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  1. Would a Corgi beaver 2 minibus be close enough? I have one here I can measure if that helps.
  2. Joining the Crossways fleet today is BF15 KGG, a late model Volvo/ Sunsundegui Sideral. She is the fleet's most youthful addition for some time, a sign of the company's ongoing recovery after the initial scare caused by the Coronavirus pandemic last year. Once destination equipment has been fitted, the coach will see use on a wide range of coach work including private hires, schools, tours, etc. The model is produced from the MBF resin kit.
  3. Sorry for the delayed response, that report sounds interesting though! In fairness a few local operators have been working on rail recently alongside first, which bodes well for Crossways
  4. Thanks! Perhaps surprisingly no, very busy with schools etc during weekdays, though weekends are quieter at the moment generally
  5. A quiet afternoon with the Crossways coach fleet basking in the sunshine
  6. A quiet afternoon with the Crossways coach fleet basking in the sunshine.
  7. Coming along well. Please can I ask where you sourced the driver figure from? It looks very detailed.
  8. Many thanks, an interesting story too. Can't say I know much about the real things myself to be honest.
  9. Joining the Crossways fleet is Bova Futura YJ06 HNL, a budget purchase primarily for the schools and contract work that has kept the company ticking over in recent times. Already featuring a wheelchair lift, very little work was required to achieve PSVAR compliance, aside from the addition of destination gear. She will be based at our Kemble depot, arriving just in time to provide services for children of key workers after the February half term holidays. In reality, this is a repainted OOC diecast.
  10. Not as far as I am aware, but may be wrong. Thanks for the kind comment too!
  11. Something a little different, but I hope still of interest. Between my uni studies I run a fictional model bus fleet called Crossways. I posted these pics of a diorama recently completed for fleet photography purposes on the 'How realistic are your models' thread yesterday, and thought it worth posting here also.
  12. Having just browsed through your thread after seeing your post on the realistic models thread, have to say am impressed! Especially like the experiments with 3D printing.
  13. Like the platform surfaces, very convincing
  14. A couple of photos of a new diorama to be used for photography of my Crossways model bus fleet:
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