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  1. Couldn’t be bothered with pics today but did get these while waiting in the loop at gresty lane, couple of 68s heading into the drs depot currently fighting my way back to crewe from Bicester but I’ve heard the line is shut between Stafford and crewe
  2. Only one pic from yesterday, Iport and back change of job today, off to Donnington to rescue the train we left there on Monday and take it to Bicester
  3. I think the loco is sat on the EMR line and the nearest one is just a dead end, can’t remember off hand
  4. Some from today, should have been shrewsbury to telford then back to bescot but an issue meant the departure never happened relieved the train on the triangle in shrewsbury 175 heading for cardiff Shrewsbury Severn bridge Signal box having a lot of work done at the moment 175 heading into the station With a 170 heading to birmingham My train arriving Ready for departure and set back awaiting shutting down Tomorrow will be either going back fo
  5. Finally swapped the cardboard template for wood and placed the castle on top, also the slightly lower area where the 009 gauge lien will swoop round you can see in the above picture 2 bits of wall sticking out from the main castle walls, I’ve got to cut the edge of the higher board back a bit so the extra wall is sitting on the lower board where they will be replaced by this, a tower with a passage through the wall for the narrow gauge tracks ive made it from the ‘gate house’ kit, one side basically made normally but the other (and centre part) are scratch bu
  6. We’re you on that job mon to wed last week as I was in Tyseley dojng 196s and saw it running round a couple of times I’ve known you on here for a good 15 years, we sign a lot of the same places, have mutual work colleagues but have never actually met!
  7. Nice little job tonight, landor st to Doncaster light engine Ews 66 in Saltley and my loco in a snowy Doncaster possession tomorrow night in Sheffield, out of toton this time though
  8. When taxi drivers ask what the hardest part of the job is I say “balancing the train in the rails” some get it, others don’t!
  9. According to BTP on Twitter they are investigating the matter also the girl who’s car is in the initial post has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts today My tweet of the day about it goes to this one....
  10. this has proper blown up on Twitter with someone posting links to his Instagram page showing a good 1/2 dozen other sports cars posed in the same position on the same crossing, so not a one off occurrence it would seem Funny if the next train round the corner was this....
  11. The last couple of days of the 196 course was cancelled so today I got asked last minute to do a derby to bescot light engine, it should have been going to longport hauling new import 66797 but there was an issue so it didn’t happen Derby
  12. I haven’t ordered these as I did a Bachmann conversion a good 10 years ago that I’m more than happy with but I think once I see them in the flesh I may well partake having seen Andy’s pics and the reviews in Hornby mag and rail express, might go for the harry needle livery though despite me having driven them at DRS me arriving into Chester pulling the unique blue flask wagon
  13. not a supermarket but ikea use doncaster iport, GBRf operated, i think they go to teeside somewhere tesco also have a DRS worked service from iport, not sure where to off hand though
  14. i can think of one bridge near me which i fully expected to be on that list but no, its the first bridge out of nantwich on the whitchurch road A525 which is fully in situ with traffic lights on it, surely a candidate for demolishion and a new level road Dropped pin Near 1 Baddington Ln, Nantwich https://goo.gl/maps/hXTRPLgMmXF6e3oT8 its over the old market drayton to nantwich line which shut in 1967 and the track was lifted in 1970 so its stood there for 50 odd years unused, the road is now quite a busy route from the M6 for lorries heading to new bi
  15. They are also testing them on the WCML, the path runs around the same time as the daytime 196 test train so it’s possible to see them both in the space of 10 mins around crewe
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