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  1. I’m not sure that Hornby treat their own on line store that much differently to retailers. If anything, they seem to have deprioritised it as part of their efforts to rebuild relations with model shops. Giving their own store a disproportionate allocation might not endear them to retailers.
  2. From my count, there’s 13 listings on ebay at present. Some of those may well hold multiple R3809s but I doubt there’s more than 30 or 40 in total on ebay. Out of a run of 1,500 so a pretty small percentage albeit quite a visible one. The debate strikes me as not dissimilar to the one about West End shows where touts buy up tickets and sell at a premium. If i was Hornby, I might be pleased that I’ve completely sold down on a new tooling with no discounting. Presumably good for their cash flow and net margins (and let’s not forget that unless Hornby is financially successful, we won’t be having this debate....) I might also be wondering have I underpriced slightly, could I have got an extra tenner per unit? Maybe. Maybe I’m also thinking that a degree of unsatisfied demand is a good thing. Firstly, will it encourage more preorders of other runs, push waverers into committing for the W1 purchase or whatever and do away with those who think they can second guess and wait for what was once an inevitable steep discounting of unsold stock. Secondly, will it help sales of the R3810 - again I suspect so. For me, I’m happy with my purchase. Somehow, my certificate is numbered 003 - I’m not sure that makes any rationale difference but I’m disproportionately pleased by its number!
  3. sort of thing that an enterprising tools company like Eileens good buy in bulk and sell. david
  4. the r3809 is a run of 1500 but then there’s also the r3810 so the run is larger. Plus they’ll reckon it’ll be in the catalogue for a good few years. Expect it to sell well from the Science Museum and NRM shops in time.
  5. Tony On a related question, if the coach roof is an extruded aluminium product, how do you attach that to brass sides? Many thanks David
  6. Hi Is that the Mr Fogg’s on the bottom of Bedford Street?
  7. How does it compare size wise to Bachmann’s WIckham trolley?
  8. Sort of. It’ll reset their net bank balance to zero meaning they will have created new headroom to their bank limits. Ie they can run at a cash loss again for another couple of years or so. Now I assume that the business plan will show them making net cash again... Anecdotal signs are positive - looks like the Rocket sets are selling well plus some of the other souvenir stuff for 2020. I’d expect to see the Rocket and ApT in the catalogue more in the future as they sweat that tooling (whichshould help with cash flow). However, to make £35m, you need to sell an awful lot of £200 RRP items nevermind the smaller ticket items.
  9. Personally, I miss being able to identify roughly where the train was going by the loco on the front. Always helpful at New Street!
  10. Good spot Mike! Will roughly clear the debt on the balance sheet again...suggests still cash negative. Suspect the owner will be buying most of the shares.
  11. I suspect, even now, there are dons who lament any form of electricity reaching Oxford. Never mind the railway!
  12. ‘Gluten Free’ sounds like a lost member of the A3 class. Was it the St Leger winner in 1943?
  13. I think it depends on where you are going to and why. Last Saturday, I took Chiltern up to Birmingham and WCML back. We were going to the Hawthorns so I wanted the simplicity of a cross platform transfer in Birmingham. Coming back, we’d stopped in central Birmingham for food (and to dry out, it had been rather wet) but being at New Street and wanting to head east once we’d got back to London, it made more sense to get the faster WCML back to Euston and also shave off the distance of Marylebone to Euston on our journey. Great to have the choice. Of course, as an enthusiast, I enjoyed the journey on the former GW northern line.... It’s also a prettier route than the WCML which I find rather dull.
  14. How the franchise is tendered, if that’s the policy at the time, is also a decision for the future DfT. of course, your statement begs the question what is ‘fair and reasonable’ access. If first class tickets, to those who can afford or whose businesses are prepared to pay, indirectly subside others, is that a problem? Personally, I think you’re unlikely to get value for money from a traditional franchise from the start . Irrespective of the definition of ‘fair and reasonable’, the ability of any bidder to accurately forecast patronage is too great. For a bidder to take that risk, they’d build in a large buffer. In the short term, I’d have thought they’d let a managed service type contract where DFT specifies both the services and the fare structure.
  15. I’d suggest that we’re several years too soon to work out a revenue maximising vs ridership maximising model. The ability to maximise revenue will depend on the inelasticity of the demand. Let’s get it built and then optimise it!
  16. Rather like Edwardian, my interests are pre war GWR and I love the books quoted above particularly the Geen eg al GW in the 1930s with the very helpful appendices! However, I was wondering how much WR practice had actually changed from 1935 to 1955 and hence how useful as a guide to what might have been running in ‘35 would a book of ‘55 be? (I’ll probably end up buying anyway....) As an aside, I was delighted to discover on reading a forward to the latest volume of TE Williams pictures, a forward by RJ Blenkinsop. My late mother gave a copy of ‘Shadows of the Great Western’ to my father in around 1972. I remember pretty much memorising the book as a smallish child and it was one of my formative influences to being a GWR man (despite being born a mere quarter of a century after its official demise!). In the way odd details stick with you, the one that remains with me is the picture of the author on the fly leaf sitting on a safety valve cover converted to a stool surrounded by railwayana. I still covet a safety valve cover and a chimney (copped capped obvs)...‘Shadows of the GW’ now safely stashed in my own collection. David.
  17. Thanks for the heads up on this Robin. Will definitely be visiting and just booked accommodation. Junior Clearwaters will be in favour of joining. mrs clearwater seems less convinced that she really wants to join us. Bit of a mystery really. I hope they have the Saint pulling some of their toplights and other chocolate and cream stock! David
  18. Hi March 2015 is also available electronically on the RM app on iPads etc David
  19. I visited the prototype when I was in LA. My wife was really delighted with the 2h diversion to see part of our maritime history. An excellent tour of the ship with some clearly wannabe jobbing actors taking roles and a decent dinner in one of the old restaurants. However, was a bit sad to see some of the decay in the ship, plus sad to see it, in maritime terms, plinthed. At least its intact, not part of the foundations of HK airport and accessible (unlike QE2)! Still one hell of a ship though!
  20. It was always part of a trainspotting trip to wander over to see which 08 was there in the ‘80s. From memory, either parked in platform 12 or in the through road around platform 10? Sometimes also a 50 or a 47 in that part whereas the electrics nearly always by the signal box.
  21. Thanks Ian. Yes, we’re trying to do that. Today, we thought, let’s try the maritime museum but that was closed due to the weather! We went bowling instead....
  22. Was supposed to be getting a train from Chester to Euston around 2pm. Was cancelled. Thought we would try Liverpool Lime Street. Arrived to find nothing running. All London trains cancelled. Now holed up in a Premier Inn with two cranky children who’ll miss a day of school. We try again tomorrow! David
  23. Hi Jon Have you considered mixing media? Eg using a comet or worsley works brass chassis? On wizard’s website, the comet UNderframe is £8.50. Brass handles are about £3.50. Great thread btw! cheers David
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