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  1. The red army on the gate line at new st was all change this morning, plain dark blue jackets now, not as noticeable to joe public if they require help that’s for sure this made me laugh off another forum..... Avanti now being called Awanti by staff in Glasgow - Ah want tae go home
  2. Some from this morning, should be my last RHTT of the year, it finishes on Thursday for the year and I’m off til then and back on a trafford park job bescot and all I did today was work it to rugby and pass back, the circuit seemed to drop Macclesfield off the schedule today, whether it does it later in the week I don’t know
  3. Just a couple from last night, rugby to Preston with 47749 and an electric unit Didn’t manage a proper pic at Preston as as soon as I’d stepped off the loco the other driver was away! Got a couple of stills from a Video I took which was also poor as he’s already started moving by the time i started!
  4. Some from last night, bit of a cock up as they held me at crewe thinking I was waiting for the possession to be lifted and would be going the booked route from Stafford, left there 40 mins late and went the normal way but my relief was as planned at Coventry so I had to work it through to there, ended up getting home at 9am instead of 6:30! trafford park Coventry and back in crewe this morning a 331 unit going into Manchester tonight on the train to the theatre then I’ve got a class 47 and translator move in the early hours of the morning from rugby to Preston
  5. I bought both sets last week and despite not getting them out of the box properly yet I wouldn’t have noticed the difference had it not been pointed out here, looking forward to getting the full rake together soon, when I do I’ll photograph it, I also have a Bachmann 57 and BG to go with it regards price it was adjusted down to a more realistic price by Hornby, I paid £134 for my train pack and £95 for the coach pack, I immediately sold the loco on eBay, getting £42 for it which I was more than happy with
  6. Just one from last night, Nuneaton to Trafford park and back with 66740, first time I’ve driven that one as it’s my wife’s namesake ‘Sarah’ same again tonight but back to Coventry with it via the west mids due to an emergency possession around colwich
  7. Sorry I wasn't having a go at you personally but the last comment was something I heard a lot while he was my trainee! I don’t work with him any more so I don’t know if he is no longer registered, I suspect not as, as you say it’s been fixed unless of course there are other issues which mean he is still registered, either way disabled or not he was passed to be a driver and is a bloody good one at that
  8. as far as I know he had to have an enhanced medical Before getting a drivers job including extra walking and flexibility tasks, whatever it was he passed ok before the operation to replace his hip (he’s only in his 20s!) at the time in Blackpool he hadn’t had it replaced so hobbled along (as he has done since he could walk) just a bit slower than most but more than able to perform all the tasks required of a driver (probably better than most if I’m being honest) after he had it done and had completed his physio etc he then saw the railway doctor again for another enhanced medical which he flew through, as for blue badge eligibility now, I really don’t know, not my area of knowledge but I certainly have a lot of respect for him for following his dream of being a driver m, getting his hip sorted and having to put up with comments like ‘he can’t be THAT disabled’
  9. I’m glad it’s not just me who read jcredfer’s tale and thought it to be in poor taste! Regard disabilities, one of my trainees a few years back is registered disabled as he had a bad hip from birth, it doesn’t effect work at all, in fact he has had it replaced now and he’s quicker than me! Anyway we were on a lodge turn in Blackpool and as he was from down south and had never experienced The joys of the ‘Vegas of the north’ before so we decided to go to the tower on our rest day, we stood by the disabled access door (fewer steps to the ring) waiting to go into the circus and the old boy in front who didn’t See my mate hobble in turned to us and proper started having a go at us both at the top of his voice so everyone could hear that the entrance was for disabled persons only and that we should leave and join the able body queue, I didn’t know what to say but my mate who obviously had to deal with this on a daily basis (as he didn’t physically look disabled when stood still) soon put the bloke back in his place and he couldn’t apologise enough to him afterwards!
  10. the operator we use are a company called ‘weedfree’ i know colas use their own operators down the cambrian as the trains have to be double manned so rather than have 3 in the cab the shunter does the spraying
  11. the loco in that picture is still going strong with colas but the building behind is in the process of being pulled down for housing
  12. Couple of shots from Sunday, went to Chasewater for the Santa special train Then in the evening worked a Doncaster up decoy to Toton service a few days off then a couple of nights of Trafford park then a class 47 move on Friday night
  13. Spot the difference! buffers, side step and a red pipe? above the fuel tank Are all I can see
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