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  1. My un-used one has those fitted, but there is a small pack with just screw couplings in it.
  2. Glad to see the message is sinking in, at least with the proletariat if not the masters. Feel free to badger Bachmann at every opportunity, even if you just say "For God's sake give 'em one just to shut the moaning oiks up"
  3. So that's where your name comes from, merci Buc.
  4. 5th was.... A 3rd piggin' LNER one. Sod ' em with knobs and bells on.
  5. 1st loco they did was a Southern one. 2nd was a GWR one. 3rd was an LNER one. 4th was............... Another LNER one. So sod 'em. An LMS fan.
  6. I've been banging on this particular drum for years, usually in Mr Lovett's ear at York show, with a generally non committal response. However, at last year's Derby exhibition I had a bash at his younger replacements, and got the response "I suppose it is about time we did one"; so I am now as optimistic as I have ever been that it might actually come to fruition.
  7. I've noticed Heljan have managed to blacken the hand rails on these new ones, which saves me a job, but are still persisting with shiny running gear, which the big two manufacturers stopped doing donkey's yonks ago.
  8. R3553 is original single chimney, the Ltd Ed one is 1948 double chimney version.
  9. They also deposit crap on the tracks which quickly affects DCC running.
  10. You can also use the volume control on your tablet/phone for finer step control, and if you're poverty struck like me then there's no choice about it.
  11. Disappointed Denton Brook was missing, main thing I wanted to see.
  12. Can you post the postcode for the car park please, as you did last year?
  13. The only difference between the Dapol and Hornby ones are black wheels not shiny ones, if I remember correctly. I'll try and send you a picture of the body tomorrow.
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