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  1. It's livestream day!! Join us tonight at 9pm (UK) as we return to the Branchlines SE&CR Invalid Saloon and try and get the main body finished!! See you there!! Gary
  2. It's the weekend again! Tomorrow will see some more work on the SE&CR Invalid sallon from Branchlines, we had a very active chat with much fun being had last week, so make sure you don't miss it this week!! I'll be back with the link tomorrow, in the meantime you can catch up with last weeks work here: Hope you enjoy, Gary
  3. I didn't forget to post the link because I have had a manic day, that was you!! Well OK, maybe it was me, but hopefully no one will notice! Join us in just over an hour at 9pm (UK) as we start on our next big project, the SE&CR Invalid Saloon from Branchlines!! See you there, Gary
  4. That would be my SE&CR 6 wheel brake then? The card I used for that was the card that came in the kit to stop the brass getting bent, and worked really well. I like that technique because it means you can cut the card to exactly the size you need, and get a consistent space along the whole length. Gary
  5. It's the weekend!! and we are starting our first big project of 2021!! Join us at 9pm (UK) tomorrow night as we start work on the SE&CR Invalid Saloon from Branchlines!! THis will also be the first etched coach kit on the channel! So don't miss it!! I'll be back with the link tomorrow! In the meantime please enjoy the review of last weekends livestream! Gary
  6. Thank you for that rather informative review! Your findings seem to reflect my suspicions on this stock. A couple of questions if I may. I don't suppose you have a set of scales to measure just how light the coach is? and is the NEM socket moulded onto the bottom of the chassis? Cheers, Gary
  7. I agree, the "late stage announcement" seems to have hurt these offerings, and letting things that could have been corrected slip through, even more of a shame is based on the prototypes they seem to be based on, and the picture offered to justify the buffers, it looks very much like Hornby's research team have copies of LB&SCR Carriages Volumes 1 and 2 in the office. This is also an example of the speculation that this thread seems to feed on. Gary
  8. They also aren't concave, they are early Stroudley pattern buffers, with the drawings for them dating from 1873. they are well documented, and have flat heads, the edges are curved giving the lighting effect in the photo. Available as a whitemetal part from 5&9 models, without the concave for anyone wanting Stroudley pattern buffers on their coaches. It's a shame Hornby seem to have been extremely lazy with the research on these. Drawings for the buffers can be seen in print in LB&SCR Carriages Volume 3 page 200 (supplements to volumes 1 and 2) The drawing in th
  9. Did they not think it better to go with the flat faced buffers as per the photo then? Because using a photo of flat faced buffers to justify concave buffers seems a very odd decision. (No offence meant to you Jenny, I know you are just the messenger) Gary
  10. No, I have works drawings for LBSC buffers, they never had any concave buffers, and the close coupled block trains had a single central buffer with the coupling built into it. and besides, surely a concave buffer is more likely to lock as the buffers wont glide over each other nicely, but could well dig in? Me thinks a trick of the light has fooled someone (Happy to be proved wrong if anyone has evidence otherwise, and would love to see the picture in question) Gary
  11. Hi Adrian, Yes the shape of the duckets is what I was referring too, the flat top of the Hattons ones being much more like the LCDR duckets than anything else I am familiar with. Gary
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