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  1. Just a couple again, trafford park job again run round in manchester 172 unit in nuneaton last night of it tonight
  2. Won another BDA off eBay so will us the 2nd broken 3D print box on that one now I can then slowly build up a rake of them if I spot any other BDA wagons going cheap anywhere i thought I’d dropped a ball with it as after I won it I noticed it had handbrake wheels on the bogies rather than linkage as per the first wagon but having looked on Flickr it seems the real things have a mix of linkage and bogie mounted handbrakes, looking forward to doing a few of these over time, just need to get some track wired up to actually run trains now though!
  3. HSTs on water jetters, now I like that idea, don’t think it would clean much at 125mph though! Thing is using things other than 66s would involve new wiring on the wagons (unless it was a blue star or AAR fitted multi working loco) otherwise you would have to isolate the rear loco every time you change ends if it’s not in multi, class 37s for example on the RHTT (or infrastructure trains) if the through wagon blue star connection isn’t working the rear loco has to be manned as it doesn’t have any automatic fire protection and the driver wouldn’t know if it were to catch fire, it also has to have a key left in and be left in neutral, only minor things but the train is suddenly double manned (even if only by a shunter) but costs are doubled and time, which is tight on these circuits, is also added every time you change ends there is also the issue of training drivers, I had a week last month doing MPVs, that’s took me out of the ‘productive’ pool for a week while there were jobs uncovered I could do, using the likes of HST powercars would mean drivers would have to learn them, not many freight company drivers have experience of anything other than 66s yet alone a former dedicated passenger loco so it would be another time consuming issue, there was a rumour last week (and I stress very much a rumour from an over enthusiastic employee, ie not happening!) that we at GB we’re going to hire in 37s for the RHTT to free up 66s, sounds fantastic I hear you say, only issue being there are only 2 of us who sign all the Midlands part of the 3J02 RHTT circuit AND class 37s and only 2 who sign both 37s and the southern half of the circuit so that would require the other drivers being trained or the same 4 drivers glued to the RHTT for 3 months (there is only me and one other who could instruct and assess on them but again it takes us out of the productive pool while we do it) Long gone are the days of ‘any old loco’ on trains like these as delays on them are very costly, cancellations more so, we had an issue last week with a jetter and had to return to shed 3 times in the night, we couldn’t just abandon the train at the first issue, we sat there while it was attempted to be repaired and had to going out until it got to a point where my day was up and we had to abandon the circuit and get back to base As you can see it’s not quite as cut and dried as just putting a different loco the front on unfortunately, lots of things to factor in, training, traction and route knowledge, infrastructure etc still wouldn’t say no to a HST on it though, to be honest if I could have a class 69 conversion I’d have a go with a pair of those on it (if we had more than a pair available!)
  4. Thought I’d better show willing and get a piccie from last nights job for you all, one of those can’t be bothered with pictures nights! 66715 in nuneaton on the trafford park to Southampton job on the again tonight and tomorrow too
  5. Only one from last night, possession train from aynho jn to bescot, then a bit of a break and another one from landor st to bescot 66758 on the first trip
  6. A ghost in the permit to travel machine kings Sutton station this evening a BR/NSE permit to travel machine, there is also one at lapworth apparently
  7. May as well update their thread I suppose rather than putting pics in my layout one not done anything major really, sold most of the IM stuff in this thread now apart from the DBSO and UTU coach only thing I’ve done recently apart from some point carrying wagons was a quick conversion of a BDA wagon to a ‘Lobster’ wagon using 3D printed parts off eBay, actually a fellow GBRf driver it was just a simple job of removing the bogies and underframe details which are in a single moulded panel, remove the cross member stantions and glueing they box to the wagon and painting it It unfortunately arrived snapped in half but I’ve managed to use it anyway, I’ll add a load to it so it’s not noticeable thanks to some advice from jack on here I got some VW Mars red to spray the box and wagon which is as close to DB schenker red as possible from a rattle can I recon, the beauty of this conversion is I didn’t have to mess about repainting and masking off underframe details and only had to mask the buffer shanks and refit the buffer heads once finished, my kind of modelling, minimum effort! really pleased with the result, a mere 30 minute work really just need some decals for it and done, got another box here so will have to find me a cheap BDA to do another one here it is with my lightly weathered Bachmann 66175
  8. Tidied up around the bridge area earlier in readyness to try and do a bit more over the next few weeks and months picked up a used faller bridge from footplate models in Kidderminster yesterday for a few quid to see how it looked at the rear of the layout behind the ‘ironbridge’ However Once it was in place I thought it looked a bit too overkill with the other 2 bridges so took it back off I then remembered I had 4 laser cut bridges which are low profile, i put two of them side by side and they sit nicely behind the ironbridge and they don’t overshadow it or the Stone bridge I think when I get round to it I’ll go the low profile bridge route
  9. You were most likely taking to my trainee last night, I always let them speak to the signallers, some get a bit nervous but they have to do it at some point!
  10. Last night of it yesterday Here we go again Oh look, Coventry! Rugeley New st, got off the unit for some grub last night Last night we got to Lichfield high level as there was no possession on And back to base 66030 passing by with a steel train, must have been banked up the lickey as it waited there while the banking loco passed it heading back to bescot night off tonight then taking a train off a possession in banbury tomorrow afternoon
  11. Just 3 from last night Birmingham international coventry last night of it tonight, not on it next week, got trafford park, hopefully assessing and passing out a driver on the route and the class 66 RHTT at the end of the week
  12. Some from today, first up I went to Cheltenham to have a look in the model shop then went back into the cotswolds and took a trip to Jeremy clarksons farm shop I then came back via Broadway again and went down to Toddington on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire railway And had a ride on the dmu to winchcombe, passing the shed at toddington And into winchcombe where the northbound train was waiting to pass, I got off here and caught it back to Broadway as we passed the train in the loop i looked over to one of the coaches and spotted Modelu’s @alanbuttler sat there with his family having a day out! (Well I hope it was his family, if not I’ve just dropped him in it!) Broadway and back to Toddington where I watched it depart for Cheltenham And that was that, back to the RHTT again tonight edit: video added
  13. And back into it again kings Norton, different unit than the night before Rugeley And back to kings norton again
  14. Yeah it’s only 4 months old so hopefully if they can’t resolve it if not they can replace the motor or wiring as appears to be the issue with it
  15. Just got my bike back from a repair of a repair and the motor is knackered so that’s put pay to using it the rest of the week between the hotel and kings Norton depot so I kind of wish I had have walked to the tower now to get some extra exercise in!
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