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  1. 197s cancelled Wednesday night so a nice night in my own bed then last night it was a simple small Heath to crewe job small Heath Run round and ready to head to Tyseley running round again in Tyseley And into crewe nice little bescot to crewe later today then an intermodal or two on Saturday
  2. Me too, I thought I was special anyway I replied and now I’ve got to send my bank details to a Nigerian Prince to be guaranteed to be first on the list for new releases
  3. Only one from last night, same unit in new st on the first round trip
  4. Finally happened, 196 testing between Tyseley and crewe, a long night, dynamic testing, checking stopping distances from 100mph in full service and emergency as well as a few other tests with the vigilance, DSD, horn etc stafford Crewe New St and back to Tyseley hopefully same again tonight, probably with the same unit
  5. 792 has a traditional pedestal type cab which is unusual for a euro import
  6. Forgot to put these up on Saturday, coleshill To Doncaster Iport coleshill Being unloaded in iport then I took a wagon from there to decoy tonight should be 196s but anything could happen between now and book on time!
  7. After a week off I wa sin last night, rail drop just south of Stone first up I travelled down from the caravan in cumbria, TPE unit in the station 08 in Bescot my train with 66759 up front It was top and tailed with 66792, I had to change ends in Stone and head back via Stafford to bescot then once in Bescot run 792 round onto 759 ready for fuelling iport tomorrow then supposedly 196 testing (if it happens) and a couple of days of the small Heath ballast
  8. guy on Twitter selling a pair I have bought from him in the past without issue, he works for GWR on the platform
  9. Think so, I’ve been on one but never driven it or looked in the engine room, a lot of the drivers I know who sign them hate them as they are so temperamental
  10. I really should get a few of these wagons in GB livery, missed out last time as they were off my radar as I’d never worked them for real but now i do aggregate trains in work I wouldn’t mind a short rake of them
  11. Must admit I sold an ‘Oliver’ about 10 years ago when Dominic grew out of Thomas and even used (ie played with by a kid) it went for stupid money back then, I seem to remember I paid about £25 for it and sold it for about £100
  12. No not today, off at nuneaton, glad you posted that pic as, as I type real time trains is showing 4O46 as stood at Bermuda park, thought it had failed!!
  13. Purple aki, just googled him, I’d heard the urban legends about him but didn’t realise he’s real!
  14. i wrote to Jim’ll fix it asking to meet the A-Team!
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