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  1. With the Castles remaining a complete mismatch of aircraft, Abbeys, Earls, individuals, Regiments, Stars and other eclectic names!
  2. I wonder which GWR director of the time had attended Trinity Hall... Equally, which SR directors had been at the equally massively out of region Shrewsbury and Repton!
  3. I brought the boy a chocolate Thomas the other year. That was definitely edible.
  4. My younger son similarly instinctively wanted to stick his head out of the window as soon as he could... (ditto safely)
  5. Really enjoyed the BRM article. Of the pics, my favourite was of the prairie in the platform. A great photo. David
  6. @MarkSG @Phil Parker I agree with both your point and Phil's. For Hornby to invest directly in developing their own software, kit, marketing etc would be madness. Others do it already and better. Hornby doesn't need the distraction from its core business. However, there is some value in linking their constructional brands to software. Given they understand how a licensing agreement works, I can see the logic in licensing the scalextrix or Airfix names to some software businesses. I commented above that I thought this was Hornby kite flying. Listen to what Kohler was saying - he was seeking to say "we have this, come and talk to me." If he wanted to develop this in house, we wouldn't have had that segment of the programme. David
  7. Staged to illustrate the process and the type of thing that happens? We never saw a follow-up to that scene on resolving the problem and whether it was going to delay production.
  8. The fact is we don't really know how any decisions were actually made. This is an, admittedly enjoyable, extended piece of advertising from Hornby which SK will have wanted spun to present things in a certain way. Otherwise he would not have agreed to co-operate with the programme (which I'd wager was his idea). Now the TV company will have pushed back on certain things but probably not everything. Also worth noting that TV is edited and it can be the case that what we see on the screen isn't in strict chronological order and may have been edited to present in a particular way. On the tooling, we don't know what the factory was saying to Hornby. E.g. We have a slot for tooling, either you take it at this price or else we use it elsewhere or if you want the production slot that is otherwise going spare, you'll have to chip in for new tooling or indeed we don't know if after 30 years of use, the prior Terrier tooling was still capable of being used (or lost in transit in one of the factory moves under prior management). What we've seen on the screen is a presentation of the outcome with a certain marketing elan. Hornby may well have made a virtue out of something that they had to do anyway. We can't / don't know unless we were in the boardroom when the investment decision was made. David
  9. I wonder why focus on the Terrier and not the Prairie duplication? Both Dapol of course. Not sure if I were SK, I'd be wholly pleased how that came across. I've just placed an order on Rails website for one of their Terriers! Also, some interesting snippets on the financials, e.g. Sales increases for 2019 relative to 2018 and proportion of business relating to Scaletrix. Stand out was the VIrtual reality section. If they can combine building a kit and an immersive experience, perhaps licensing their own brand, they could be on an interesting trajectory. I suspect that they're not convinced though. If you thought it worked, you'd keep it quiet until you were ready to launch. This was a road test of the idea to see what the reaction is likely to be. In their overall financial position, I wouldn't invest in something that unproven. David
  10. It would be a somewhat eccentric strategy to sue a customer for disseminating your material. I’m not sure that’s in many marketing manuals... a better remedy is just to not send the update to anyone you suspect breaching your embargo. However, that’s stil on the eccentric side of the spectrum...
  11. I think the change in style from text plus the odd picture to pictures plus bit of text is as much a function of the improvements in print/desk top publishing technology over the last thirty years. Just about any newspaper or magazine shows the same trend. I used to hate those articles with an indistinct picture that confused more than it informed. David
  12. I assumed that the little 29 on the rear of the coach was a repeat of the Set number?
  13. We're staying in Beer this summer. WHen I go to the beach in my speedos, looks like I'll need to be very careful about anyone seeking to 'pap' me!
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