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  1. Apologies if this is elsewhere, a search did not find anything related. I have just returned from a trip to Paris, and visited the model railway under the Gare de l'Est. It is open on Saturday afternoons between 14.30 and 19.00 and has three layouts, 1 HO gauge, 1 O gauge and one O gauge (metre). I attach some images of the HO and O gauge layouts, I can upload more if anybody is interested. If anybody is able to visit, you have to access the area by going down the Alsace parking ramp (left hand side of the station), going to the bottom and turning right and going through Porte 9 (Door 9), which is the first door you come to. It was held open by a block of wood when I visited. There seems to be no charge, and it is worth a visit. Nic
  2. Many thanks for this, my partner was trying to establish whether the author has visited Wales to prepare the article or engraving, from what you have said this is unlikely, and he was relying on other published sources.
  3. Thanks very much, we have now done some more research, and yes the second picture is in France. Here are more details about the author. http://www.annales.org/archives/x/bacle.html Nic
  4. Hi My partner came across this article (published in 1881 in the course of her work. http://cnum.cnam.fr/CGI/fpage.cgi?4KY28.16/232/100/432/0/0 It has two engravings of narrow gauge in Wales, the first is easy to identify, Tan y Bwlch on the Ffestiniog. The other looks more obscure, featuring a locomotive called Lilliput on a line name as the Petit Bourg. Can anybody identify the second? (Use the arrows on top right to navigate) many thanks Nic
  5. NicShilton

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    Also is not suspicious that the main picture on their facebook is distinctly GWR themed...
  6. I'm new to the forum and have been prompted to join to share my own photos of this layout that I took at the Station's Open day last year. It really does capture the feel of the area.
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