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  1. Back to the site this morning to take one back to bescot, unfortunately they had put it on the wrong line so I had to go 6 mile back toward rugby from Grendon to cross over and head back to the possession exit in nuneaton! 66731 and 66732 66786 at the other end And back on the right line to depart Into bescot East Midlands gateway tomorow and Tuesday then 196s and a couple of ballasts at the weekend coming up
  2. Just a couple from last night, bescot to Rigby via Northampton to run round bescot And waiting to enter the worksite in rugby back there again in the morning to bring a train back off site to bescot
  3. Joking apart my stepdad went to Liverpool in business back in the late 90s, parked at the liver building and went to his meeting and his fiesta van got stolen and was found on bricks in toxteth having had its alloys nicked!
  4. I can’t see that offer on the website at all? anyone got a link
  5. Some rails around the docks in Liverpool, obviously been restored in places around the Albert dock but the ones further out are a bit less ‘pristine’ but look to be original rails into a former warehouse of something Albert dock, outside the maritime museum
  6. That was last week (when I worked the 196s, a peak forest and Trafford park!) got 12 days off coming up from the 15th of august, I’ll be at the caravan so unless there are jobs out of Carlisle I’ll be enjoying the time off then! As a slight non train aside Had to pop to Liverpool earlier for Dominic to do his theory test (which he passed) so while he was in the test centre I went for a walk, ended up walking about 5 miles around Liverpool and down the docks where the Disney magic cruise ship was docked The Beatles experience Mersey ferry passed by Liver building Oasis A Liverpool pilot boat in the dry dock and a schooner Back in later bescot to rugby via a run round in Northampton (which I don’t sign so I’m being conducted from rugby)
  7. Some from last night pride 66 in Bescot then my locos to Mountsorrel, 66786 and a dead 66779 and as it was dead I had to run round in Leicester station to head back to Mountsorrel then after picking up the train it was away to Loughborough where I got off and the other driver took it on to Bradbury possession in rugby later tonight
  8. 196 last night, 007 on its first trip out supposed to be on it again tonight but had a family emergency so have had to head back to Carlisle as my youngest has broke his arm falling off his bike, got to have surgery this morning to pin it up apparently!
  9. Couple from this morning, last minute vacancy, crewe to small Heath ballast with 66779 basford hall small heath 196s later this evening
  10. not from ebay but amazon, something ive been watching for a good 6 weeks in the ‘warehouse’ section, a Hornby TTS class 60 in DB Shenker livery, 60044 ‘Dowlow’ which i got for £125, not seen it cheaper than £175 on line or in the shops looks to have been opened but not run, box a bit creased in one corner but other than that fine, all detailing bits still sealed in box etc, i really thought it would have sold weeks ago at that price and i kept umming and ahhing over it but in the end thought id take the plunge, glad i did! its actually one of the non colas/GBRf 60s ive driven for real in the same livery so a doubly good reason to have it
  11. Some from the other night in Stafford, couple of vids off until Tuesday and back on to the 196s again for a couple of days and a ballast on Friday night
  12. They go and stop well enough but a bit over complicated for my liking compared to the first unit I ever signed, class 150s
  13. Some from last night, 196 testing again tyseley Stafford Crewe
  14. as a site driver on a route I dont sign I have to have a safety brief on the route etc, I get maps, local instructions etc that I have to read and acknowledge before I work any trains I was working on the other side of the Solway firth to silloth, in a straight line the worksite was 10 miles across the water, by car it was just short of 50 miles to drive! as it happened I know the area from visiting Dumfries regularly while at the caravan as the line runs parallel with the road we use to get back to Gretna, in fact I used the local ice cream farm as a landmark to see where the train was sat, it was actually 11 mile from the signing in point! I got to the access and I could see the tail light of the train in the distance so I walked up to it only to discover that was the 20 wagon train behind mine and mine was 25 falcons in front of it so just short if a mile later I finally got to my loco i eventually moved down to the relay site where I slowly drew forward while they loaded the spent ballast into the falcons and in the daylight in the old station at Ruthwell In tonight doing 196 testing but got a days annual leave back in lieu of it so I can spend an extra day at the caravan next week
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