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  1. There are rules regarding the depth of flood water you can pass through in relation to the rail top locos are allocated to jobs by control and I can drive whatever I am passed out on, I work for GBRf but for the network rail trains we are subcontracted to work we have to use colas class 37s And DBSO’s, I used to drive them at colas so can drive them for GB, similarly class 56 and 47, I’ve even driven 70s for colas while working for GBRf, I’m lucky that as I shunt bescot I can get on various traction to keep them in date such as the 70 or 67 anyway, one from today, got asked to work a train into Kineton, met it at didcot and worked it into the site and back out to Leamington, should have been to crewe but the other driver never got the message I was working it through and travelled from his home in Winsford (10 miles from crewe) all the way to Leamington to relieve me! 66701 in didcot
  2. Just one from last night, short engineers train from bescot to oxley, 5 coalfish wagons, once complete, out to codsall and awaited relief awful drive back, the road into Bescot yard was flooded, only just got through with the mini!
  3. big jim

    MRA wagons

    I got a set from the Dapol shop a few years back when they were selling them off because of a very slight livery error, if I remember right I gave about £90 for the set I had so much hassle trying to get them to stay on the track with the pi$$ poor coupling system I ended up modifying them with Roco loop couplings before getting totally fed up with them and flogging them on, (wish I hadn’t now though)
  4. Last night was hither green to derby via the ECML with a turn at toton hither green ready to depart Orpington Toton and away to derby to the RTC and home, ballast tonight at cosford
  5. before anyone goes to the trouble of fitting a working spotlight to ‘biffa’ when it turns up, its disconnected! the other thing noted by classy is a GPS ariel, one end only, looking through my pics all GBRf ex EWS 66 i’ve drive have them
  6. Only a few from tonight, got to the depot to find out the driver signs class 37 and DBSO and was happy to take the train himself all night so I did the brake test, had a ride out to Victoria for the fun of it and went back to the hotel hither green Change ends at orpington into Victoria and that was me, gone!
  7. Some from last night hither green Leg stretch at Bo peep Jn Hastings eastbourne Over to Brighton Out to Seaham, by now it was really starting to rain! Back to wivelsfiled Back to eastbourne Hastings again And finally back into hither green
  8. Had a day to myself today so went into the west end to see a matinee show, decided to have an adventure getting there though as I had plenty of time greenwich Where I caught the DLR to bank sat at the front so i could pretend to be a train driver I then caught the Waterloo and city back over to waterloo Then a bus to the west end, saw ‘everybody’s talking about Jamie’ which was brilliant, went back and had a kip and now off to higher green to get the train ready
  9. I’m only on board to conduct the traction but the route is as below if that’s of any use to work out where the heck I’m going! https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/H40871/2020-02-12/detailed tomorrow will be of more interest to you as we are west of Brighton https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/H40912/2020-02-13/detailed
  10. Nice view from the hotel, I can do some train spotting on the mainline and DLR
  11. The flats are those EWS linked sets, I think the train started at longtown, not sure I got the train ran round and sat in the reception siding at fenny Compton until my relief came
  12. And the 2nd bit, MOD to fenny Compton, they let me run early to minimise delays as it was diverted via nuneaton and Coventry, made it to fenny nearly 2 1/2 hours early! basford hall with 66710
  13. part one of tonight’s job done, as suspected I was asked to come in early and take the cement back south via the Cannock chase line to bescot where it ran round before heading off via Sutton park to Bristol basford hall popped back home for a couple of hours before heading back to basford hall later to work the MOD to Leamington spa! nice easy day tomorrow travelling down to lodge in Greenwich ready for the IM job along the south coast
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