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  1. It's livestream day!! and tonight we are aiming to get South Park Quarry to be electrically complete!! Join us tonight at 9pm (BST) to see if we can manage it!! See you there!!
  2. It's the weekend!! and last weekend we did as promised and got trains running on South Park Quarry!! it was a very tense moment, not made any better by me not putting insulating fishplates on a set of points and causing a short the first time we tried! So this weekends job is to get the point motors installed, at which point the layout will be electrically complete and ready to play with!! Can we manage to get it done? Find out by being there tomorrow at 9pm (BST) In the meantime I'll leave you with the review of last weekends livestream, including some wheels turning!! Hope you enjoy! Gary
  3. Rob, Yes all those colours are right, when I did the signal box for Oak Hill I painted the steps white, I remember there being a reason I chose white, but I can't remember why, or find my evidence. So feel free to ignore that advice. Gary
  4. It's livestream day!! join us tonight as we try to get trains running on South Park Quarry!!!! Can we manage it?? Be there to find out!!! See you tonight at 9pm (BST)
  5. The weekend is upon us once again, and after starting work on South Park Quarry last weekend we are going to try and get some wheels moving on it this weekend!! Make sure you are there at 9PM (BST) tomorrow to see if we can manage it!! I'll be back with the link tomorrow, in the meantime I'll leave you to catch up with the review of last weekends livestream!! Hope you enjoy, Gary
  6. Well It'll run by the time you leave, and you can deposit some cash into the "Gary's wages fund" while you are there
  7. That sounds like a good plan, I only had the chassis from the 4F so didn't have that to use. Gary
  8. I put some weight in there, but not a huge amount, I was more worried about getting enough weight in the tender to be honest
  9. Ah yes I remember having issues with that, I appear to have taken a bit of a trial and error approach to making it work, I'm not really sure which of these bits was the correct solution
  10. Very nicely done! Aren't you glad we discussed C Classes now? Gary
  11. I can tell, you ended up with a good result
  12. Clearly being distracted by YouTube is a good way to do modelling!
  13. Very nice work on the bridge!! The diorama is coming on very nicely! Gary
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