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  1. is he asking the captain if he has one of these in his modelling tool box?
  2. I've only briefly had it out of the box. I'll try and give it a brief run tonight but it may be the weekend as I have a lot on at the moment!
  3. Pleased to say my 9400 has arrived from Shildon. Hold on @The Johnster its nearly here!
  4. GWR fans would suggest including the GH Soole images in the albums edited by David Geen et al. Invaluable books particularly with the appendices covering the diagrams of the coaches in the trains. David
  5. Ha! My thoughts were Cox and Danks at Oldbury/Langley Green. I wondered if any locos would have been towed through the station from the Stourbridge direction.
  6. As I grew up in Stourbridge, I’m aware how to speak proper! I wasn’t thinking of Cradley in that context!
  7. my understanding is that there’s many a taxi/mini cab driver at rural stops beyond commuter zones who make their living from “refreshed” oversleeping passengers. I’m put in mind of an episode of Drop the Dead Donkey where the morning after the Christmas party, the camera opens on the editor waking up fully dressed. As the camera pans out, you realise he’s passed out on a bench in Oxford railway station! David
  8. Quite a few options. Bankers dropping off post Old Hill bank and running back light down the hill? If death steam was your thing, wasn’t there a big scrap yard near by too?
  9. In certain respects, that's what engine shed layout allow you to do. There was a GWR one in the 80s I recall seeing at Warley, in the Harry Mitchell days, that was particularly impressive as it was full of kit/scratch-built non-RTR locos. I've often thought an effective exhibition layout might be a large engine shed just outside a main station. Having running lines for parade style trains to go past and shuttling of an impressive motive power collection to and from the shed. Obviously a loco could depart the shed and then be seen a short while later hauling a train past and vice
  10. The recent , and otherwise good, C5 Dan Snow documentary on the Dambusters did exactly that and drove even my 8 year old son barmy! One of the advert breaks even promoted the programme we were actually watching which is, ahem, novel. David
  11. To @The Stationmaster's point, I think there may well be a difference between what's interesting for people here and what actually sells. I'd be amazed if year in / year out that a variant of the Flying Scotsman wasn't one of their biggest selling items. However, I've no more than a cursory interest in the new A1/A3s - I own two or three already which is more than enough for me. The differences on the new ones probably wont send me hurrying to buy them. However, I wonder if maybe there were tooling/production issues given the panning that bent running frames etc were getting on some of the
  12. I'll have to try and find my P2 book but it would some of the P2s have got painted into wartime black before their conversion? At best, ?, they'd have got extremely grubby and 'heavily weathered' under wartime cleaning regimes offering scope for an additional livery or two for Hornby. I, too, like the idea of a fictional P2 livery with valence fully removed in BR lined green or possibly even express passenger blue!
  13. I agree that this looks very like the Marklin range and that's no bad thing. Ours runs reasonably well, is simple to put together compared to a traditional train set and doesn't require wiring up or putting on a base board. It's also materially cheaper than a starter rail set. To me, this is a branding exercise. Hornby's brand is toy trains. Kids still love trains - see the amount of wooden trains in any conventional toy shop inc Tesco etc. As such, who are you selling to, who is placing the orders, who are you competing against? If it's the London Toy Fair, I'd expect the bu
  14. I doubt it. More like an assuaging of some loss as under their own commission they would have made the producer margin as well as the sales margin.
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