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    Shalimar, Northwest Florida, USA. On the Gulf of Mexico, facing south!
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    15mm/ft on 45mm gauge (UK Narrow Gauge), The GWR, OO/HO in the past - still have some. 60's Diesels, particularly WR hydraulics. Aviation. Cars. ...all the usual boys toys. https://www.facebook.com/TheSouthBuckinghamshireLightRailway

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  1. Neither does Switzerland but they have a navy (actually the Lakes Flotilla) and a Swiss Merchant Marine. They certainly have docks, and one would presume that Austria does too - on the lakes ;-)
  2. Language does not creep in. Unless a physical invasion occurs (last one in Britain was 1066 if I remember correctly) and the invaders mandate the change of language (which even the Normans didn’t manage with the man in the street Brit), then new words, phrases etc are adopted, voluntarily by the population. So ‘Americanisms’ are something adopted, encouraged, invited by the local population. One could even say (heaven forbid) that it is ‘cultural appropriation’ !
  3. I’m sure Americans do use the term Bus Station, but in my experience they usually use Bus Terminal. I’m sure many US terms do creep into UK English but this is more the result of ‘adoption’ by the British, than imposition by the Americans (who frankly don’t care). Conversely there is creeping use of British English in the US as it’s thought trendy, hip and cool (or whatever the current term is) to use words like ‘bo**ocks’ and ‘Mate’ and many other words and terms that are gleaned from the ever popular Brit TV programs that are popular. English, whether UK English, US English, Canadian E
  4. Ah, Santa Rosa Beach. Just down the road from us in Shalimar. There aren’t many garden railways here - I’ve only heard of mine and a guy up near Baker (I think) with a 5” gauge thing. Everything else is HO or smaller indoors. How are you finding the move back?
  5. I don’t think it’s an Americanism. It would be a train or railroad depot here.
  6. .....I’d be up for this. What a place for a garden railway. https://www.hampshirelive.news/news/gallery/hampshire-train-station-churchill-dday-4619680
  7. I decided that the Hudswell diesel ‘Denny’ needed a GWR style shunter’s truck, so butchered a Swift Sixteen tool wagon to suit. Here’s Denny pottering about Farnham Common yard today.
  8. Well, of course English is a living language, so develops all the time with use. In can be argued that French (for example) is not a living language as changes have to be approved by the Institute Francaise. Here in the US there are many folk who speak English as was spoken by Shakespeare or at least by the English hundreds of years ago. Many words in everyday American have fallen out of use in the UK. It would behoove us to remember that. Personally I find ‘garidge’ to be awful. Why can’t we pronounce it ‘garage’ as we did when I was a boy - admittedly that was when dinosaurs roamed th
  9. The building is finished and in place. Still needs to be ‘embedded’ into the platform.
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