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  1. I think two issues get conflated in this debate: pollution and congestion. Rail can address both but pollution can be addressed by decarbonisation of fuel. There are other methods than rail that could address congestion (albeit the rail network has its own congestion issues to manage). I don't think your second paragraph is correct and that DfT would strongly dispute it! Road building is subject to the same business case appraisal process as rail. However, road cases achieve higher benefit to cost ratios than rail given rail building is more expensive. Dry bulk tra
  2. I agree with many of the points made above about the reasons why transferring cargo from road to rail is a challenge. Rail only really works for containers if you're going more than 100+miles and you have sufficient volumes to justify the point to point service. You need to think how many trains per day can you run to get the amortised cost per box below what a road journey costs. Rail has the strategic disadvantage of requiring at least one, and usually two, extra sets of handling. If it costs £30/box lift, then that's a lot of money to recover through a lower unit cost of travel.
  3. If you'd gone through Crewe at 113mph, you'd have had no need to stir your martini!
  4. Confession time. I don't think I've ever watched that film!
  5. A question to the assembled knowledge base. I have in my mind, and possibly an urban myth, of a Lord who wanted a railway across his land so as he could have a pub open at all times as moving trains were exempt from the licensing laws? Could someone remind me of any truth in my memory? Google hasn't helped me but I now do have a longer list of pubs that I may like to visit... Thanks in advance David
  6. I have the same issue with stiff RKs. Careful how you type that one... David
  7. Lovely couple of days at the SVR. Walking yesterday, Bewdley to Highley with lunch by Victoria Bridge. Timed well so as two trains passed including one hauled by 2999. Reserved compartment today, a bit chilly at 830am but a glorious day in Worcestershire and Shropshire! Well done SVR on a great event. David
  8. Though it requires a fair degree of surgery to represent some of the straight framed types. I think Mike @Coach bogie has performed such alterations on various builds he's undertaken. I think the kit still comes with a white metal, not etched chassis. David
  9. If you want GWR and you want something iconic and off the scale, how about an RTR broad gauge set? A pack like the Thunderbolt but obviously with some track... if you’re cunning in choice, some of the stock could form the basis of standard gauge models. I’d have thought the extra width of broad gauge might make concealing a motor in the frames easier than some of these other pioneer rail locos?
  10. Thanks Rich. I used some unibond tape I had though I’ll invest in some Tamiya tape based on recommendations. I opted to put the handles on as I was in a rhythm soldering them and figured I could scrape paint off later appreciating the trade off with ease of masking. David
  11. After two coats, it’s come out better than I had feared. Line is pretty crisp in places but a couple of points where the chocolate has bled through. Needs a couple of bits of touching up but overall I’m not too disheartened. I’d primed in a red colour so I’d masked the drop lights so need to peel off the Maskol to see how that’s worked. David
  12. Hi Rich, I’m venturing into painting coaches using rattle cans. If I’m following correctly, you paint cream first and then the chocolate. I assume you mask the top half before spraying the chocolate? I’m going to investigate tomorrow but I’m concerned that my masking is not as effective as yours. Any tips? thanks David
  13. On the HST mileage debate, worth noting that they were introduced from the mid/late 70s. So a unit released to traffic could have been up to c45 years in traffic. In context, that’s the equivalent of 2509 being withdrawn in 1980. Remarkable bits of kit. (the hst. The A4 obviously is - not sure you can print on this thread if you state otherwise!) I’m not sure total mileage is a useful metric. I’d have though mean distance between failures, km in passenger service would be more useful. Revenue/seat would be interesting as well. David
  14. Tony, Looking at the picture, I can see why they say its in green. Looks as though there is a reflection of the grass? You might also want to check the caption on p233 also of 92001 which compounds the error by cross-referencing p37! David
  15. Hi Tony, I'd brought a copy of the Snow Hill to Fenny Compton book. It's an enjoyable and well-illustrated and captioned read. My criticism of it, which is a consequence of it being a colour album, is that it ends up with most of the photos being within a comparatively narrow time period towards the end of steam. And of course then most of the locos are in grimy condition and not as the GWR had intended! Nonetheless, for us youngsters seeing the difference between carmine and maroon, for example, is interesting. David
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