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  1. Yes the connection is bootle jn where you join the line from edge hill to seaforth, you normally go to marsh lane to cross over get back off if your coming from Sandhills but the points were out last night hence the trip to hall road i need a conductor from bootle jn on that job as I know the rest but he gets on at crewe as the train also needs a brake test prior to departure and it saves having a shunter come out just to do that
  2. Some from last night/this morning UTU around the Mersey rail network , 37610 powering crewe bootle Oriel Road Sandhills Ormskirk We then did Kirkby and should have turned back at marsh lane but the points were out of use so we had to go to hall road to turn back Lovely waiting room And finally back into crewe nice little job, back to a normal one tomorrow On a Possession again
  3. Hmmm, don’t suppose I’ve got an excuse not to buy 37610 now! my home for the next 8 hours trundling round the northern end of the Merseyrail network She was being a bit temperamental earlier, didn’t want to fire up but I got her going in the end, low voltage relay tripped while starting which is common if you have lots of lights on etc, annoyingly the light which tells me it’s tripped wasn’t lit afterwards but I had a good idea what the issue was
  4. Whatever happens any freight along the north wales coast will be good to see! not bothered with pics the last couple of days really, trafford park and another landor st to toton, this time with wagons Class 70 passing landor st 66770 in toton IM tonight around the Mersey
  5. Dine some non scientific analysis of the NMT! as I used to drive it I have managed to get quite a few pics of it from unusual angles etc and using ‘markup’ on the iPhone I have had a look at the decals on the buffered powercars first impression is 43014 has a very slightly wonky decal on the same side as the Hornby model as can be seen by placing a line (ruler tool) along the top of the red bit of the network rail logo it intersects the writing about 1/3 of the way up but appears to go out a bit towards the end but nothing massively noticeable however it would appear that the real vehicles have the ‘Improving your railway’ branding in different places again going by the red line on the NR logo, an imaginary line dissects ‘Improving’ whereas 43013, the imaginary line is level with the bottom of ‘improving’ which is how Hornby have lined it up on both powercars so there we have it, slightly more wonky than the prototype and in the wrong place by a Gnats knacker on one powercar, personally though I do see an issue with the one that’s in the wrong place, it’s hardly noticeable really, I didn’t notice until I started playing about with the prototype pictures, and as I put before I’d be happy to live with the sightly wonky decal as it’s a far better finish than I will ever achieve when I come to re-decal up my NMT which has the old livery powercars
  6. I’ll be honest I’ve not heard anything official but then again my Home Depot wouldn’t be involved with that work, most likely the north west depots doing it but from a personal point of view I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground as I’m sure it said it would be going to hope on the hope valley line, I currently (just about) sign penmaenmawr to Saltley jn then the rest of route, assuming it goes mouldsworth, altrincham, Skelton jn, hazel grove, chinley and hope I still sign and are nicely in date
  7. When I was lead driver with another company I had drivers who signed places And had them on their route card but then when asked to do a shunt told the signaller they didn’t sign the shunt moves for those area and only the mainline! similarly with another company, drivers only signed the route in one direction! ive been with gb for coming up to 2 years now so a fair bit of my historic route card needs reviewing or I will lose it, difficult at the moment with Covid as I can’t get in passenger train cabs to refresh it, we can do it with official videos though, I’m hoping not to lose too much but the likes of the Cambrian and Holyhead are likely to lapse as there is no need to go to either (at the moment!)
  8. Some from yesterday Leamington to crewe Crewe then back to landor st for a light engine to toton trafford park tonight
  9. big jim

    EBay madness

    i was watching that too when it was £25 as nice as it is I couldn’t believe how much it went for in the end time to fire up the 3D printer I think!
  10. big jim

    EBay madness

    Here is my bit of eBay madness for the week https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Arnold-Rapido-N-Gauge-Railcars-X-3-GWR-repaint-/383620578446?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49293 they are not a bad repaint job in all fairness, something different to say the least! I bought them to use the chassis’ and motor under a 009 model but thought I’d try my luck on eBay instead!
  11. Glad I did get stopped, chance for the pics! some from today, thought I was in late but discovered I was actually booked to take a loco to and from longport from bescot! 66744 to take changing ends at kidsgrove and took 66788 back to bescot
  12. Some from today, 3 trains to work to bescot, 1st was late so never worked that one the 2nd one was 2 hours late so I ended up driving to market harborough and meeting it there (and got a haircut while I waited!) worked it back to the yard via new st into bescot 66175 “Rail Riders” being photobombed by a pigeon and back to Leicester for train 2, 66706 again back to bescot via new st, luckily this time I got stopped so could grab some pics
  13. I think most of the essential the work has been done at longport, it’s probably something as simple as it doesn’t have yellow ends! when I dropped it off in longport I had to run round in Alsager loop and got in the cab to discover things I’d never seen before on a uk loco, the strangest thing being the loco brake (straight air) lever was the opposite way round to normal, normally pushing the lever away from you applies it, Whereas this one applies it when pulled towards you! that will have been turned round to match the others no doubt or it would be a recipe for disaster with the possibility of the brake being left on when being dragged
  14. They did, it was called ‘design clever’
  15. No probs, nice to see other bits of the network wasn’t in the mood for pics the last couple of days but here is one of 66754 in iport yesterday and today, stabled up with 66755 in decoy got the train home from Doncaster, one of the newly transferred 170 units Interesting job tomorrow, got to take 2 trains coleshill to bescot via new st station then over to Leicester to work a possession train which again will be coming back through new st, I’ve got the job as I think I’m the only person who signs the station! a bit of variety the rest of the week including Leamington to crewe, landor to toton and IM on the Mersey rail to Ormskirk and Kirkby (Which seems to have come round quickly since the last time I did it!)
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