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  1. Apart from waiting for 2-3 days to see the money in my account, I've made more from the 80% of fees offer I received than I did from my previous £1 + PayPal offers. Thumbs up so far from me. (The only downside, I liked to have my PayPal account as a separate "modelling account", rather than everything appearing together through my bank).
  2. I've had a £3 offer a few times before. 2 weeks ago I had the 80% offer under the new "managed payments" system, which generally works out better than the £1 + paypal fees. The £3 offer with no paypal fees works out better than £1 + paypal if you are selling items valued £60 upwards, and cheaper than the 80% offer for items £100 upwards.
  3. Hallelujah for the red Compound at last. Price made me cough though. Will have to make do with 1, not the 3 I wanted. Edit. Just noticed this is only for class 24's. If Mr Mod can magic this away, please feel free.
  4. Which wagon are you looking for?
  5. Been waiting for the prices to drop to buy an LMS black one, bought one on Sunday night from Model Railways Direct. Price was £104.96 + £3.99 postage, 13 available, now only 2 left.
  6. Rails and Hornby having parted ways must mean a substantial hit to their income, so it is in their interest to big up their second largest source.
  7. Dear Mr O'Fludham. I too am looking forward to this, as I have been since the first lot which came out some 10 years ago. I just hope the tooling won't have rusted up or disintegrated by the time they get round to doing it, or that I haven't shuffled off this mortal coil. No doubt the price will have to rise enough to cover the extra transport costs due to continental drift by the time Bachmann get their finger out. Yours. Lord Feltham Feltham Hall Feltham-on-the-Hill.
  8. Make your own. Take a 8 pin blanking plug, file a groove between the pins down the middle of the long length, 3 grooves between the pins across the short side so that all the soldered joins have been cut and you now have 8 separated pins. These are the straight and angled pins I use to push into the decoder socket. I use 1 set of 5 pins for the motor/track connections, and 1 set cut in half for the 2 speaker wires. That's all I need for my steam locos. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193845222159
  9. It doesn't look very pretty, but that is the right way, it can only fit one way. I make my own short leads to convert 21 to 8 pins, with individual pins, it doesn't matter which side of the female block the pins go in, as long as they go in the right holes.
  10. There was York Model Railway, which moved to a site on an old WW2 airfield in Lincolnshire which is an Antiques center and weekend market, (forget the name), but I did hear it went bust. No idea of the current situation.
  11. Bill Hudson, author of the book this subject takes its name from, told me most was destroyed by Derby Council when they wanted their building back.
  12. Looks good to me, and here's hoping this is the precursor to Bachmann releasing one, in the "damn, I've just built a kit one!" way of things.
  13. I think the big decoders do, but the small ones 8 ohms only (most sugarcubes are 8).
  14. One went for that price last night on eBay (auction).
  15. It's probably going to be that NER electric thingy (technical reference).
  16. The sound one has gone now as well.
  17. I live in the Sheffield postcode area (Rotherham) and we seem to be only getting post once a week. I might not see a postman all week, but last Thursday they were swarming all over and I got 2 deliveries in 1 hour.
  18. What's not already been pre-ordered will be put on the collectors club site on Monday.
  19. I'm afraid that's the exact opposite in Bachmann's case of LMS locos, a pet gripe of mine. Midland compound, 1P, Lanky 2-4-2 tank, all plain black when they should be red and lined black.
  20. There's a YouTube video of Jenny Kirk interviewing an Accurascale gent who confirms there will be a steam loco soon.
  21. If you want to spend £164 there's one on eBay, type the ref 31-740 in.
  22. You've missed one. Bachmann have a new n gauge 8f, and what they do in one size tends to follow in the other.
  23. Just been asked by Bachmann to pay for the SDJR blue ltd ed one.
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