have never updated it. I've still got an original one dating from about 1984. Dapol's first totally new model ISTR. The Castle and County don't count as they were left overs from Airfix repackaged. It also had nothing at all to do with the antiquated Kitmaster kit. ISTR they measured the one at the KWVR. Jason
  4. Yes. Grease tops were very much 1940s onward. But as with many things crews probably kept their favourite cap. Especially if the issued item wasn't popular as I believe grease tops were unpopular with some. Or there was a policy of using up the stocks of old ones before issuing the new.
  5. The small letters are meant for the LNER style class codes for the bufferbeams. A1, B1, J52, etc. You make them up with the other numbers on the sheet. So if you want one for a J94 you have to nick the 9 from the 9F. I think I've got that sheet somewhere. Jason
  6. The GWR 101 is pretty accurate apart from the crude valve gear. Wheels are correct size. Remember it was built as a passenger tank not a shunter. Built for the Wrington Vale Railway but never left Swindon due to firebox problems and then became the works shunter after rebuilding. I got one of the more recent versions and there are no issues with high speed. It's fine. It's the free one from the Collectors Club. I only joined as I wanted the Terrier and it came as part of the deal. I was going to give it to my nephew, but decided to keep it as it was the Cen
  7. If you buy a kettle and it doesn't work it goes back to Argos/Tesco/John Lewis/etc. You don't send it back to Morphy Richards. You deal with the retailer who sold it to you. That's the way UK consumer law works I'm afraid. Jason
  8. The problem with Phoenix is unless you've got somewhere local that sells it you are going to be charged about £7 postage. Jason
  9. I don't know which edition mine is without getting it out, but bought in the mid 1980s. Possibly 1986. https://britishrailwaybooks.co.uk/books/ISBN/0860930157.php
  10. When I used to model "Modern Image" the go to colour was Humbrol 24 Trainer Yellow. Jason
  11. Yep. I picked up one of those as well. Mine might have been second to last. Jason
  12. I don't know what it's like now with developments and tree growth but you would have been able to see two stations from the castle in Runcorn. The one on the hill which is now a pub. I think it's called Halton Castle. Jason
  13. If you look at most heritage railways the crew normally consists of a driver and fireman. But you often get a trainee or junior fireman as well. And often someone else if needs be. Plenty of room on a Barclay or other small locomotive for four in my experience. Jason
  14. If you aren't into retro modelling or collectables pass them on as they are sought after. Probably easily get a fiver or so a pair on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triang-Hornby-OO-set-of-2-x-BR-Mk1-coach-bogies-with-wheels-amp-couplings-/293952034974?nma=true&si=ZzFASP6TbdmFrxKB8fSK9KGalDI%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
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