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  1. It's the weekend!! Almost time to go live!! This weekend we will be hopefully finishing work on the LB&SCR L Class Remembrance, following a good stream last weekend. I hope to see you there tomorrow at 9pm (UK) I will return with the link tomorrow, in the meantime check out the review of last weekends stream below! Hope you enjoy, Gary
  2. Really need to get better at remembering to post these videos. It's times like this I wish RMWeb had a feature to enable scheduled posts, then I cold do it when I upload the video (Usually a day or so before it actually goes live) If you want to make sure you don't miss them you could always subscribe to my YouTube channel! I started a new series on YouTube this week, looking at my stock, I decided to start with an overview of my unbuilt kits, to show what can be expected to be seen in future streams. It's a reasonable long video, but I hope you enjoy!! Gary
  3. yay great to see some progress towards the return of bashing!
  4. As it is Remembrance Sunday tonights stream will be a special dedicated to the event. We will be working on my LB&SCR L Class number 33 "Remembrance" The loco will finally be receiving it's proper transfers, allowing us to finally look at my homemade transfers, So I will be answering questions about making them throughout the night! I look forward to seeing you there at 9pm (UK) tonight!!
  5. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
  6. No Problem Red, I only know because a mk3 passed through my ownership in taht livery once upon a time, and someone explained the model to me when I found it
  7. That the old test vehicle paint scheme, I have seen one done up like this before as it represents a real vehicle, can't remember which one though! Gary
  8. So this weekend is not just any weekend, it is as we all know remembrance weekend. With that in mind all my usual projects have been put aside to clear the workbench for a brief return of my LB&SCR L Class number 333 Remembrance. I look forward to seeing you there tomorrow night at 9pm (UK) for this special stream. Back with the link tomorrow, in the meantime, here is the review of last weeks stream
  9. I didn't forget to post Tuesdays video........ YOU forgot to post Tuesdays video!! This week sees another trip to Birch Hill the layout is coming on nicely now, and we even managed to get some running videos showing some workings on the layout! Enjoy!!
  10. Hi Bob, I'm going to have to agree with Lez here, I think the bigger shed fits with the size of the station better. Everything is looking great though!! Gary
  11. I think you are right there Sem, they must go!! and when I rebuild them I will, once of the other items I got in the job lot with them (a white metal traction engine) fell apart as the glue is rather poor, so they shouldn't be to bad to dismantle, and then solder back together! Gary
  12. Another fantastic episode Corbs!!! Very insightful look at how the show worked behind the scenes! Can't wait for more!! Gary
  13. Thanks Red, It's been exciting to start work on the baseboards, it feels like real progress being made, and I am itching to get going properly!
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