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  1. Yes, you would often buy your tickets from the company or a travel agent rather than railway station. Also the reason why some "boat" trains had three classes to match the three classes that were still used on some ships. In the example above the trains didn't go to the BR station at Liverpool Lime Street they went directly to the MDHB station at Riverside. Unfortunately demolished a few years back. Would have made a very good transport museum. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/l/liverpool_riverside/ At the time of that leaflet the ships doing the CP route were the "Empresses" and there was 26 Class 40s dedicated to the Liverpool trains and they apparently always tried to get one of the correctly named locomotives to pull the relevant train. Even trying to match the loco to the ship if possible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Rail_Class_40#The_named_40s It was all part of a last ditch effort to stave off air travel, but the Boeing 747 was the final nail in the coffin in the early 1970s. Jason
  2. What type? Mention of Driving Trailer and Brake Third suggests LMS rather than GWR. Presuming you are using these https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/shop/carriage/em5/ To convert to one of these https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/shop/carriage/m25dk/ I'm pretty sure there is a previous thread on them. If I find one, I'll link it. Jason
  3. Dates back to 1977. Nothing in that model is Triang or Hornby Dublo apart from maybe a few parts like screws. It was the first model the get the new chassis later found under the Jinty, 2721, etc. http://www.hornbyguide.com/item_year_details.asp?itemyearid=11 The body was actually accurate and more so that the Lima model which was overscale to fit the Lima pancake motor in. Jason
  4. Became a "boxshifter"* back in the 1970s I'm afraid, when Norman was running it. They were selling vastly more stuff by mail order from adverts in RM than they were to a few old blokes looking for old Hornby Dublo and Triang (which seemed like the usual clientele every time I visited). it may have missed your notice but they had a larger store further up the road for about twenty years before moving to Widnes. Now a hipster/student tea/wine bar. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/hattons-model-railways-moves-out-10767754 Also worth pointing out the shop part in the Widnes store is still vastly bigger and carries more stock than the vast majority of model shops in the UK. Another thing is Hattons never sold any of the other materials for building model railways. Apart from a few K's Kits and narrow gauge everything was RTR. If you wanted layout building stuff or kits then you had to go elsewhere, usually City Models, Hobbies or Beatties. *Awful, derogatory term IMHO Jason
  5. Yes. Only 45699 whilst in preservation. The Princesses and Duchesses that did get red livery were the same colour used by the LMS and MR before them. There was a few early BR era ones that got renumbered whilst still in LMS red. But most by 1948 would have been black. either plain wartime or the lined 1946 livery. Jason
  6. Yes. There is photographic evidence of at least one crimson Coronation pulling the Coronation Scot, and blue ones pulling normal trains. Here's 6228 with the set on the Midday Scot - presumably the spare set. https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p645258869/ec42284b9 Be careful with 6229 as it spent much of the era in the USA masquerading as 6220 Coronation in red whilst 6220 was a blue 6229 Duchess Of Hamilton. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LMS_Princess_Coronation_Class_6229_Duchess_of_Hamilton https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p645258869/ec45d190f I don't think I've seen any photographs of "normal" Duchesses in the 6230 to 6234 number range on the Coronation Scot though. Jason
  7. The GWR did in very high numbers. Thousands of them in fact, all bought from outside contractors. The other major companies also did. Most were on loan to PO owners so they could eliminate old small capacity wagons. Easy to pick out in photographs as they had usually had a 0 prefix to their numbers. Jason
  8. How often would a tender be taken off though? It wasn't just a case of uncoupling them it was a pretty major job and the loco wouldn't be being moved about without it's tender very often. The inside frames has moving parts inside them. Who's to say that a crew member won't decide to move the reversing rod when you are oiling up? You really do need to be aware. Jason
  9. Black. The red buffer beams were a safety thing. Same reason that the area between the frames was also often red. Best online source. http://www.ianrathbonemodelpainting.co.uk/british-railways-liveries-1949---56.php Jason
  10. I was hoping to find cheap Comet kits to be honest. I would give them a good home. Has happened in the past a few times when a model is announced and eBay gets flooded with unbuilt kits. Jason
  11. Might be worth waiting for what actually turns up. That photo has been online for ages. Jason
  12. I'm saying he's using statistics to push an agenda. "54% of my viewers like the LNER therefore Hornby should make more LNER". I take it that's the gist, otherwise why bring it up? Just a meaningless statistic. I wonder how many of his viewers could name more than two LNER locomotives? How many other railway engines do they know which aren't Flying Scotsman? I would hazard a guess very few. Let's face facts here, most of his viewers if asked what their favourite locomotive was would probably say Thomas. I doubt any of them are exactly debating the differences between a J39/1 and a J39/2. They would know that if they are real enthusiasts of the LNER. I thought this was a serious railway modelling forum. Jason
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