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  1. The weekend is upon us! and this weekend we will be starting a new project! Join us tomorrow night at 9pm (UK) as we begin work on my D&S Models SE&CR 6 wheel brake van!! I'll bring you the link tomorrow, in the meantime please enjoy this review of last weeks stream when we wrapped up the train for my Craven tank engine!! Hope you enjoy, Gary
  2. Interesting survivors, that the Bluebell consider themselves very lucky to have in the current circumstances, when they were saved the Bluebell had approached BR for some stock, who told them they could have any withdrawn coaches they wanted for £200 each. London Transport sold them the rake of 4 Metropolitans for £100, and they were in a good enough condition to enter service straight away! Makes me wonder what else could have survived if BR had a pricing policy like LT! Gary
  3. It's livestream day!!! Join us tonight for the final push for the Craven brakes!! See you at 9pm (UK)!!
  4. It's the weekend, and this weekend I plan on getting work done on both my Craven brakes, to finish the train for the craven!! Join us tomorrow night at 9pm (UK) to see how we get on. I'll be back with the link tomorrow, in the meantime I will leave you with the review of last weeks livestream. Hope you enjoy,
  5. True, but if a railway company in the 1870's can afford to only employ literate people that is a sign that literacy rates were higher than most people (myself included) would expect during the period. After all, I doubt some of the "lower ranks" had come from a wealthy background able to afford education. Agreed, I have always thought that they were nothing more than logos, much like ones that businesses use today.
  6. You are right, it would be interesting to know if there were tests, and if not then I'm sure many would have slipped through that were illiterate, however I'm not sure it matters in this sense, because I can't imagine them introducing something to make life easier for illiterate employees, while also having a policy of not employing illiterate people. Gary
  7. Finally dug out my copy of Southern Style Vol 2 (LBSC) to look at wagon liveries about the illiterate symbol. pre-1870 The Brighton put the letters LB&SCR on the lower left corner of it's wagons, there is a photo in the book dated 1871 showing this, and a second photo dated 1865 referenced. in 1870 they moved over to what is being called an "illiterate symbol" here, The Brighton called it a totem, and there are also minutes shown from the "Monthly Officers Meeting" dated 16th July 1870, that states no one is to be employed in any role on the railway unless they "can
  8. It's livestream day!! Join us at 9pm (UK) tonight to see if we can finish the Craven brake 2nd to go with our recently finished Craven tank!! See you there!
  9. Chris, Thanks, I am really happy with how the tents have turned out, and am enjoying playing with scenic stuff again! I have placed them at the edge of the gavel, as to be next to the working area, I envision them being the only shelter on the site, and as such used during the day for any work that can be done in them, much like a dug out would be on the front. I expect cooking and toilets to be open air, along with equipment for the actual logging, I have been sent links to a few things to help on this front, but so far nothing has been purchased, I haven't yet stuck a
  10. With the scenic base done I started looking at how I was going to do the actual scenics on the layout, starting with the buildings of the camp itself, I decided some time ago that these would be army issue bell tents, so spent some time looking for 4mm models of these, the cheapest I could find was a resin model that cost £22 for a single tent!! Clearly I was not going to pay this much per tent, so I started looking for specs on them, discovering that early in the war they were 10ft wide and 10ft tall in the middle, and before 1916 they were white, changing to olive drab at some point during t
  11. Well after what has been a very long day (Make sure you take your keys with you when you walk out the door that needs a key to open!) I can confirm it is the weekend, and this weekend we will be finishing the Craven brake that we started work on last weekend!! Join us tomorrow at 9pm (UK) to see it done!! I will return tomorrow with the link, in the meantime I shall leave you with the review of last weekends livestream. Hope you enjoy, Gary
  12. Excellent news! Thanks Andy and team!! edit. Can confirm having seen how it works that is much better! Great solution!!
  13. I fully agree with this, the problem (for me) only occurs when the advertising effects the sites usage, such as hovering on screen somewhere it blocks other features Gary
  14. I agree with this wholeheartedly, RMWeb has always been in my adblock whitelist, as I want to support the site, and the advertising is always in places that make sense (and usually relevant as I have let Google build up a profile of me), however this latest advert at the bottom that covers features of the site is making me rethink that policy. I shall however keep it in the whitelist for now, and hope the "boffins" conclude that it's not a great place for it. Gary
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