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  1. Last minute ‘can you just’ last night, banbury to didcot then another one north didcot to hams hall banbury unusually on the southbound trip I got routed out of the goods at hinksey on the down line to didcot due to work going on at Culham on the up line, it’s a move I’ve never done before and didn’t know you could actually do but you end up running wrong direction all the way to Appleford, it’s a good 8 miles before the first signal in the wrong direction followed by one with a route indicator to cross back over to the up just after Appleford crossing d
  2. My dad was around at the weekend and gave me my orders to get a move on with the railway, put the buildings away in a big box and concentrate on getting some track properly laid instead of mocking thing up so I listened to his advice and packed up the clutter and cracked on with track laying first up was laying the curve between the inclines Then it was the crossovers from the mainline to the branch line either side of the mains, I’ve put a double slip on the left and a single slip on the right, I’ve yet to decide how far the line to the right will go
  3. One from hams hall of what could have been, similar signs are at Manchester euro terminal too
  4. From a train drivers point of view the crossing is a pain in the bum on a 97, it’s 5mph across it (or equivalent kph) and every time I’ve driven toward it from llwyngwril direction the ertms has bought me to a stop despite only being within the braking curve As discussed many years ago it’s an unusual Crossing in so much as it’s an open crossing with barriers (AOC-B) I wonder if there will be accompanied pedestrian access across the crossing as they did an onibury a few years back to allow people to get over the line to meet the local buses which were on diversion
  5. Regards the Barmouth bridge work I see that the crossing in fairbourne is closing for 5 days next week, I’m puzzled as to how people are going to get in and out of the village, the only other road in via the Llwyngwril end by the old toll house isn’t exactly built for 2 way traffic and anything bigger than a van perhaps @wombatofludham Can enlighten us?
  6. Well I’ve got jury duty for 2 weeks coming up so I can’t work even if they asked! only one from yesterday, a very wet hams hall with 66759 which I took to bescot before working it on a rail drop at Birmingham international
  7. yep, it always felt a bit hairy with a pair of 37s on the plp train at full chat, I remember a driver who was conducting me down the welsh marches holding on for dear life and saying ‘i don’t like this’ on the 90mph bits between Hereford and Newport!
  8. Some from last night, worked a Stone train between stockport and stoke as the driver didn’t sign it stockport, biomass train passing through then my train arrived and I got off at stoke possession tonight near Birmingham international then was a week of annual leave but have been asked to work a few trains into Donnington (Shropshire) at the back end of the week
  9. the gennys and plp are 100mph max, it’s only the UTU coaches that are 75mph max, again subject to short formation speeds
  10. I think that may be a mistake on my behalf, it’s actually loco hauled MK3 coach 977994 which has an unbraked bogie which if like UTU coaches means the other braked bogie has enhanced brakes however the conference car conundrum continues........ I just happen to have this sat in my bedside cabinet (as you do!) It’s a bit of a strange one as it lists the various coaches that can be worked in the NMT and it says “975814 conference car - no notable features” However in the train speeds section it says “if 975814 is not in the formation then speed is
  11. Now I am upset, been waiting for military manouvres to come down to a decent price for ages and got it last month for around £130 from rails, the kernow link above has it for £99 which is a steal when you consider its only £5 more than the NCB 03 next to it and you get 3 wagons, a controller and an oval of track and siding!
  12. Totally agree with what you are saying rule book wise yes it’s a reduced speed because of the short formation however the conference car missing from the NMT formation has a different set of stand alone rules too, even if the formation is made back up to 5 vehicles with the spare coach it has to run at reduced speed due to the enhanced brake on the conference car not being available (or something like that, not driven it for over 2 years now!)
  13. conference car missing so has also to run at a reduced speed
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