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  1. Steam locos will only have 21-pin decoder sockets ready fitted in a tender, they're too big for the boiler, and you'll see the wiring and 4-pin plug between loco and tender. Tender locos without wiring, and tank locos, will always be 8-pin, unless they are of the new tichy type when they might have 6-pin or next-18.
  2. When the Heljan ones turn up, they tend to be between £100 -£200.
  3. This is a Roco 42615, heavily altered. . This is a Heljan 89031/89041, again altered. (Like the one mentioned previously). Both 60 footers.
  4. The most realistic (to British eyes) 60 footer is the Roco 42615, but it is very expensive ,(£350-£400 ish), second hand ones don't come up very often and make high prices, but it looks good, works well and reliably, and is quiet.
  5. It was prototypical in that some roundhouses had them (Midland), Heljan did the same model with a more familiar bridge deck, the one you've shown can easily be altered by cutting the deck down (it just lifts off), and the controller is very unreliable with replacements unobtainable but when it conks it's pretty easy to convert to a switch or transformer or dcc control, but you lose the indexing. You have to park it by eyeball, like the real thing.
  6. Yes, the relay/electromagnet is the same thing. The electromagnet releases as soon as you let go of the switch. The loñg grey arm should be sprung so that it is trying to get away from the electromagnet and into one of the cog indents as it's natural position.
  7. It's a long time since I took one of these apart, but if I remember correctly there are 3 wires to the mechanism:- a common (-), a positive to the relay, and a positive to the motor. The switch supplies a feed to the motor wire all the time but only supplies a feed to the relay when you operate the switch; a temporary contact on the first position until the switch springs back, a permanent contact on the second position until you release the switch. When you operate the switch the relay moves and pulls back the long grey bar out of 1 of the 4 indents in the toothed cog, and completes the circu
  8. I've got a feeling they might do the complete set, plus the Coronation loco, in a fancy wooden box. That would be a dream, the price would probably be a nightmare.
  9. But it doesn't look connected to anything.
  10. What is the linkage to nothing on the rear driver?
  11. Some posts seem to have been removed. Good.
  12. I do not model BR period, but years ago a well known large model railway dealer who was just starting out at the time told me he used to lightly rub Johnsons Baby Oil over his 2nd hand locos to make them look like shiny new, could someone with a "flat" green one have a go and report back if it makes any difference. I don't think it could hurt, just tryin' to help.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193632189440
  14. Mr Mod's fingers must be a blur on the delete button, last time I saw something going backwards this fast was Mr Vettels career in F1.
  15. Just check the valve gear first. One of my Patriots did that after I'd been messing with it. Turned out I'd squeezed the valve gear on one side and locked it.
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