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  1. Hi everyone!! This weeks video is up, and I've done another stock overview looking at my locos that date from before 1870! Hope you enjoy!! Gary
  2. Thanks! Post corrected, I should know these things since I have the Quarry inglenook which is sandstone! Gary
  3. Well after a few weeks break I have returned to do some work on the NC&GLR, and I think this is the part that has the most visual impact on the layout, I have started sculpting scenery!! It started last week when I wanted to get a visual idea of some photo locations, so I put some cardboard around what will one day form a chalk sandstone rock face (think ex-chalk sandstone quarry) and from there I started fitting some more bits of cardboard to help me visualise how the layout would look and then I got a bit carried away with trying to visualise it Thank god for the piles of newspaper my mum gave me for the kids to do paper mache with for homework at primary school! I think we now have some idea of how the scenics will be built up! The upper sections of the backscene are removable and held on by magnets on the supports behind, they can all be removed, giving access to the rear tracks in case of derailment or stalling I still need to work out the scenic breaks at the left hand end before finishing that off, the right hand end is planned to buried in lots of trees. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed, Gary
  4. It's livestream day!! Tonight's project will be to start work on lining the Golden Arrow LB&SCR D3!! Join us at 9pm (UK) as we bring this project towards the finish line!! See you there!!
  5. It's the weekend!! and this week we will be starting on the lining of the Golden Arrow LB&SCR D3!! Join us tomorrow night at 9pm (UK) to see how we get on!! I'll leave you with a look at the results of last weeks livestream as we get ready to push this project to conclusion! and return tomorrow with this weeks link! Hope you enjoy, Gary
  6. This week saw a return to Birch Hill as he boy had been working some more on the layout!! He even had his first go at video production with a short running session at the end of the video!! Check it out here now! Hope you enjoy, Gary
  7. It's been a while, mainly because of the pandemic holding things up, but as of today, the Midland project officially exists, this was due to the baseboards I have been donated arriving via courier! Now I just need to make a track plan!!! The boards give me 8ft 2in x 2ft the plan is to have a shed scene at the front, using Metcalf buildings (If I can get a hold of the appropriate ones) with a fiddle yard at the back entered by a tunnel portal, with a supposed mainline running over the fiddle yard, with it's fiddle yards hidden by buildings at each end, I don't think the upper level needs much scenic space, but it means there is a chance for something other than locos to appear on the layout! Gary
  8. These are looking fantastic Dave!! I was rather surprised when I zoomed in to find the CADs have a full interior as well! I thought they were just a shell at first! Congratulations to all the team working on these, Gary
  9. You may think that, but my rather poorly built building says otherwise (the designer did a much better job putting it together on the test kit, and you can't see the corners at all!) This is laser cut with interlocking bricks, stuck with PVA, and sprayed, nothing else has been done to it. One day I'll finish the details on the building, but that will be on a new layout, as the one it's on is being scrapped. Gary
  10. It's livestream day!! and tonight we will be starting on the details for the Golden Arrow LB&SCR D3, originally I wanted to do these before painting, but injuries made this so there was no way I could do it! so join us tonight at 9pm (UK) and see how far we get! and how much repair work I have to do to last weeks efforts! See you there! Gary
  11. and it's been on there for many years before that!
  12. It's the weekend!! and this weekend with my wrist feeling much better than it did last week, we will be starting on the details of the Golden Arrow LB&SCR D3 that I had originally wanted to do before painting it!! Join us at 9pm (UK) tomorrow to see what we get done!! I'll be back with the link tomorrow, in the meantime, please enjoy the review of last weeks livestream! Gary
  13. This weeks video is live!! and this week we are looking at my much larger than I thought collection of industrials! These will be the locos used to run South Park Quarry once that gets built, it is planned to be a multi era layout to give the broadest appeal to viewers and players. That in mind, those of a nervous disposition may want to look away now! Hope you enjoy, Gary
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