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  1. I've watched a few on eBay, one went for just over 40 quid, another has been listed as a buy-it-now at 35, then I saw one with a buy-it-now of £20, which I am now awaiting the delivery of. All good things come to those who wait!
  2. I built one of these about ten years ago and was also surprised to find it had been discontinued. If anyone has any unstarted kits, I'd be up for one as well.
  3. I had a bit of a fiddle around with the 3 locos I have upstairs (Heljen 1370, Bachman small prairie, and Bachman Jinty) -all of which have NEM sockets, as does the Oxford Rail Toad van I bought a few days ago - and all are different! I have ordered a few types of Kadee couplings and resigned myself to a few weeks of patient experimentation. I suspect that the old tension locks on the second hand Bachman wagons I bought will be the easiest to convert!
  4. I'd rather use the Kadee or S&W than the tension locks, but it seems that even the NEM pockets aren't a lot of use as they are of different lengths, meaning I can't substitute one type of NEM compatible coupling for another.
  5. Thanks, not sure that makes it any clearer, but confirms that I am right by being confused by a so-called standard that is anything but! I'll have a browse through your layout thread after dinner.
  6. I am sure these questions have been asked a hundred times before, but having spent some time using the search facility, I am none the wiser. I have recently returned to the hobby, my last (unfinished) layout was dismantled and sold off then I moved back to the UK from Finland. Seven years later, the bug has bitten again and I am accumulating various bits and pieces for a simple 4 ft shunting layout in OO. My problem is the couplings - I have a Heljen 1370 GWR pannier tank engine, various old second hand Bachman wagons, and my latest acquisition, a GWR brake van from Oxford Rail. The Bachman wagons all have the old style big ugly couplings, but they do couple together easily, which is a plus. The Heljen and Oxford rail stock have small tension locks couplings in NEM sockets. I had assumed that with NEM being a standard, these wold be the same, but I cannot couple the engine to the brake van as despite both being modern NEM couplings, they are at different heights. There is a step in the loco's coupling, whereas the van has a straight coupling. The couplings are not interchangeable as the 'tails' that fits into the NEM pockets are of different lengths (7.4mm for the loco and 4.9mm for the brake van - both as close as my eyes can manage with a standard vernier calliper - my electronic one needs a new battery!). I have spent several hours today trying to find a set of standards for 4mm NEM sockets, and though I found plenty that gave height above the rails, none offered any idea of a standard length for the tails or sockets. I would like to standardise on couplings so that all the rolling stock is interchangeable, but have no idea which is standard. I have been thinking of using Kadee rulings as they seem well-liked, but not sure where to start, despite have waded through a dozen or more pages here. My previous layout used Spratt & Winkle couplings, and I still have a few etched brass sheets of the hooks & counterbalance, but they are are fiddly to fit to the wagons, etc. - I remember cutting all sort of extraneous material off my locos and wagons before. I would prefer a simple and reliable coupling that will work on all my current and unknown future rilling stock - any suggestions? I am including a picture of the NEM couplings from the brake van and loco.
  7. I was in the city earlier today, dropped off a friend at the station after spending a couple of hours at Pendon.
  8. Farmoor reservoir? Isn't that a bit damp - though the whole county is more than damp at the moment!
  9. Porky factor needs to be taken into account. I'm sure I didn't mean spin, must be the keyboard I'm using. I probably meant 'the time available for a comprehensive impartial report'!
  10. I don't follow the news in any form these days, but it might be that the event quoted doesn't suit the spin required. Or it might just be a bit of light relief in the middle of a gloomy autumn! At least the pig's OK! Roads round my way in West Oxfordshire (the part where the Thames and the Windrush meet) are turning into rivers by the hour.
  11. Must be a very quiet news day if that's their best shot! I used to work for BBC TV News and a quiet news day was always a challenge!
  12. DaveSmith

    Little Muddle

    I've just spent the best part of a week reading all 215 pages of this thread, and I have to say I have enjoyed every post. A truly inspirational piece of modelling. Thank you for sharing this wonderful model, Kevin. And to think it''s just up the road in Bicester! My wife is from Kirtlington and we live near Witney.
  13. Shipton-on Cherwell? Just drove past there on our way back from Kidlington!
  14. I'm more familiar with the Wallingford end of that line, a friend lives nearby. Not a modeller, sadly, but he does own a steamroller (1:1 scale).
  15. Thank you! You are a lot closer to Pendon than I am, it's a fair drive from here.
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