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  1. Day 2 of IM training, popped over to Doncaster to ‘borrow’ UTU3 for the day for a trip to Toton and back, did static in the yard first then set off 37175 9708 While we were waiting 91119 in intercity livery passed by and away to toton a rose between 2 thorns The Masborough shot! And into Doncaster west yard and stabled until tomorrow hopefully were going to get a run over the hope valley tomorrow to Stockport and back to donny via crewe and derby first day back on 37s and one ruined shirt already, covered in engine room muck and oil!
  2. There is a young driver at Colas who i put forward to go on an instructor course when I left as he is very keen, knowledgeable (I phone him for class 37 advice!) etc sure enough he has done the instructors course and run his first class 67 course the other week but was worried about the “older hand” drivers being funny with him and not willing to listen, take advice etc as he is young and only been on the railway a few years, I just told him that if he gets anyone like that then simply stop the training, speak to management and the driver can then explain to those higher up why training was stopped as it happened he had no issues, he and the trainees enjoyed the course and he’s looking forward to the next one
  3. Depending on your system it’s simple enough to get all locos running the same way, speed matching may be difficult though! personally i’d De-motor the rear 20s if it’s a roundy roundly layout, similarly I’d demotor the s-stock too, when I say demotor, just remove the driveshafts (which is what I’ve done with one of my pair of Colas 67s) it’s a train I’d like to model as well, got the 20s for the job just need the underground stock which I wish I’d bought first time round!
  4. first day of a week of IM training, got to refresh someone on 37s and teach him DBSO and IM stock 37116 37610 off to doncaster tomorrow to catch up with 37610 again and maybe nick it for a run to and from toton if we can get a path in
  5. Enjoyable 1/2 hour sorting out my stock, while I did it I put an old BRM mag DVD in the Xbox and watched that too! Simon paley’s ‘Norwood road’ on the screen shockingly I’ve just discovered I’ve got 20 class 66’s (of which 12 are GBRf!) amongst other items, no major surprises other than an arriva 153 I didn’t know I had! Edit: whoops, found another 66 a thumper unit and 3 silver bullets under the bed and I’ve just remembered I’ve got a 37 and 7 more silver bullets in the boot of the car!
  6. Door fitted today by a joiner, just need to add a door jam to the top myself as I’ve lost it in the build! got a nice heavy duty mortice lock in it too for a bit of extra security now it’s extra secure in there put my stock onto the cupboard shelves out the way of being knocked around the floor
  7. I was looking forward to getting some of the track carrying metronet ones but really can’t afford the difference in price between those and the standard ones, seems an awful lot just for some extra flat panels saying that the price of the standard empty wagon is the same regardless of livery (£32) but the metronet track carrier is £9 more than the freightliner one at £59, seems a bit odd, the only thing I can think off is having to pay extra royalties to use the metronet name
  8. Yes ‘we’ as in GBRf As mick has put various other TOC have been asked to help cover IM work that Colas are struggling with due to staff shortages, route knowledge etc the only difference the public will see is the uniform the driver wears
  9. Just 2 from today, had to run round in hams hall to get to Doncaster as the train came in from nuneaton direction and into Roberts road for a service
  10. Yep, a week of class 37 and DBSO training before we start working IM trains the week after
  11. only 2 from today! iport again 66782 in "railtour" livery the usual masborough picture same again tomorrow but just northbound then an interesting week coming up
  12. They probably are just rubbish bins but they could also be spill kits for diesel spillages etc EDIT: they are bins for cab rubbish, just asked a work colleague who was based at warrington at the time of the picture
  13. Council have been and signed the job off (just a couple of cosmetic jobs to tidy up), I will get my certificate next week my dad came round today and built the cabinets, I can’t take any credit as all I did was go out and buy the chippy dinner as whenever I was in the garage he put something together wrong or I dropped the screws on the floor so he told me to go and have a sleep as I’d been working all night! We were going to put a 500 wide cabinet in the corner but it lined up with the plug sockets so we have decided to leave the space empty, maybe put a shelf in there but it’s a handy cubby hole (maybe for one of the gaming chairs to be stored in) On top of those cabinets I’m going to fix plywood and lay the fiddle yards, the layout will then be somewhere around 10-12 inch above that i recon i had to pop to jewson to get some panel pins (closest builders merchants) I don’t normally like going there as they aren’t the cheapest around but I managed to pick up a nice little bargain from the reduced section A solid oak internal door for £20 +vat, also in the bargain bin I got the hinges, multi point lock and handles etc, the whole lot coming to £39 inc vat! Just arranged for a joiner to come round Sunday to fit it for me, busy every day next week though so will probably be slow progress for a week after this weeks big push
  14. just a few from yesterday/today 66724 leading my train first time I’ve seen bicester village station since it was rebuilt, last time I was down here the station was temporarily closed and the line was still single while the upgrade was carried out and back into crewe this morning, a new TPE unit parked on LNWR depot iport tomorrow and Saturday
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