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  1. Good evening, David. I like the latest Newcastle to Carlisle line photo’s, all of which are of interest. In C19379, at Plenmeller, with a class 156, on a Stranraer to Newcastle service, on the 29th March, 1994, you have captured another delightful ‘train in the landscape’ photo’. With warmest regards, Rob.
  2. For myself it’s back to the long gone Beverley to Market Weighton, Pocklington, Stamford Bridge and York line. I can only give a few details here, I’ve books about the line and various websites. Briefly, in the Beeching Report it was stated there were, on average, 57 passengers per two car DMU. Level crossings were a serious issue, with 19 of them. It had been proposed, under the Centralised Traffic Control scheme, of the late 1950’s to modernise the line. It was to have been made single track, with passing loops at Market Weighton and Pocklington, with the level crossings being converted t
  3. Good evening, David. I like the Rocks by Rail at Cottesmore photo’s which are all of interest. In the last photo’, of Yorksire Engine Company, 0-6-0 diesel shunter, in August, 1983, you have a scene which would make a most interesting area, on a model railway, full of interest. The Carlisle photo’s are all full of interest from days long gone, and the last photo’, with 144015, on a Leeds to Carlisle service, on the 31st May, 1995, reminds me of a story, by a friend, who used to travel over the line in the early to mid 1990’s. The trains would often be a 142 or 144 and a 156. “Always trav
  4. I’m going with the remarkable Stainmore route too. Rob.
  5. Good evening, David. I like the photo’s of the ECML from Sunderland Bridge to Tyne Yard. All are of interest, and that’s a lovely portrait shot of 47217, ‘Kingfisher’, running light engine, on the 17th July, 1990. With warmest regards, Rob.
  6. I’ll also go with the Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith line for today’s poll. Rob.
  7. Good evening, David. I like the Cramlington photo’s all of which are of interest. In the last photo’, with 158762, on a Newcastle to Alnmouth service, in July, 1992, it appears the marker light on the secondman’s side has failed. It’s certainly not lit up as it should be. With warmest regards, Rob.
  8. Good evening, David. I like the ECML in Northumberland photo’s, starting at Acklington, going past Buston Barns to Chathill. All are of interest, and what a delightful example of a ‘train in the landscape’ photo’, J13914, at Acklington, with a class 56 on a down coal train, in June, 1993, is. With warmest regards, Rob.
  9. Out of many classes I’ll go with the B17/1Sandringham’s. I think there may be one that is to be built, but I’ve no more information than that. Rob.
  10. After some thought, I’m also going with the L1 for this poll, the Tri-ang model was very good. Rob.
  11. Good evening, David. I like the Scottish photo’s all of which are of interest, and they reflect different aspects of Scottish railways. In C15968, at North Berwick, looking east, on the 30th June, 1991, you can see how extremely spartan the terminus is - just one track, one platform and a bufferstop. I’m not sure if there’s a shelter there or not. With warmest regards, Rob.
  12. Good evening, David. I like the Langwathby photo’s from on the Settle and Carlisle line. All are of interest and Blue Peter makes a most impressive sight in the first photo’ from 6th March, 1993, on The Waverley, from Newcastle to Leeds and Carlisle and return. In J13706, with 156482, on a Carlisle to Leeds service, in March, 1993, that 156 is most down to earth, especially in it’s weathered state, compared to Blue Peter. With warmest regards, Rob.
  13. Good morning, everyone. Well, I’ve been busy repainting Thane Of Fife, and using the Railmatch BR green. Using a brush, with three coats of thinly applied paint, with thinners, and having masked off the lining, I’ve arrived at this stage. I’ve just applied some of the Klear, and I think, all things considered, there’s an improvement overall. I’m being cautious, it’s not perfect, and some carefully applied weathering is yet to be applied. But, ultimately, I think I prefer it to how it came out of the box. The lining, well now the green is darker, and weathering is going to be applied, may well
  14. As stated, there’s not too much for today’s poll, so I’m also going with the Beyer-Garratts. Rob.
  15. Good evening, David. I like the Newcastle photo’s which are all of interest. In J9775, with a class 253 HST, on a Bristol to Newcastle service, coming in to the station over the High Level bridge, in February, 1989, you can see it is indeed one of the Cross Country sets for the NE to SW services, with just one TF. With warmest regards, Rob.
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