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  1. Market65

    Bachmann J72

    I have just got home. I’ve purchased one of the early BR examples from Monk Bar Models in York. I can only say just how superb the model is, and it’s light years ahead of the old Mainline model - very nice though it was back in the late seventies. So here’s some photo’s which I have taken of 68733. I hope you will find them of some use. The lamps and three link couplings are in the bag of parts in the usual way. Best regards, Rob.
  2. I was in Monk Bar Models purchasing a Bachmann J72 earlier today, and the retailer I was chatting with said something about the Oxford J27 being delayed until June time of next year so that various corrections can be made to the EP’s that have been seen so far. I don’t know how accurate this may be, but if anyone has any additional information it would be much appreciated. Regards, Rob.
  3. Hi, Dave. I like all of the NBR in Northumberland photo’s. In particular the two of the viaducts - DSC_1078 of Fontburn viaduct, and J7343 of Kielder viaduct, NBR, in April, 1981. All so delightful. With warmest regards, Rob.
  4. On the 12.53 from Hull Paragon to Sheffield today was 144009. No 142’s to be seen. Best regards, Rob.
  5. Tomorrow, the 12th, these three Pacers are going from Heaton to Gascoigne Wood sidings. They are, 142039/142050/142066 . https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/K05708/2019-12-12/detailed Regards, Rob.
  6. According to live.rail-record the issue is something called QM - STP schedule timings issue. It was certainly very late into Derby at 147 minutes late. Rob.
  7. Hi, Dave. I like the Hartlepool and Cemetery North Junction photo’s which are all full of interest and historical value too. In C18069, at Hartlepool, with 142522 on a Newcastle to Middlesbrough service on the 10th October, 1992, that one time ‘Skipper’ is now withdrawn and waiting to be scrapped - it arrived at Worksop on the 29th November, this year. With warmest regards, Rob.
  8. It’s 142033 going to Worksop today, here’s the link to RTT: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/N18001/2019-12-10/detailed Rob.
  9. It gets more and more interesting. These 142’s are now reported to be going to TfW next Sunday, the 15th. 142012/142014/142019/142046/142049. Rob. Edit. Those 142’s are actually going to Sims of Newport Docks for scrapping.
  10. Hi, Dave. I like the Manors photo’s from June, 1987. They capture perfectly the way the station was by that date, and the cloudy weather contributes perfectly to the urban atmosphere of the place. In the last photo’ of 143013, on a Berwick to Newcastle service, for some reason, unless there were a couple of drops of rain, both wipers are in the lowest position on the windscreens. Quite a coincidence I would think. With warmest regards, Rob.
  11. Well, 142029 has just arrived at Worksop. Presumably it joins the others waiting to be scrapped. Here’s a link to RTT: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/N18001/2019-12-09/detailed There are paths to Worksop each day of this week. I’ve seen a photo’ posted on the other forum showing 142005 reduced to it’s underframe. That will soon be gone too from the speed of the scrapping. Regards, Rob.
  12. I have had the old Replica and Bachmann B1’s with exactly that tender behind it, and to have it fitted to a K3 is not quite right somehow. Didn’t particularly like the moulded coal either. If I came across one I would have to change it to 4200 gallon group standard tender with either flush sides or flared out copings. As stated above, they fitted it to those other models too. Rob.
  13. Hi, Dave. I like the Radcliffe on Trent photo’s which are full of interest. In J5997, with a class 114 DMU on a Grantham to Nottingham service in April, 1978, you can see the gap between the top of the bogies of the DTCL and the underside of the solebar, quite a distinguishing feature of many of the first generation DMU’s. With warmest regards, Rob.
  14. Hi, Dave. I like the Butterley photo’s which are fascinating. In J6850, with MR 2-4-0 158A, in April, 1980, the engine makes a lovely sight, and I wonder how it is today? With warmest regards, Rob.
  15. On that other railway forum I belong, it’s reported that 55 of the 142’s are due to be withdrawn by next Sunday the 15th. Whether that will happen we’ll have to wait and see. Rob.
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