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  1. Might it be these. Tucked away behind 33056, I remember that they were there for a few months one summer, and in the other picture 33026 is taking them out, not sure but I think I rode them back to Crediton.
  2. Pass, I imagine there must have been reasons, I was disapointed myself with the performance of the 45 on the Sunday I was behind it, never broke into a sweat with the 33 doing all the work. Also, why was the event, which was planned months ahead, so poorly marketed, both days should have been heaving, a chance to bash three classic diesels on a line with a decent speed limit.
  3. This is good news. I was talking to the duty manager at Okehampton a week or so ago and he told me that they had asked for 45060 three years in a row, and had been unlucky with it. He also said that 47701 and a 33 were due down.
  4. Any idea when the 26 arrived and when is it due to go back?
  5. There was a great atmosphere on the train. Thoroughly enjoyable.
  6. It has been mentioned further up the thread so I hope everyone is aware. Still some tickets left so I hear.
  7. super pics. I was on Paignton platform with my son. I probably saw you.
  8. No, the pic I saw wasn`t mine. It was from a well known collection.
  9. Here's a reminder of Crediton footbridge and signals just before they were replaced by the MAS post.
  10. Some super pictures on this thread, indeed on the whole site. It has re-ignited my love of railways and made me get out with my camera after not taking any railway pics for twenty odd years. Here`s one from 1993, at the NRM. I liked the way the highlights ran along the engine.
  11. Yes, that is interesting. MOD traffic from Devonport maybe?
  12. April 83. 50043 arriving in Exeter having apparently hit every fly in southern England.
  13. Odd, i`m sure I can remember lots of sunny summer Saturdays in Paignton. I just can`t find any photographic proof.....
  14. Paignton summer saturdays. Long vanished peak passes the long vanished Woolworths..
  15. That brings back a lot of memories. I started spending a lot of my summer saturdays riding down to Paignton and back. Shame I didn't get my first proper camera until 83 though.
  16. Thanks Mudmagnet. Just out of curiosity, I have been going through a lot of the pics on here and on some of the Flicr accounts just to see if I can spot myself in any of the photos. Has anyone else found themselves in other peoples pictures.
  17. Here`s another from Crediton 47575, Oddly enough, I saw a picture of the same loco, running light engine through Crediton, (taken from a different angle, but presumably on the same day), for sale on e-bay. I couldn't see myself in the other picture though. Odd, because I don't recall seeing anyone else on the platform that day.
  18. Same day, I think it was a Saturday or Sunday evening. Behind P464 is the old Shiphams factory, now Tescos. I use to bemoan the DMU's, but would give anything to have them back. Not least because they were infinitely more comfortable than today`s units.
  19. Here`s Crediton before Tesco and the council "improved" the area.
  20. Looks like it could be the one, that solves a 32 year old mystery.
  21. Just for you then. 50020 "slumming it" on the Meldon stone train through Crediton.
  22. I can`t see an ETH box, so i don`t think it could be 45150, 048 seems to ring a bell mind.
  23. No, no flicr account, although maybe in the future. sadly a lot of my pictures from the eighties have not survived the intervening decades. and there was a good twenty odd years when I stopped taking pictures of railways. However i shall post what i have for any who are interested, and if the topic is relevent. I have started to take railway pics again, the difference in style after twenty odd years is remarkable. Anyhow, here is 50013, on one of the first 50 ventures to Waterloo.
  24. Same year, probably same day....my notes have long gone i'm afraid. Showing the sadly missed middle box.
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