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  1. that’s the danger when you take a scan of a preserved loco and incorporate it in the CADs. All sorts of errors creep in!
  2. Ha! I’ve found that usually that it’s quite difficult to do that with the offsets and design. She must be truly talented and no doubt it is still somehow your fault!
  3. Ikea furniture can get a lot of criticism but most of their items are incredibly well designed so as to only go together one way, for example with offset screws that allow even the most hamfisted of is to realise how you put it together, have these boards been designed with those type of ideas in mind and has the assembly been road tested with right handers with three left thumbs who normally put the second nail through their finger? David
  4. That’s a good point about the quality of equipment required to take a good picture in the 1950s. However,there can be a naïf charm in a teenager’s photo capturing how they saw it and what they wanted to see as opposed to a semi-professional shot. Sometimes looking at professional pictures where the lighting is good the exhaust is dramatic etc can almost be too perfect and something of the more everyday capture can help evoke the period from a different perspective. Clearly, naif can be done to death but there’s a place for both. David
  5. I'd echo Denbridge's and Hayfield's points about never having had an issue dealing directly with Mark. Perhaps as Hayfield suggests he needs some help about aspects of the business he doesn't enjoy, whatever those are, so he can focus on what he's good at. If the admin/sales side or even the planning side on what to make and when is challenging, there are plenty of people who can assist either directly or in partnership. I'd particularly suggest those entities that run good B2C websites selling multiple products. I don't think cctransuk's tone is helpful here. We've seen in the
  6. The Blyton Five or Wharton, Nugent, Cherry, Ram SIngh and Johnny Bull at Greyfriars? Description could apply to either...
  7. I’d also suggest buying the David Geen “Great Western I the 1930s” books. These books list the diagrams of the coaches In each picture.
  8. If I was in a senior or comms role in one of the manufacturers, whilst I may not post under my own name, I would certainly lurk on forums such as this. I may not choose to identify myself, largely to avoid debate/wishlisting/whinging, but I'd want to be reading directly customer comments, good or ill, which I'd use to inform my own customer communications through whatever medium I prefer.
  9. according to the accounts, lease payments are £800k per annum. For those interested, you can go to companies house and read through the museum’s results. It’s a pretty big entity in its own right. I’d say £800k operating lease is good value for a central London site. Clearly , it’s a help to the area to have several big tourist draws to the area.
  10. Thanks Bob. I understand trains have been 80-90% full. I thought the set up with your own reserved compartment and scheduling so as the train were at each of the key locations at different times worked really well. A bit frustrating that certain areas were off limits, eg platform 2 at Bridgnorth (and although I understand why you can’t anymore, it was a childhood highlight to wander through the shed at Bridgnorth!). Hopefully the SVR will get its visit from 2999 soon. I’m looking forward to seeing her coupled to the toplights! Two damp but happy children! David
  11. Hi Bob was on the SVR on Thursday. It was indeed incredibly soggy. Though fortunately, I got a table in the pub at Bridgnorth where my sons dried out! A quick question, as we went through Arley, I noticed a building under construction. Do you know what it is? thanks David
  12. To be all serious for a moment, I think there is a sad truth to be faced up to in preservation, and Covid may be the trigger, that there are too many lines and too much stock preserved. A lot of which will never run again. Of the stock that is preserved, there are too many of similar types and those types may not be suitable for either preserved lines or the mainline, where even fewer locos are really needed. Even at Didcot, I thought 7808 was looking tired around the edges. Not a loco they need at their site so one which I bet is way down the refurbishment queue. What’s its fu
  13. SVR also a success of a little damper! Having your own compartment for the day works well particularly as you can leave your heavier stuff whilst you wander around. Masks worn by most even on platforms (I’m told mine improves my looks!) and plenty of sanitiser everywhere. I was also impressed they left a small tube in the compartment for our use. Good adaption of a well known phrase about diseasels! Steed for the day was 6960. Personally I thought her paint was closer to the drab lifeless Hornby colour rather than the richer colour. David
  14. First trip to a Railway since New Year’s Day. Timed entry to Didcot worked well. Given own compartment on demo line. Great to see 2999 outside the shed and KEii in steam. Smaller son liked loco but did run away from the fence when there was some loud chuffing... overall a success. SVR tomorrow!
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