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  1. You are quite correct about the diagramming. Many services on the secondary Central and Eastern SR lines were worked like this and the stock would be widely travelled across the division.
  2. And Set 459 sounds like a scratch set formed from two coaches from disbanded set 219 which was an eight coach set of 8' 6" Maunsell high window carriages. Again not Slaters or Kirk Kubes
  3. I think Sets 955 and 958 were from the last Maunsell designs with frameless droplights and a different arrangement of windows and doors on the corridor side. Unfortunately they cannot be made from Slaters or Kirk kits. Kubes
  4. Wakey wakey! Tower have announced that the GWR signals are expected in the next week or so with LMS to follow later in November!
  5. Tower Models have just announced expected delivery towards the end of October! Kubes
  6. As I recall there are sound effects too including guards voice and control bells Kubes
  7. Pryor's 'Pictorial Record of Southern Signals' which is my normal 'go to' for any questions on SR signalling does not give any dates for the introduction of rail built posts. I would have thought that pre-grouping installations would still have predominated throughout the twenties unless there was significant layout remodeling and as for lower quadrant arms on rail built posts, Im not saying it didn't happen but I think it would have been rare.
  8. There is or was a depot just north of Norwood Junction with such an access if I recall correctly.
  9. Kubes

    Dapol Mark 1 coaches?

    Should the SR green versions have the roundel? I thought only the coaches earmarked for use on the Royal Wessex services had them. Kubes
  10. Kubes

    Dapol "O" gauge Terrier.

    Just received my Gaugemaster Collection special Brighton Works. Its bloomin lovely!
  11. What a good idea! Wish I'd seen this before starting my latest carriage project.Kubes
  12. Tower Models have some information on their website, motorised home and distant GWR and LMS types at around £34 each but no indication of expected delivery date. Kubes
  13. Part of his own range of coach and EMU/DMU kits I believe. Kubes
  14. Met the Hattons team at Guildex who were very enthusiatic about their 7mm scale venture. The LNER coaches looked superb btw. There was a form where you could suggest future product ideas and go into a draw to win one of the LNER Pacific's. I suggested a Bulleid rebuilt light pacific. What did others go for? Kubes
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